Jackie Chan Teams Up with Fan Bingbing in “Skiptrace”

After the success of CZ12 <十二生宵> last year, audiences have been looking forward Jackie Chan’s (成龙) next movie.  Some movie critics speculate that Jackie will return to the United States to film Rush Hour 4.  But in actuality, Jackie will be teaming up with mainland Chinese star Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)in new action comedy Skiptrace (暂译:跳跃追踪). This is the second collaboration for Jackie and Bingbing after Shinjuku Incident <新宿事件> in 2009.

Skiptrace is based off an idea by Jackie and the script will be written by screenwriters of American comedy series, Animal Practice. Skiptrace will be a Sino-American production, following current industry trends as mainland box office continues to grow in significance. Oscar-nominated director, Sam Fell from ParaNorman and Flushed Away fame will direct for Skiptrace.  Exclusive Media and Talent International have both agreed to produce and co-finance this film as well.

This action comedy follows Jackie, a Hong Kong detective joining forces with an American gambler who is on the run from his creditors.  They form an unusual partnership and their task is to track down one of Hong Kong’s most notorious criminals.

The film will be shooting at various scenic locations including China and Hong Kong and is scheduled to start filming in September this year.

Sources: Oriental Daily, Sina.com.cn

This article is written by Jennifer for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Skiptrace=Shanghai Noon+Rush Hour 2(replace Chris Tucker with Owen Wilson)how original? Formula for #1 hit for the locust

  2. I hope it doesn’t involve Jackie kissing Fan Bing Bing.

    1. Jacky would never force himself on a female co-star *rolls eyes*

      1. LOL you sure have a “beautiful” attitude.

    2. I don’t think that would happen. This is an action movie?

    3. I also hope that won’t happen. No offense, but Jackie looks like he could play the role of Fan Bing Bing’s dad.

  3. No, Jacky only cheats on his wife, sleeps with a woman and gets her pregnant, and then denies paternal relationship between him and the child. I hope the movie involves Fan Bing Bing giving him a big kick up his butt.

  4. Just wonder if they will push for a theatrical release in the United States.

  5. Fan Bing Bing looks a bit weird in above pic.

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