Donnie Yen Hopes to Assemble Chinese Film Heroes Together

At the FILMART trade expo last week, Donnie Yen (甄子丹) spoke of his new film company, “The passion I have for films has never decreased over the years. On the contrary, I have accumulated so many ideas and energy!” With the establishment of Super Hero Films, Donnie hopes to be able to produce high quality action films for the international audience.

Super Hero Films will be a continuation of Donnie’s works over the years. “I need a platform to share my ideas and experience throughout the years. My company is called Super Hero Films but that does not mean I will film superhero movies. I just feel that there is a super hero in each person. I want to use my films to bring out that sense of responsibility and purpose in people. In our society, we need lots of such positive energy.” In recent years, Donnie revealed he has only accepted roles which gave him a positive vibe.

Super Hero Films will specialize in action movies. Donnie said, “I don’t want to act in every film. I want to be a producer and look out for new talent. Only with new blood can the art of kung fu be passed on. Finding new blood is by no means easy, therefore I must have a company to dominate this market first. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to film to build up the operations of the company.”

It has been previously reported that Donnie is in discussion with mainland Chinese director, Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚), for his next project. Donnie said, “We definitely have the intention to work together. Together, his comedy and my action concepts will create a special kind of spark. I am looking forward to this collaboration.”

Tired of Ip Man

Though Donnie did not disclose the amount he invested into the venture, he revealed that he and Media Asia’s Peter Lam (林建岳) each account for 50 percent of the shares. Full of confidence for his new company, Donnie shared, “Our economy is good. The industry is doing well and we are making progress every day. Ten years ago, I have already predicted that the Chinese film market will become the world’s number one!”

With Hollywood constantly making use of Chinese martial arts in their movies, Donnie foresees that Chinese martial arts will be able to reach global recognition in a few years, which is his ultimate target.

Popularizing widespread interest in Wing Chun martial arts after Ip Man <葉問> in 2008, Donnie proclaimed that he had enough of the subject. He said, “I haven’t seen the other two film versions of Ip Man, but having filmed two movies on Ip Man, I have personally lost interest in this subject. If director Wilson Yip (葉偉信) is not going to film any more, I doubt I will either.”

On Legal Disputes

Last year, Chinese film director, Geng Weiguo (耿卫国) also known as Tan Bing (檀冰) publicly accused Donnie for seizing his film project, Ultimate Codebreaker <终极解码> and repacking it as Special Identity <特殊身份>. Subsequently, a year later, Donnie filed 4 lawsuits against the director and demanded that Geng Weiguo issue a public apology and compensate Donnie with 5 million RMB  for economic loss and emotional distress. The Beijing Haidian District Court has taken up the case.

Donnie kept silent over the incident, and finally explained why he has brought the case to court. “I have been steadfast in what I do so I have chosen to ignore [Geng Weiguo’s] malicious slander initially because they were untrue. But everyone has a limit. My limit was reached when they held a press conference late last year and tried to smear my reputation again. Of course, I have to fight back this time. Furthermore, I’m a father and I have a duty to explain the truth to my children.”

Insisting that as long as he remains steadfast in what he does, no matter whether in film or other industries, Donnie feels there is no need to care what others think or do.


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