Chow Yun Fat’s “From Vegas to Macau” Opens January 30

Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) will return as the world-famous gambler in Wong Jing’s (王晶) upcoming Hong Kong flick From Vegas to Macau <賭城風雲> (known as The Man from Macau <澳门风云> in mainland China), a comedy action film that also stars Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Chapman To (杜汶澤).

Set to open in cinemas in Hong Kong on January 30 and mainland China on January 31 – the day of Chinese New Year – From Vegas to Macau stars Chow Yun Fat as Hendrick, a master-level conman who leaves his legendary past behind for a security position at a Las Vegas casino. As he plans for his quiet retirement back to his homeland, Macau, he meets his old-time buddy Benz (Benz Hui 許紹雄), who asks Hendrick to teach his son Show Hand (Nicholas Tse) and Benz’ nephew Karl (Chapman To) about the arts of conning in gambling.

Initially disinterested, Hendrick tells Show Hand that he will accept his apprenticeship if he manages to cheat in front of him. Meanwhile, Show Hand’s half-brother Chan (Philip Ng 伍允龍), an undercover cop, is attempting to crack a case involving an international gambling ring.

The action-packed film also stars Chinese actress Jing Tian (景甜) as Luo Xin, a talented and ambitious cop from mainland China who goes undercover to spy on the triad boss Mr. Ko (Gao Hu高虎), who owns a criminal organization that launders money for corrupt government officials in Asia.

A co-production between Hong Kong’s Mega-Vision, TVB, Golden Pictures, Sun Entertainment Culture, and mainland China’s Polybona Films, From Vegas to Macau is Chow Yun Fat’s first local Hong Kong film in thirty years. Directed and written by Wong Jing (王晶), the film is produced by Andrew Lau (劉偉強), and also stars Max Zhang (張晉) and Kimmy Tong (童菲), who stars as Chow Yun Fat’s daughter, Charlie.

“From Vegas to Macau” Trailer

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    1. Looks like all the controversy about her alleged backing by a rich boyfriend has died down.

    2. Jing Tian is like a stick. Can’t act at all. Have anyone seen Special ID. Her portrayal as a cop is ridiculously funny. Shes so fricking skinny that her bones are popping out.

  1. man that movie looks weak, but I gotta watch it cause of Chow yun fat

  2. I think Jing Tian is so beautiful!! I’m glad to see her more and more, I started liking her in the Art of War, she was really good there! I thought she would of been a perfect XLN too 😀

    1. lucky girl , able to act with hk titans-donnie yen, chow yun fat & chow yun fat

  3. I was interested…until I saw the movie was directed and written by Wong Jing.

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