Stanley Ho’s Relatives in the Industry Include Bruce Lee and Maria Leitao

The late casino kingpin was known not only for having a large immediate family, but a large extended family tree. Aside from his own daughter Josie Ho (何超儀), Stanley is related to several others in the entertainment industry, including the late Bruce Lee (李小龍) and TVB program host Maria Leitao (黎芷珊).

While Stanley and Bruce were not blood relatives, their families were related. They shared the same great grandmother Si Tai (施娣) from Guangdong, who had several lovers throughout her life. Ho Fook (何福), her son with Jewish merchant Charles Bosman (何仕文) from the Netherlands, was Stanley’s grandfather. Ho Kam-tong (何甘棠), her son with the Chinese man Kwok Hing-yin (郭興賢), was Bruce’s grandfather.

However, Bruce’s mother Grace Ho (何爱瑜) was not Ho Kam-tong’s biological daughter. Grace  was his adoptive daughter with his lover Cheung King-sin (張瓊仙), who resided in Shanghai. Like Cheung, Grace had mixed European and Asian ancestry.

As for Maria Leitao, most famous for her Telling Maria interview series for TVB, she is related to Stanley’s first wife, Clementina Leitao (黎婉華). Born and raised in Macau, Maria is a descendant of the well-known Macanese family Leitao, one of Macau’s richest families in pre-World War II era. Clementina Leitao was Maria’s aunt, making Stanley her uncle.


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Family Relations You Didn’t Know About Between Hong Kong Stars

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  1. that’s why they say the entire entertainment industry’s related. it would be difficult for one to make a name w/o relationship or connection. you are either born or could marry into a connected person to establish name.

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