Huang Xiaoming, Zhou Xun Team Up for New Romantic Comedy

Mainland Chinese stars Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Zhou Xun (周迅) will reunite for the upcoming romantic comedy, Women Who Behave Spoiled Have the Best Lives <撒嬌女人最好命 >, their first collaboration in four years.

The inspiration for the movie stems from a love-related reference book titled Everyone Loves Tender Woman <會撒嬌的女人最好命>, which is intended to teach women how to live life to the fullest by behaving spoiled around their partners. Penned by best-selling Taiwanese writer Luo Fuman (羅夫曼) – a transliteration of “Lover man” – the book sold like hotcakes after it was published in 2010. That year, Hong Kong director Edmond Pang (彭浩翔) saw the book in the hands of almost every female at the airport and decided to spin the idea into a movie screenplay.

However, the movie’s status remained in limbo for the next three years, which Edmond used to polish the script. “We must have written more than 20 drafts in order to guarantee that there would be a good story,” he said.

Fortunately for him, the intriguing story was exactly what attracted Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming, who last appeared in a movie together for the 2009 espionage film, The Message <風聲>. When working with Zhou Xun on Devil Nail Clippers <指甲刀人魔> in 2010, Edmond was already thinking of how to turn Everyone Loves Tender Woman into a film, and he even talked with Zhou Xun about the possibility of another collaboration. After the screenplay was finalized and her filming schedule settled, Edmond quickly confirmed that she would be the female lead.

As for Xiaoming, Edmond revealed that he did not know who the actor was until they worked together on Love in the Buff <春嬌與志明> in 2012. During filming, Edmond was blown away by Xiaoming’s charismatic and infectious performance as a “knight in shining armor,” and did not hesitate to contact him after finishing his new screenplay.

Although Edmond is keeping exact details about the movie under wraps, he did share that audiences would see a different Xiaoming and Zhou Xun. The film, which began filming in Shanghai a few days ago, will also star Taiwanese actresses Sonia Sui (隋棠) and Hsieh Yi Lin (謝依霖).


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  1. This could be a potential hit movie if the script captures the appeal of the book. Not too excited about the choice of lead actress though. Zhou Xun is a fine actress, but she is better at serious dramatic roles than just being a charming movie star ala Julia Roberts or a Cherrie Chung. The director should have paired Huang Xiao Ming with his real life crush Vicki Zhao for this light-hearted movie instead. A romantic comedy is exactly what I envision these two pals doing, and surely a lot people would want to see if they can ignite any sparks onscreen, lol. Missed opportunity here.

    1. Agree. Huang Xiao Ming should have paired with Zhao Wei at least once.

    2. That would be a pair to see on screen. 🙂 But I don’t know if Zhao Wei’s hubby would approve. LOL!

      1. I don’t think he minds. Everything is theist now, after all, they are still best of pals. Also, I’m hoping and longing for Zhao Wei-Lu Yi reunion. They made such a perfect couple.

    3. Since HXM already has a crush on ZW, any more cuteness (like this drama requires) from Vicki would really drive HXM nuts. LOL 🙂

  2. I’m tired of Zhou Xun and HXM. China is so big, can’t they find fresher faces? Zhou Xun is starting to show her age and HXM acting has been stagnant and same old same old for a long time.

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