Ming Xi Bemoans Mario Ho’s Lack of Life Skills

Since marrying late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) youngest son Mario Ho Yau-kwa (何猷君), Chinese model Ming Xi (奚夢瑤) gave birth to a son and daughter and became a stay-home mother, retreating from the limelight. Recently, she went candid about family life in a spill-all on Chinese variety show Housework Man <做家務的男人4>!

Mario’s Lack of Cooking Skills and Bad Habits

Besides revealing that she actually found Mario’s marriage proposal old-fashioned, the former Victoria’s Secret model also shared snippets of her family life with the Macau businessman, including details about how inept her husband was with any housework matters.

Ming Xi said, “He doesn’t even know how to use a rice cooker, and only knows how to open the fridge, he can’t cook rice, and always orders deliveries!” The 33-year-old also shared Mario’s nasty habits of not disposing of his own takeout containers, saying that her husband would wait for others to clean up after him. “He’s really incorrigibly dirty,” she said.

Sharing another episode which left her exasperated, she said Mario had helped to heat up her daily Chinese traditional medicine, when she asked him why the day’s portion seemed more than the usual amount. A clueless Mario then replied that he had prepared it by pouring warm water directly into the Chinese herbs which he took out from the refrigerator, instead of steaming it using a water bath.

Source: HK01

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  1. From a rational standpoint, since he has the money, he can outsource all the mundane activities elsewhere so he can focus his attention on work. This is understandable, but he better be hiring helpers around the clock if he chooses to be inadequate.

    On the other hand, nothing grinds my gear more than a man without life skills! And I’m speaking from personal experience since my husband is one of those! It seems to stem from 1) lack of cultivation of those skills from childhood and 2) laziness. Even if a wife is a SAHM, there’s absolutely no reason she should be working around the clock. If he comes home and can’t help out, he needs to learn, pronto.

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