Kevin Cheng Films New Movie “My Poor Rich Father”

After filming TVB drama Eye in the Sky <天眼> yesterday, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) continued his long work day, arriving on the set of Alfred Cheung’s (張堅庭) My Poor Rich Father <貧窮富爸爸>. The movie revolves around the struggles of a single father. Kevin portrays the title role, a wealthy businessman who is struggling to cope with the death of his wife’s sudden passing. He drowns himself with work and ends up neglecting his young son. Popular Taiwanese child actor Benny(小小彬) stars as Kevin’s son and Annie Liu (劉心悠) stars as Kevin’s wife.

My Poor Rich Father is Kevin’s first big-screen project since 2007’s Super Fans <甜心粉絲王>, an Eric Kot (葛民輝) comedy film that starred Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Leo Ku (古巨基).

Kevin, Benny, and the film’s second female lead, Chinese actress Li Chengyuan(李呈媛), were spotted filming an action scene by a parking lot in Kowloon Bay yesterday. The scene depicted Kevin getting into a fight with two other men while trying to protect his son. Kevin’s appearance, which consisted of a simple gray sweatshirt, jeans, and unshaven face, was reminiscent of Kevin’s famous “Law Ba” look in the 2011 legal drama Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, the series that gave Kevin’s second Best Actor win.

Despite the afternoon heat, Kevin was in good spirits when he arrived at the film set in Kowloon Bay. Kevin kindly accepted an interview from the press during his lunch break, saying that he has been enjoying work immensely.  “It’s my first time portraying a father since [2011’s] Glove Comes Off <拳王>. When you’re working with a child, you need to have a lot of patience. It trains your EQ because children can be hard to control. However, Benny already has a lot of experience in acting, so there were no problems working with him.”

Kevin added that filming movies are not as stressful as filming television dramas. Filming dramas require longer work hours while movies only film a few scenes per day. Kevin said he has more time to think about the script and flesh out the small details of his character. “It gives better results,” said Kevin.

Besides Hong Kong, My Poor Rich Father also plans to shoot on location in mainland China. All of Benny’s scenes will be completed before summer break ends.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. for some reason, i’m actually looking forward to this! seems like a refreshing role for kevin and excited to see his interactions with xiao xiao bin!!! man that kid grows fast! no longer the little tiny kid in autumn’s concerto LOL

    1. I am looking forward to this to!! Love to see kevin and annie again!

  2. Good to see Kevin in a film role. Hope we are able to watch it on our screens unlike the Mainland Chinese ones.

  3. So Annie Liu is going to die in this movie? Nooooo. I like the main actor and actress and the little Benny too.

  4. Yeah I think Annie is going to die since she is the wife right? Looking forward to this too !!

  5. Really hope to c Kelvin in big screen film project again! Age does not leave any traces on his face at all ! Really hope to catch this heart warming film real soon

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