Fan Bingbing Makes Appearance in “Iron Man 3” Chinese Trailer

In the latest installment of Iron Man 3 from the Marvel franchise, Tony Stark will travel to China to seek the help of Dr. Wu who will help strengthen him in preparation for war against super-villain,  The Mandarin. Chinese actor, Wang Xueqi (王學圻) will play the good doctor while Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) will play the role of the doctor’s assistant.

Teaser trailers for Iron Man 3 were released several months ago, and the official trailer was released this week.  In China, where part of the filming was done, another version of the trailer was released. In order to appeal to the Chinese market, footage of  Fan Bingbing and subtitles in Chinese were also shown. Though the trailer was a shortened version of the original one, it still shows the exciting battle between The Mandarin (played by Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley) and Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr).

Origins of The Mandarin

In the comics, The Mandarin is half Chinese and half English. However, English actor Ben Kingsley does not fit the ethnic profile, which begged many fans to go deeper in finding out who exactly is The Mandarin in the movie. Newly appointed director, Shane Black ,who replaced Jon Favreau, explained, “We’re not saying he’s Chinese. We’re saying he draws a cloak around himself with Chinese symbols and dragons because it represents his obsessions with Sun Tzu in various ancient arts of warfare that he studied.” And what better way to fight Sun Tzu than to use the same tactics against him. Thus, the almost-defeated Tony Stark has to seek Dr. Wu’s help in getting rid of his biggest nemesis yet.

There were initial speculations that Wang Xueqi will play the villain, Radioactive Man. However, footage from the trailers dispelled that conjecture. In one scene, Dr. Wu was seen operating on Tony Stark and in another, he was standing in front of the Beijing Yongdingmen Tower, sending Iron Man off.

Fan Bingbing’s Screen Time

In the 2 minutes and 25 seconds trailer, Fan Bingbing only appeared in less than a second. In that shot, she was seen walking towards the camera, wearing a medical jacket with her long silky hair untied. It was reported that though her role was minor, the senior executives of the filming studios were charmed by her aura. With Shane Black and the creative director speaking highly of her, Fan Bingbing may well be the next Asian darling in Hollywood.

Iron Man 3, which is co-produced by Marvel Studios and China’s DMG Entertainment, will see a limited 3D release on April 25 and worldwide release on May 3.

“Iron Man 3” Trailer (ChineseVersion)

[vsw id=”uY5mzwU_UXM” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”405″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. “Fan Bingbing may well be the next Asian darling in Hollywood.”

    She is already the Asian darling in Hollywood but on the red carpets and not on screen.

    1. Agree. only a darling at red carpet. attending numerous film festivals doesn’t make you a prominent actress

    2. Agree, the Fashion Police team loves Fan Bing Bing, especially Joan!

  2. Her fame in the west stems more from red carpet appearances, although she did win best actress award at the Tokyo film festival 2 years ago and Golden Horse best supporting actress.

    1. All of which means something here but not there.

  3. the trailer looks so good..hopefully the movie will be awesome!

  4. FBB might be a huge star in Asia but I don’t think she will make it big in the states. Sorry!

  5. Hollywood, please replace FBB with ZZY so I can watch some of those movies.

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