Brave Bystanders Rescue Jimmy Lin and 6-Year-Old Son from Burning Car

On July 22, Jimmy Lin (林志颖) was involved in a serious car accident with his 6-year-old son, Jenson. The Taiwanese singer-actor was driving Jenson in a white Tesla Model X full electric car to attend a small racing event in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Suffering multiple fractures throughout his body, Jimmy was unconscious in the hospital intensive care unit for three days before finally waking up today. Both he and Jenson are currently in stable condition.

Bystanders Rescue Father and Son

At 10:51 a.m. on Friday, Jimmy’s car veered off the road and hit a nearby safety island, then skidded into a traffic indicator pole. The accident occurred near a construction site, and workers nearby were drawn to the location of the loud noises. A passing motorcyclist also stopped to help, pulling Jenson out first. Five others attempted to help an unconscious Jimmy out, but his leg was stuck on the accelerator.

Moments later, the vehicle began to catch on fire. A site supervisor by the surname Zhang held the fire at bay with an extinguisher, while others pried the car door open and pulled Jimmy out. Shortly after, the flames spread over to the driver’s side, and within minutes, the entire car was nearly engulfed in a large fire. Recalling the incident, Mr. Zhang expressed, “The car was about to burn up, and it was really hot. Everyone almost wanted to give up at one point!”

Construction workers rescued Jenson and set up shade for an unconscious Jimmy.

The rescuers carried Jimmy to the side of the road an put up an umbrella to protect him from the sun while waiting for first responders. Jimmy was unconscious and his face was covered with blood and was severely swollen. From the angle of his arm, it was evident that his arm suffered a break or dislocation of some degree.

Jenson, fortunately, did not suffer the same level of physical injuries as his father and remained conscious, though he expressed pain in his chest and neck. After being appeased by everyone telling him that his dad is okay, Jenson sat down and waited obediently for professional help.

The duo was sent to the hospital, and it was later confirmed that although Jimmy suffered head and face injuries, the wounds are non-life threatening.

Police Launch Investigation

Police later released video footage of the incident. Although Jimmy was seen driving at the appropriate speed limit, the vehicle suddenly turned to the right, causing the accident. The police clarified that after an alcohol test, Jimmy was cleared of driving under the influence.

The photos and video caused heated discussions online, with some suspecting that the use of autopilot caused the accident, while others believe it could be due to vehicle parts failure, such as the tires.

Jimmy’s Family Responds

Due to the high profile nature of the accident, with many concerned about the extent of Jimmy’s injuries, his younger brother, Lin Zhi Xin (林志鑫) held a short press conference to update the media. Expressing that he cannot clearly explain Jimmy’s injuries, he merely assured the public that Jimmy is in stable condition, “He has many areas of injuries and fractures. Currently, the medical team is conducting an operation evaluation.”

He is grateful to the bystanders who save Jimmy and Jenson’s lives, “Thank you to the enthusiastic people who helped rescue my brother. These brave citizens have saved my brother and helped him get to the hospital safely. Thank you to the medical team…. Thank you to all the people and fans that care and are concerned about Jimmy.”

Sources:, HK01

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  1. I was worried for Jimmy… such a horrifying accident. I am glad he has woken up…I hope all is well with him.

    Electric cars going up in flames are not uncommon… I never liked Tesla..thus I did not purchase one. There are better brands around.

  2. I’m so glad he’s okay! I loved him when I was little. To this day, he is still my favorite Xiao Yuer.

    1. Mine too! So glad he’s alright and safe and sound. I was worried we’d get bad news so I held off on commenting. Very fortunate that bystanders didn’t just stay bystanders!

    1. I read Jimmy did not buckle his seatbelt. I dont know if that is true. But what cause the car to lose control..that I do not know.

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