Cecilia Cheung’s Agency Counters Johnnie To’s Insult

Frequently headlining gossip magazines, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) became the recent target of Johnnie To‘s (杜琪峰) criticism. The popular Hong Kong director stated that few directors were willing to cast Cecilia because of her messy personal life and divorce with Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒).

While Cecilia has yet to directly respond to the matter, her agency, AEG Entertainment Group, fired back at Johnnie’s inconsiderate comment. AEG CEO Yu Yuxing (余毓興) expressed, “Johnnie is a very famous director. In order to promote his new film, he had to talk about Cecilia’s divorce and landed on headlines for two days. I am pleased for him, but at the same time feel hurt and sad for him.”

Although Yu personally admires Johnnie’s excellent films, the AEG CEO sighed in disappointment over Johnnie’s recent comments, which undermine his status as a respected director in the industry. While Yu understands the competitive nature of the Hong Kong film industry, he believes there are other promotional methods that can be employed and a director should not have to step on others to make noise and create media buzz.

In terms of Johnnie’s claims that no one would hire Cecilia anymore, Yu refuted, “Cecilia has over ten scripts to choose from. However, she likes to choose her scripts carefully.”

Source: Chinayes.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. no matter how great of a director he is, the comment about cecilia was so unnecessary. glad that her company defended her.

    1. Cecilia is a pretty and talented actress, Mr To is indeed a rude person!

  2. johnnie’s comment was rude. even if that’s what he thinks, he should have kept it to himself or just say it privately instead of publiclly

  3. Lmao he’s obvisouly doesn’t care for that woman and speak his own mind how he thinks of her.

  4. While Johnny To comment was sexist and unnecessary there’s some truth to it. Cecilia Cheung also need to recognize she’s also pretty much responsible for most of her bad divorce rumor/press…especially after the news Nick dating Faye Wong again. Even after 2 years divorce she continue portray as the “victim”…she need to move on most pp don’t care and feel sorry for her…Nick didn’t cheated on her during their marriage and she wasn’t exactly a “picture” perfect wife lol. She could have just be mature and release a support statement and wish Nick best of luck etc…like Li Yapeng did for Faye but instead she leak her hospital pics, calling Nick a bad dad etc…well now it she paying for it.

  5. I thought I read somewhere that Cecilia’s movies were mostly flopped or not saleable recently. That was why not many directors approaching her anymore?

  6. Johnnie To got his honorary doctorate degree to give such comment on Cecilia. I wonder how is his marriage.

  7. What a damn jerk! Even if Cecilia had a divorce or messy, it is not a nice thing to step on her. Who does this director think he is?

  8. Johnnie To is a JACKASSSSSS that’s why…

    and showed himself an educated person? …He can lick my ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  9. Maybe he is telling the truth – maybe all of Edison Chen’s victims are doomed career-wise. But aren’t all the other stories about her based on speculation?

    I personally do not care but I barely watch movies from HK – either they are To Kei Fung or Wong Kar Wai and To Kei Fung now casts very boring but good looking females. VERY BORING.

    1. Maybe he is falling for Cecilia and she had rejected him…Hahaha

  10. WHY single Cecilia Cheung out of all people?

    Maybe I am missing the whole context, but there are other actresses out there, aside from her.

    >>>Yu refuted, “Cecilia has over ten scripts to choose from. However, she likes to choose her scripts carefully.”

    Cecilia’s agency (and her manager, who answered so idiotically on her behalf to Nic’s manager Mani) is not exactly the classiest act.

    So this dude is mean, and low.
    The world and even NON-Cecilia sympathizers can see that, as can be observed in most of the replies to Johnny To’s remarks so far.

    There’s no need for her agency bother to reply in detail about how many scripts she has on hand.
    That’s pathetically reactive. Tit for Tat is not always the classy gracious way to fight.

  11. I can feel for Cecilia Cheung’s situation. Messy relations, her dad, her ex in love and also looking after her kids. Is not easy to find scripts. Plse give her full credits guys……. Johnnie To is a film director who create unreal fake stories. So u can imagine he is a fake person. So who cares what he thinks!!

  12. huh.. I’m not a fan of Ceceilia or Mr To. Yeah. His comments might have been a little too harsh. But hey, he’s telling the truth. You no longer see Ceceilia on top grossing movies. She has over ten scrips to choose from? Good for her then. But its obviously not gonna be movie of the year. No offence though. Yeah a director is supposed to cast actors or actresses based on their talent. But hey, you see lots of pretty actresses who CANT act. And about an actresses’ personal life. In this world people judge, even if you are perfectly packaged by your company. You still get judged.
    She’s one of the celebs that was involved with Edison. Do you expect people to see her as an innocent angel? Heck No. My Cousin works for a 25 y/o chinese billionaire heir Jackson Wang *** Ch***. ( Cant publicly announce his name ) . From either a guy or a girl’s view, he’s really good looking. He threw a private A-List party to celebrate his younger sister’s straight A’s in Harvards. And of course tons of celebs were there. And then he saw Gillian Chung. He asked my cousin wheiter she was the actress that had her nudes leaked out to the public. And the answer is pf course yes. He said to my cousin : ” Eww, she’s a dirty woman. Her looks are ok, but eww. Yuck” .
    Natural responce aye?

  13. Mr To was too str8 forward … how can he so honest infront of the press…

  14. Yeung Choy Ley came back from being wronged or something by her husband with whom she is now openly still with – and despite not being camera ready, she was given a lot of work and it basically put her undeserved injury on blast.

    You have to think about what happened to these Edison Chen girls – no one had any problem employing them despite their true colors before they were exposed – then they were violated and now they are lepers??

    that indicts potential employers for freezing them out

    To Kei Fung had no problem casting her ex in Young and Dangerous and those stories are frankly unwatchable (I didnt watch most of them) and he is not that good an actor IMO.

    They had no problem casting her as a prostitute in that movie where Daniel Wu played a discount killer from China.

    I just think what they do doesnt correct injustice and further feeds prejudice and shows to the rest of the world a lack of compassion and ethics in transactional Asia – like the way Japan pulls product off the shelves when a celeb is caught with drugs as if to isolate and and contain investigation – as if they are ALL in on it and don’t want to be caught or further looked into so they cast stones down a well at the person who has fallen in.

  15. they had no problem employing these girls for profit based on their appeal to the male audience so when these girls were violated and then rejected for employment, those employers are showing their true colors about how they feel about the commoditization and sexualization of these girls

  16. Good thing her agency responded back. It was really uncalled for and seems very underhanded for Johnnie To to say such things about her. Get the sense he said those things to grab attention and create noise.

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