Bai Baihe in Plastic Surgery Rom-com, “The Truth about Beauty”

Mainland Chinese actress Bai Baihe (白百何) and Hong Kong actor Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) star in The Truth About Beauty <整容日記>, a romantic comedy about plastic surgery, which opens in theaters on April 4.

In The Truth about Beauty, which is produced by Peter Chan (陳可辛), Bai Baihe plays Guo Jing, a recent college graduate who lost her boyfriend of three years and who cannot hold down a job due to her unattractive face. Desperate for a change in luck, she decides to head down the path of plastic surgery. After several successful operations, she is transformed into a new woman and lands a coveted position as an employee of Guan Leimeng (Ronald Cheng). But as she soaks up the wonders of her new life, she lives with the constant question of what she will do if her colleagues and friends discover the ugly truth of her past.

Since the Chinese title of The Truth about Beauty translates to “Diary of Plastic Surgery,” the producers recently released five promotional posters, comically decorated in the style of a diary. For example, the first poster, which is labeled “January 11, 2014,” depicts Guo Jing crying over her unfortunate looks. The next poster, on which is written “February 22, 2014,” shows her preparing for her first plastic surgery operation. Her transformation is deemed complete on April 1, 2014.

The Truth about Beauty also released a poignant four-minute video, which contains brief interviews of Chinese people who have gone under the knife. The interviewees, whose positions range from college student to business planner to magician, bravely shared about the biological and psychological pain they had to endure because they “don’t want to be ugly.” Despite the sacrifices, which sometimes led to imperfect or botched surgery outcomes, the interviewees maintained that their new looks gave them self-confidence and the motivation to cultivate their inner beauty.

“We encourage people to work hard to make money and study,” one interviewee said. “Why can’t we work hard to become beautiful?”

“The Truth About Beauty” Trailer

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  1. “Why can’t we work hard to become beautiful?”

    Because beautiful is not just the surface but what’s inside. If you work hard, live well, get rewarded justly and gives more than you receive, love begets love, compassion begets compassion, people should accept you for you and not a lie. Although it is no big lie but if you can’t even love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? Why not work hard to be a better person? The person who sees a person not by the standard beauty but someone for who they are and so that these people can now they are respected for who they really are?

    But no harm’s done for taking the shortcut.

  2. the interviewees maintained that their new looks gave them self-confidence and the motivation to cultivate their inner beauty.

    Recalling Dumbo the elephant lesson: One’s self-confidence has to come from within not from a feather/pc face.

    Natural inner beauty can’t be cultivated, but given the fake everything in the world – why not a fake inner beauty, too, right?

  3. This should be interesting. The other day I read an article that Brazil is banning plastic surgery on…animals.

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