Ang Lee to Direct New Bruce Lee Biopic

Known to have directed many international and critically acclaimed hits, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon <臥虎藏龍>, Life of Pi, and Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee (李安)  will be bringing his next ambitious project about Bruce Lee’s life to international filmgoers. Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee (李香凝), will take part as the film’s producer.

Touted as the bridge between East and West, and credited for introducing Chinese martial arts to the world, Bruce Lee has been a resounding source of pride for Chinese people. “Bruce Lee is not a full American, and neither was he a full Chinese. He is the bridge between East and West, and introduced kung fu to the world. He was a combat scientist and iconic performer who revolutionized martial arts and action movies. Although only 135 pounds, he had enormous strength and a relentless drive to turn dreams of the impossible into reality,” Ang Lee said.

Ang Lee has chosen his son, Mason Lee (李淳), to star in the lead role as the iconic martial artist. Many are also curious about who will be cast as the female lead. Due to several successful collaborations with Ang Lee, fans speculated that Tang Wei (湯唯) may be the best candidate.

Taking advantage of this major opportunity, Mason has been training in martial arts and sculpting his physique, while also learning Cantonese. This is not the first time Mason has worked with his father on a film though, as the actor debuted in Ang Lee’s 1996 movie The Wedding Banquet. Besides appearing in Taiwanese dramas and films, the 32-year-old has also starred in American network ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat series.

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  1. Man, the nepotism is rife in this one. And looks like Ang isn’t even embarrassed about it. Featuring your son as a supporting actor, I can understand. But as male lead AND iconic figure Bruce Lee – he either has to really amaze people with the film or he’s going to get a ton of flak.

    1. Ang Lee is a great director, if done right, he could pull it off,
      But it could suck too,
      However Shannon Lee , Bruce lee’s daughter is a producer, so that may give some cred to the script.

  2. Besides being surnamed Lee and having a famous and respected director father, I just don’t see what qualifications he has to portray such an iconic character. Aarif Lee’s portrayal was my favorite so far of all the Bruce Lee remakes.

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