Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 2013” to Release on December 24

Police Story 2013 <警察故事2013>, the sixth installment in Jackie Chan (成龍)’s popular Police Story series, recently unveiled its first promotional poster. Starring mainland Chinese actor Liu Ye (劉燁) and mainland Chinese actress Jing Tian (景甜) alongside Jackie, Police Story 2013 will open in theaters on December 24th.

New Police Story 2013 posterAlthough not considered a sequel to the previous films in the franchise, Police Story 2013 will nevertheless still incorporate many characteristics of the classic cop movie. The story begins when all of the customers in a pub are suddenly kidnapped and held hostage. Among the customers are criminal police officer Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) and his rebellious daughter Miaomiao (Jing Tian). The kidnapper is the pub’s owner, Wu Jiang (Liue Ye), who is hoping to use his hostages to secure the release of a criminal who has been imprisoned for many years.

It may seem as though Jackie is simply tapping into the Police Story cash cow, especially since the franchise has helped cement his reputation in the Hong Kong movie industry and garnered him a Best Film Award at the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards. However, Jackie has repeatedly proven his careful consideration of the series, having filmed only five installments in the past 30 years. Moreover, he is extremely prudent about whom he chooses to collaborate with.

Helming Police Story 2013 will be director Ding Sheng (丁晟), who was selected by Jackie due to his diligence. The two previously collaborated on the 2010 film, Little Big Soldier <大兵小將>, where Jackie was deeply impressed by Ding Sheng’s devotion to his work. “When everyone was resting on set, Ding Sheng would always be drawing out scenes, making sufficient preparations for the next day’s scenes,” said Jackie. “At that time, I knew that he was a director with whom I wanted to continue working.”

Ding Sheng shared that, after their first collaboration, Jackie entrusted him with the mission of filming another Police Story film. “In the two years following, I experienced the life of a criminal police officer, went along with seven kidnapping cases, and wrote countless screenplays,” Ding Sheng revealed. “I hoped that I would be able to continue writing the legend of Big Brother [Jackie].”

In response to this, Jackie jokingly remarked, “Every time we agree to collaborate, I have to wait two years, because he has to experience the life first, and his screenplays are super, super thick. He is one of the most hardworking directors I’ve met.”

Police Story 2013 will feature the thrilling action sequences one has come to expect from the franchise, but will also showcase a new side of Jackie, who cut his hair short in order to look more like a reliable and responsible mainland Chinese police officer. “My character this time is much calmer than those from before,” said Jackie with laugh, “and I don’t make a single silly face in this movie.”

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The only one I’ve seen out of the franchise was New Police Story and it was pretty good. It was a memorable performance of Daniel Wu in my opinion, in fact probably one of his better roles. Jackie? Not so much…wonder how this film will play out.

    1. bro u should c police story 1985.The original and the best and has Maggie Cheung.

      1. So I’ve heard, I’ll watch it when I get a chance. Jackie’s earlier films are much better

  2. Jackie should stop making action films. All his films has been garbage since Rush Hour.

  3. I thought he said that the last action film will be the last one.

  4. Please let the series be. 1-3 were excellent and memorable classics. No. 4 with Nicohlas Tse (with his only acting expression, the ‘Look at me wanna be gangsta’ pose) Charlene Choi was ridiculously bad it was funny and 5 with Daniel Wu was not much better. The originals were good because despite the simple and straight forward storylines, you could connect with the characters. Jackie doing his best to placate a whinging Maggie Cheung, Jackie being a disillusioned righteous cop that gets shafted by superiors, Uncle Bill, and off course a kick ass Michelle Yeoh in 3. Plus people watched it for Jackie’s insane action sequences. Anyone can make a cop action movie with a bit of fighting on the side.

    They don’t make them like they use to!

  5. I think for Jackie, it is time to shift the spotlight onto the supporting cast as he no as agile as he used to be. Like in the Zodiac movie, he needs a supporting cast which has good chemistry and fighting/acting skills to keep the plot (hopefully not horrible) afloat.

  6. Rush hour was the best because of his great chemistry with Chris tucker and the movie has a great story line

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