Chilam Cheung Joins New Management Company In Style

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Chilam Cheung (張智霖) attended a press conference on September 10 to officially sign with new management company China 3D Digital Entertainment and to renew his music contract with former label Star Entertainment. Inspired by Chilam’s recent popularity as suave pilot Jayden Koo, the companies prepared an elaborate event to welcome Chilam into the family, complete with a helicopter and models dressed as air stewardesses. Although he kept mum about his new salary, Chilam did reveal a very packed schedule and many exciting projects for the next year.

The contract-signing event, estimated to cost around $280,000 HKD, took place at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport on today. Chilam arrived in a Rolls Royce luxury car, accompanied by his new boss, China 3D Digital Entertainment’s chairman Stephen Shiu Jr. (蕭定一). Several models dressed as flight attendants greeted Chilam and escorted him to the stage, a scene quite fitting for Captain Cool. Later Chilam and Mr. Shiu boarded a helicopter that circled Hong Kong, an auspicious gesture symbolizing a career taking flight.

Chilam’s music label boss, Star Entertainment’s Sit Jai Kit (薛濟傑), was also present at the event. Last year, rumors arose when Chilam declined to renew his music contract with Neway Star, one of Star Entertainment’s record labels. Some speculate conflict between the two parties, and were surprised that Chilam decided to renew with his former label this year. Chilam responded to these rumors at today’s event, saying, “Those emotional misunderstandings are things of the past. I don’t want to discuss them anymore. Everything is fine now.”

When asked about his new salary, Chilam said he is unable to talk about it since it is an industry secret. He added that Mr. Shiu did not give him any stock options, but to him, having ample work opportunities is far more important than the price on the contract.

Chilam also revealed his upcoming projects, saying he plans to work in television, film, and music simultaneously. When asked about Mr. Shiu’s intent to film a movie version of Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>, Chilam said it is good news and that he has no preference over actors he would like to work with. He shared that he will release a cover album in the near future, and has already recorded Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) popular Triumph in the Skies theme song “Years Like a Song” <歲月如歌> as the album’s first single. Chilam is also scheduled to hold a solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum next August, and may star in two films within this year.

Source:  Oriental Daily

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  1. Smart Aleck says:

    First comment! He’s cool everywhere he goes(:

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  2. advo says:

    He looked pretty suave and Captain Cool-like, lol. While I’m happy for him, I can’t help think how unfair it is that men can renew their career at any age, whereas women’ career is rarely ever red hot again after they reach the age of 40. For the entertainment industry, I mean. With the exception of Sheren, I don’t think I recall any woman making that kind of comeback/late blooming.

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    • lol replied:

      Nothing fair

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    • windy replied:

      I know, I thought both him and the wife became quite popular and just in mainland shows and all of a sudden you hear this Chi Lam everywhere? It’s just like the chinese metaphor ‘ SALTY FISH BECAME ALIVE ‘ ? ahaha LOL….
      Sheren, I think it’s just the script and the fresh pair up w/Wayne Lai that became a breakthru so I wholeheartly believes sometimes it’s really just about LUCK?

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      • windy replied:

        oops, I meant became quite UNPOPULAR? haha…

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