Mario Ho Upset by Gossip About Inheritance-Grabbing Intentions

Since the birth of his son who became the first grandson of the family line, Mario Ho (何猷君) – son of the late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鸿燊) and his fourth wife has been attacked by netizens for wanting a bigger share of the inheritance. Recently, Mario rose up Chinese search rankings when his Weibo verification description was suddenly changed to his new corporate title. Responding to gossip that he is focused on his status when his father’s death only occurred last week, Mario fought back with a 1000-word essay.

Questions Weibo’s timing

Recently, Mario’s Weibo profile description was discovered to have changed from “Son of gambling king Stanley Ho and his fourth wife” to “President of Macau E-sports Federation, iDreamSky partner, CEO of Shenzhen Weiwu Esports,” which led to negative gossip.

Sharing the reason for his lengthy post, Mario wrote, “I really never thought of speaking up during this sad time, but my father told me never to get bullied. If you get bullied once there’ll be a second time, so I must face everything with courage.”

Mario clarified that towards the end of last year, he had been in discussions with Weibo about updating his verification description to reflect his current career, since the original description had been submitted seven years ago. As of May 28, Weibo authorities still requested him to provide more supporting documents for verification. Due to his father’s passing, Mario replied that he will deal with the issue 100 days later, when his mourning would be over. Unexpectedly, Weibo updated his profile description with his new corporate title.

Questioning the timing of the update, Mario wondered why Weibo authorities had all along ignored him but suddenly updated his status without fulfilling their protocol, and at a most sensitive time when he just lost his father.

Refutes Netizens’ Claims About Inheritance-grabbing Intentions

As for netizens’ suspicions that his agenda for rushing into marriage and childbirth with Chinese model Ming Xi (奚梦瑶) was to get a bigger share of the inheritance, Mario clarified that he had not gotten a single cent when his son was born, and that the family inheritance had already been distributed when he was 15. After graduating, he had “gambled” on an entrepreneurship route with his mother, telling her, “If I do not succeed by 28 years old, I’ll return to help you. In these eight years, I do not want any help from you.”

When he was 22, his mother Leong On Kei (梁安琪) had tried to persuade Mario to manage their shipping business worth $5 billion Hong Kong dollars. Mario’s own business, which he started two years ago has already been successfully listed. “Now my own companies have a combined worth of HK$6 billion. It’s a good start–keeping up this must-win gamble has become my daily motivation. So stop saying that I want to fight for inheritance–I’m not interested in those riches. My father’s pride during his lifetime was not inherited, but earned from his own efforts.”

As to his son being repeatedly labeled “an inheritance tool”, Mario reiterated that the baby had “put a smile on Stanley Ho’s face like a dream come true, for which he felt really proud.”

Recounts Heartwarming Moments With Dad

On the day after Stanley Ho’s death was announced, Mario became the first member of the Ho family to express his feelings on social media when he posted an old photo with a crying emoticon. Responding to attacks from netizens about his grieving post, he wrote, “To the public, Stanley Ho is a legend.  To me, he is also my father. I’m only 25–why can’t I be sad when I lose my father?”

Mario also added, “When I was 15 and taking my exams, the inheritance battle erupted. I accompanied [my father] by his bedside while studying with my books and highlighter until he awoke. I got 10 As and came out tops. One of my father’s lifelong dreams was to have his child enter Cambridge or Oxford. He donated to Oxford several times for his children whose grades weren’t good, and even met up with the school to try getting them admitted.” Mario chose Cambridge and became the first among his siblings to be admitted.

Mario’s post garnered over 260,000 likes, with many comments calling on his detractors to leave him alone.

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  1. didn’t mario go to MIT? at least he’s honest about the part that his dad donated.

  2. So..he will excuse himself from the inheritance now that he is self-made? Is that what he is trying to say?

    1. @sev2 exactly how I felt about his reply!

      Also, lmao at his exposing his dad who tried to bribe ivy leagues to accept his kids.

      This guy is ambitious and definitely book smart. However, the way he went about proclaiming how he earned his way to his position today “without any family help” is hilarious. Just his Weibo handle alone borrows his dad’s identity to give him standing. Let’s not kid ourselves, he would not be where he is today without outside influence.

  3. Hmmm… if I had a rich dad like that I wouldn’t even give a hoot or care what others say or think and just live my life.
    All this explaining will not help if people already think kids sponge off their parents’ wealth, so why bother?

    1. @bizzybody
      I agree and if I were him, I would just ignore them all and live my life. He does not need to prove anything to anyone but just be true to himself. Those people are insignificant anyways so why bother?

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