“Life of Pi” Roars into Theaters on November 21

Dubbed as the next Avatar, Ang Lee’s (李安) Life of Pi has won over international film critics with its beautiful story and flawless 3D effects. Life of Pi was released in the United States on November 21 and arrives in mainland China, Hong Kong, and other worldwide IMAX theaters on November 22.

The Next Avatar

Life of Pi has already been dubbed as the next Avatar, with colossal box office sales expected. The 3D technology behind Life of Pi was originally developed by James Cameron’s 3D production company, Cameron Pace Group. Cameron called Life of Pi visually amazing and innovative, and that it could not have been made any better. It is a movie that you have to see it to believe it. It is a breakthrough in 3D film technology, and with Lee’s style of movie making, the audience will experience a moving and inspirational story in an eye opening fashion.

Lifelike 3D Experience

Taiwanese born film director, Ang Lee, has been delivering one masterpiece after another. Lee’s films have been well received by critics and audiences alike and Life of Pi is no exception. Ang Lee took on an ambitious project to adapt Yann Martel’s 2001 award-winning novel of the same name that has inspired millions.
The story revolves around a boy named Pi who is shipwrecked after a storm.  Pi regains consciousness in a small lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger, a hyena, an injured zebra, and an orangutan on board for 227 days at sea. The hyena eats the zebra and the orangutan, and the tiger eats the hyena, leaving Pi stuck on board with a hungry tiger.

Critics felt that Ang Li’s Life of Pi film adaptation is proof that are still miracles being made in movie, while others called it excellent entertainment value for the whole family. As a combination of seafaring adventure and a spiritual journey, the movie demonstrates the beauty of life and perseverance

With help of James Cameron’s 3D technologies, the film offers a spectacular visual feast. Viewers will enjoy the sinking ship scene amidst a turbulent storm. The effects will make the viewers feel as if they are about to drown with the character, as rocky waves crash. Some critics likened the shipwreck scene to Titanic.

The film’s musical score was composed by the five-time Genie award winner Mychael Danna, who has over 60 soundtracks under his belt. Audiences who saw the movie raved that the musical score fit the film perfectly, thrilling in excitement while conveying great emotional depth during the emotional scenes.

Limited IMAX Run

Life of Pi will be the only Hollywood movie premiering in China the same time all over the world. Negative reviews have been almost non-existent.

The year-end holiday season is extremely competitive at the box office, with many big-budget films opening. In China, Life in Pi will have a limited one-week run for its 3D IMAX edition. There is a good chance that viewers will cram the theater by catching the movie in its finest glory, which will help push Life in Pi to the top of the box office in its first week of release. As to whether it will hit the magical amount of $800 million RMB as predicted by some critics, we will have to sit back and see.

Source: QQ.com

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  1. I don’t think Life of Pi can beat Cold War in HK. I bet Cold War will lead again next week even versus Life of Pi.

      1. Hollywood films generally does great in HK, outgross most domestic films.

      2. I agree with you Terminator. I used to live HK once. Especially a great movie with quality and praises as high as LoP. CW is lucky that it’s also a great and huge movie by itself to compete with LoP but if there are other domestic movies around this time, they will suffer.

    1. Well, your are referring to a market whose second all time box office champion is 3D Sex and Zen; therefore, a movie like Life of Pi has little appeal to its audience a majority of whom probability have never even heard or read the book.

      For the Far East, the movie’s important markets will be China and Japan, where the book actually sold very well.

    2. You’re wrong! CW is hot now in HK but Life of Pi is a well anticipated and well praised Hollywood movie! HK loves Hollywood movies. Life of Pi will battle CW but this week LoP will come out winning big. It’s a great production and deserve the Oscar contender title!

      1. I think we both agree that HK loves Hollywood films; however, the genres that appeal to the that audience tends to be action blockbusters with simplistic plots

  2. Not in Malaysia yet!! I demand you release this movie, NOW!!!

    1. The Muslim authority might not like the religious aspect of this movie to be watched by local Muslims.

  3. Just seen it and what an amazing movie.

    Ang Lee has to be the best Chinese filmmaker now if not ever and hope he will win another Oscar.

    I remember someone here wished Raymond Lam were in the starring role and that stupid image had provided some comic relief for me througout the serious film

    1. Not “wish” but rather a sarcastic remark towards LF. for eg. “like Ang Lee will even think or use LF” 😛 that guy still have mile stones to go before he could be in Ang Lee’s movie.

  4. Never heard of it, but I just check movie theatre and it’s in 🙂 Gonna see it ^O^

  5. Ang Lee prmised to make a prologue to “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” many years ago. Sadly, even if he keeps his promise, he’ll need new stars from those in the original film.

    1. Actually that is not necessarily a bad situation.

      Just look at what George Lucas did with the Star War trilogy

      1. Pretty sure, the consensus is that the prequels do not live up to the original trilogy.

      2. The Star Wars prequels outperformed the original trilogy at the box office by a wide margin.

        So I don’t know what you’re referring to as the “consensus”.

  6. Just seen the movie, and yes it was amazing!! Love it! Highly recommended!

    1. Read the news article above. Since I’m not particular fond of watching 3D I watched the normal one. Maybe I should have watched it in 3D after all.

      Terminator: Did you watch it in 3D?

      Even in normal viewing, I felt ‘seasick’ just watching the big expanse of a choppy and angry ocean – the whole ship sinking scene, the shaky shots of the bouncing lifeboat and flimsy raft on turbulent waters etc. I said as much to my friend.

      I would probably be sick to the stomach if I had watched it in 3D. The whole movie is indeed a visual treat to the eyes, and is indeed very inspirational of the human indomitable spirit to live and persevere over adversity, of keeping a sane mind, and of course, the survival of the fittest and the ability to co-exist with another species sharing the same space with limited resources and lots lots more. I’ve just place a hold on the book in the library.

      1. LoP is very pretty and rich in visuals. Ang Lee deserves all the mountain of praises.

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