Suffering Multiple Fractures, Jimmy Lin to Undergo Shoulder and Facial Surgeries

After a serious car crash on July 22, Jimmy Lin (林志穎) and his son Jenson are currently recovering at Taiwan’s Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. His brother and manager held a press conference and shared that Jimmy is currently conscious and is able to hold simple conversations.

First Round of Surgery is Successfully Completed

Suffering multiple injuries, Jimmy has already completed a five-hour surgery to address his shoulder fracture. On July 27, the star is expected to receive a critical facial surgery to address injuries incurred during his car crash. Jimmy’s surgery will be personally handled by the director of the hospital.

Family Grateful Towards Jimmy’s Rescuers

Jimmy’s wife, Kelly Chen (陳若儀), was the first one to learn of the accident and the family rushed to the hospital with their hearts in their throats. She has been tirelessly taking care of Jimmy for the past few days, and the actor’s siblings have also gathered to provide support.

His brother, Lin Zhi Xin (林志鑫), notes that the family wants to thank the good Samaritan who saved Jimmy and his son. Once Jimmy’s condition stabilizes, the family plans to visit his rescuer to express their gratefulness.

Wants to Put a Stop to False Rumors

Lin Zhi Xin hopes that the public will respect Jimmy’s privacy and not continue to speculate on the accident. As there are currently many false rumors circulating on the Internet, he asks the media and the public to think critically to prevent further hurt to Jimmy and his family. He also requests they give Jimmy and his family some space and not interfere with the hospital’s daily operations.

His manager agrees that the story has taken on a life of its own, which has been fueled by Internet speculations and the media reporting on it every day. However, they are focused on Jimmy’s recovery right now, and gathering information regarding the causes of the accident will take time. Since Jimmy does not want to waste too much of society’s resources, this will be the final time they will be publicly speaking about it.

On behalf of Jimmy, his manager thanked the public, firefighters, hospital staff, business partners, concerned friends, fans, and artistes again. The pair left the conference quickly after their speech and did not answer any further questions.

This article was revised on July 27, 2002 to include updated information regarding Jimmy Lin’s surgeries.

Source: World Journal [1,2]

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Rescuer Details How He Rescued Jimmy Lin from Car Crash

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