Mario Ho Blasts Fox News Host’s Racist Remarks

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently made racist remarks on The Five, stating that China should apologize for the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). He added that the Chinese had only resorted to eating bats and snakes due to the government’s failure to provide adequate food for all. Watters’ remarks outraged many Chinese people, including Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) son Mario Ho (何猷君).

In Monday’s airing of The Five, Watters said, “I’d like to just ask the Chinese for a formal apology. This coronavirus originated in China, and I have not heard one word from the Chinese. A simple ‘I’m sorry’ would do. It would go a long way. I expect a formal apology tomorrow.”

“Because they have these markets where they are eating raw bats and snakes,” Watters continued amid laughter from other co-hosts. “They are a very hungry people; the Chinese communist government cannot feed the people, and they are desperate. This food is uncooked. It’s unsafe, and that is why scientists believe that’s where it originated.”

Watters’ comments coincide with the rising xenophobia and racism against Chinese people amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Chinese community has responded in anger over the Fox News host’s ignorant remarks. Wealthy heir, Mario Ho (何猷君), expressed his anger through various social media outlets.  On Weibo, Mario mentioned that he had found Watters’ Instagram page and encouraged netizens to express their displeasure even though the social network is not allowed in China. Mario wrote, “I’ve found the bastard’s Instagram! If anyone has free time, please go scream at him on Instagram. He wants the Chinese people to apologize? He can go eat sh*t.”

Mario also posted a lengthy rant on his personal Instagram, “If you’d like a ‘sorry’ from the Chinese people, here, you have it. I’d like to represent our nation in saying, we ALL COLLECTIVELY feel very sorry FOR YOUR PARENTS. We feel so sorry that your parents went through nine months of pregnancy, 30 odd years of spending their time, effort and money raising the BIGGEST F***ING SLANDERING RE**** of the universe. Yes we feel sorry, not for the virus (actually we did a great job containing it), but rather for your parents who have to ensure YOU for the rest of their sad lives. F*** YOU.” Many netizens have shown their support in his comments.

Jesse Watters Makes Racist Comment on “The Five”


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    1. @anon I found it pretty articulate. No need to try and pretend to be calm when whites are racist. White racism has to be called out swiftly and with anger.

      1. @jeffreylaw exactly. Why try to pretend to be calm when you’re actually angry? A response is better than NO response. Being quiet is a sign of allowing racism & shows that it’s OK to be racist, when it really isnt

  1. Mario’s response is extremely embarrassing. Did he write it in Chinese and use Google translate.??? Cringe.

    1. I found his reply pretty great. Rare to see an HK public figure rail against white boy racism, instead of laying down like a pussy.

    1. @jayne428
      what is wrong with that word? i dont understand why people are offended by it. you shouldn’t use it for someone with the condition. i see it as another word equivalent to idiot.

      1. @m0m0 well, I was taught in school by my teachers and professors to not use that word. It s not something we should be using to call other people even if we have that condition or not.Did you not go to school? :/

      1. @luye well, yes, I’m more concerned about people using that word. Plus, his response just makes him look more like an idiot… just like you lol

    2. Fantastic response by Mario. Dude’s got balls. Love to see Chinese/HK have actual pride in being Chinese and rightfully talking shit about worthless racist white boys who think they can talk shit about an entire country.

      See, this is why hate crimes against Asians go unchecked (seriously, look up the massive amounts of hate crimes against Asians in the US/Aus/UK/Can post-COVID-19). Y’all think you should hate on the Asian dude who actually stands up for us for his choice of words LMAO, and yet y’all say nothing when a white boy is openly racist against Chinese people on TV.

      C’mon guys – have some actual pride in who you are. Don’t white-worship.

  2. It is fine if he wants to respond but as someone who comes from a prominent family, at least do it with class!

    Besides, who the hell does he think he is by saying things like “represent our nation” and “all collectively”? While Chinese people or ethnic Chinese would have found Jesse Watters comments discriminating, not everyone would agree with a response that insults his parents. Jesse Watters’ racist remarks needs to be detached from his parents as he should be made accountable, not his family.

    1. @rika

      I can’t agree more with you on this. He can counter it back, but not that way. We don’t stoop low like the other party’s level.

  3. i think his response is fine. it sounds like its a rant from a little rascal but he was simply speaking out his mind.

