“Dad, Where Are We Going?” Movie Version to Open January 31

Above: Jimmy Lin and son, Kimi, appear in the film version of “Dad, Where Are We Going?”

The popularity reality show, Dad, Where Are We Going? <爸爸去哪兒> is about to wrap up its first season, with its final episode slated to air on December 27. While fans speculate which father-child pairings will return for the next season, they will also have a chance to see their favorites on the silver screen, when a movie version of Dad, Where Are We Going? hits theaters on January 31, 2014.

Since Dad, Where Are We Going? became an instant cash cow for Hunan Satellite TV, with a related mobile game breaking 3 million downloads in less than three days, it may come as no surprise that the producers have decided to strike while the iron is hot. The idea of a movie tie-in is almost second nature, with variety shows like The Voice of China <中國好聲音> and Super Boy <快樂男聲> also subscribing to this arrangement.

However, some fans have voiced their concerns that a movie version of Dad, Where Are We Going? is too opportunistic, especially since filming for it was completed in just one week. They also fear that the movie will focus more on jokes than on content.

In response, Zhao Hui (趙暉), a manager of the film’s production company, EE-Media, assured fans that the movie version had already been in the works for the past two months. “After the second episode of the television version was broadcast, we decided to film a movie version,” said Zhao.

The movie, which reportedly did not have a fixed screenplay, will feature a Lunar New Year theme. Though Zhao kept quiet about most of the details, she did reveal that the cast members’ goal is to obtain a mysterious invitation letter, and that “animals” would play an important part.

Although the children’s appearance fees have skyrocketed alongside their fame, Zhao shared that the children did not receive any monetary compensation for filming the movie version. “We did prepare snacks and toys for them, which are more attractive to them,” she explained.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. it’s not that exciting a show watching dudes and their little kids playing games – my mother uses it to feel better – but it’s ridiculous to me. Now she wants to watch the Korean version!

    1. I had a feeling it would be a bore to watch since many reality tv shows are like that. Is Jimmy Lin tight on money? He seems to be doing the most ridiculous things these days just for some dough. He is over exposing his son at such a young age too. He must be desperate.

      1. i think Jimmy is trying to use this opportunity to let his fans accept his wife. i say that because he once stated in the Happy Camp (“Dad, where are we going” guests), that Kimi is most of the time accompanied by his mom, while he is busy working at Beijing, and that we can’t deny its all her passions and efforts in raising Kimi, he hopes his fans can give them blessings

      2. What is wrong with you???. Every time there is a article about jimmy, you find a way to criticize him. You are one bitter person…I can’t stand people like you. FYI..I am not a jimmy fan but I think he is a great father from watching the show. He has so much patience and love for his son and wife. Please stop your nasty comments about him. If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything.

      3. I’ve never been interested in him but he does resemble Tyrone Power – his baby is very nice though and somewhat hilarious. I think he is doing a public service because he is allowing access to a Taiwanese family relationship – there are a myriad of beneficial reasons to do so.

    2. I personally prefer the Korean version. The Chinese version never got me hooked. The K-version is soo much more cuter and it’s just much better…As you watch the show, you totally see how much the kids have grown up and matured and I haven’t seen that with the Chinese kids. Rather, I sense a personality change because they’ve watched how they’ve behave on TV…

      1. are the korean eps organized anywhere to be watched in sequence – maybe I will get my mother Apple TV if it is. I hate that she goes down the K-hole of entertainment.

  2. The korean version is a lot cuter imo. idk but i just can’t get into the chinese version :/

    1. is it?? i’ll hit in the Korean version then.
      i like this Chinese version anyway, love those kids expression haha, innocent and cute

      1. lol you should try watching it. I got into it pretty late (at least 20 episodes after it started airing) and i watched all of it in less than a week.

      2. Ah… I stopped watching after around ep 20, but the Korean version is really sweet. Junsu’s my favourite to watch, but Hoo’s the one I’d love to have as a child. Sometimes, he’s like an old soul trapped in a kid’s body.

  3. he’s very popular now or maybe at least at his weibo, he always got 100k likes and comments …

  4. And how does a reality show get made into a movie. No comments about the chinese version but I love Hoo and Junsu. Totally depressed that season 1 is ending.

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