Marvel’s Kevin Feige Considers Making a Movie with Tony Leung and Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel’s superhero film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, has smashed the box office record for Labor Day opening with praises for its all-Asian cast. Many fans are captivated by Hong Kong icon Tony Leung (梁朝偉), and expressed an interest in seeing the actor appear in other Marvel franchises. Although the future of Tony’s role remains uncertain, Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige is reportedly entertaining the idea of having Tony and Robert Downey Jr. film together.

Having been instrumental in overseeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin sang praises over Tony’s charismatic acting. In an interview, the president confessed that he was awestruck by Tony’s talent and felt lucky that the actor agreed to join the cast.

Knowing that fans were equally impressed by the actor, Kevin hints that Tony could appear in future movies, “Anything can happen. If you look at Shang-Chi’s timeline and calculate a little, [Robert Downey’s character in Iron 3] was caught when [Tony’ character] began leading the Ten Rings organization. It would be a dream to see the two actors on the same stage.”

As Marvel is known for having character crossovers and cameo appearances in their movie franchise, the move could have Tony reprising his role as the supervillain Wenwu who is commonly referred by his moniker name, Mandarin. As the Mandarin was a controversial character when it made its first appearance in 2013’s film Iron Man 3, Marvel could be considering mending the disconnect between the two characters.

Source: World Journal

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    1. Yup and Tony has always been a wonderful actor and I am glad that he is finally getting more of the international recognition that he deserves.

  1. Yes, please! I love Tony’s character in Shang-Chi – I was hoping they’d do a spin off movie or series for him.

  2. Tony’s a great actor, I’m so happy to see him get some mainstream recognition now outside of HK and China.

    1. @TheYenMan yes, Tony’s acting is finally getting the long overdued international recognition it deserves, and he deserves. I’m telling you, when I watch a Tony Leung movie, I snack on caviar and champagne, not coke and cheeseburger, LOL. He is an excellent singer too, better than most, but he focuses more on his acting and it shows. I’m proud of Tony.

      1. @teddy,
        Tony did win the best actor at Cannes and other international awards so he has been getting international recognition for his fine acting. But it is great that westerners are seeing more and more what a wonderful actor he is.

      2. @teddy Seeing that Tony Leung is already well-known in most Asian countries and among cinephiles everywhere, and winning some international film awards like Cannes Awards, he can be considered internationally recognised for a long time already. Now more mainstream viewers will know him.

  3. That will be awesome! can someone tell me if Fala Chen has a lot of screen time in the movie as I keep seeing her posting on Instagram that seemed like she is the main female lead than the other females? She seemed like she has more interviews/recognition than the other cast.

    1. She’s probably like second or third after Awkafina and Meng’er in terms of screen time but her storyline is way more pivotal to the overall plot.

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