    1. @m0m0
      How is that fine? Mario has elevated himself to the spokesman of the nation and trying to express his insults the words from all of our mouths…

    2. @jimmyszeto
      the only correction i’d make to his response would be 50+ instead of 30. guy looks much older than 30s. i take my stance on this one.

  4. Mario trying to be a hero but ended up sounding like the dumber of the two. If he has an opinion of the fox host’s comments then he should form a constructive argument rather than blast his parents and lead a personal attack. No counter argument was provided at all on what he felt was incorrect about Jesse’s comments so maybe just a butthurt retaliation….

    1. @jimmyszeto You think telling a racist white boy that he’s being racist is “butthurt retaliation”? LMAO what.

      Bruh if a Fox News anchor was openly racist against black people, and a black celeb unleashed a profanity-laden tirade at that racist anchor, the black community would rightfully band together and support the black celeb.

      Yet, when a white boy is racist against YOUR RACE, all you can do is say…”well, yes he was racist, but you should’ve been more POLITE in CONSTRUCTIVELY TELLING HIM HE WAS RACIST”??


      You don’t negotiate with racists LMFAO.

      1. @jeffreylaw
        The news guy might be misinformed and naive but it is not a random unprovoked racist attack. Especially when trying to represent a nation then you have to carry yourself in the correct manner. If it was in his personal name then he can do whatever he wants…

  5. I don’t find Jesse Watters to be racist at all. He just called out the CCP leadership to apologise for this pandemic. Chinese government is always calling out people to apologise, like NBA, Gucci, foreign journalists. I am Chinese also and we can’t be so thin skinned. Mario is low class. He just wants to have a few more social credits.

    1. @afan202
      there’s something called being satiric vs offensive. while some may find it entirely appropriate many other may find it offensive and discriminating. there was a discriminatory case in my company where two white guys were commenting a certain area being too dangerous. i am not entirely sure if they even specified if it was due to a certain race within the population. there was a minority person behind them and overheard the entire conversation. then the minority reported on those two white men and both got fired due to their racist comment. many people at different workplaces i’ve worke at had to take sensitivity training because they said something that they thought was funny.

    2. @afan202 coronaviruses do not discriminate against country, race, or ethnicity. It’s unfortunate that the virus broke out in China, but it can happen anywhere. Let’s not forget that Chinese people are victims of COVID-19 as well.

      And who is Jesse Watters to demand an apology from a nation? Even international organizations, like WHO havent demanded such.

      “They eat raw bats and snakes…they are hungry people; the Chinese communist government cannot feed the people.” Spreading false negative rumors is not the way to go.

      1. @luye
        Coronaviruses of course does not discriminate against country and race because ‘anyone’ can catch it. It isn’t totally unreasonable for those affected to do ask for an apology from where the virus originated from. You could argue that some of the added quips that ‘the people are hungry’ and ‘GOVT aren’t feeding the nation’ are not necessary. However this Mario guy just goes on a rage like a moron. He can’t represent us like that and does not portray a good image….

      2. @luye I also think China owe the world of apology. The trading of wild livestock was encouraged by the Chinese government. The last time SARS happened, it was also because of this. At that time, China banned the trading of wild livestock, however, after it calmed down, things are back to normal. The local government even encouraged it and here we are at this mess. Here’s the article on it

        And I know many kept saying how well China have been doing A very good job at containing it. However, not good and fast enough, and even with the travel ban in place by many countries as soon as they found out (a move that China cried how unnecessary it was), we are still having it everywhere’s in the world, instead of the virus being in just China.

        The host, ignore some over the top and inaccurate comments (no, they are not eating bats because they are starving and poor), speaks what a lot of people feel, which is china does owe the world an apology. It’s not an unfortunate that the virus break out in China. It happened once before with SARS for the same reason, they didn’t learn from it, and the same mistake and now it’s a lot worse.

      3. @littlefish
        Many have blasted the fox guy but not a single person including Mario here has explained why China shouldn’t have to issue an apology. I think it’s just people don’t want to feel responsible because they are associated with China hence the support for Mario at whatever cost. I agree that the fox guy did add in some inappropriate comments and it’s easy to call him racist to hide the main structure of the argument. Should China have to issue an apology and if not why not?

      4. @jimmyszeto I have a reason why China doesn’t have to apologize: no other countries ever did. When Ebola erupted, nobody said sorry. When HIV/AIDS was rampant, nobody apologized. When Measles popped up, nobody asked forgiveness. All those above are very deadly, by the way. When no country before held themselves accountable for a disease, China certainly doesn’t have to (and their pride won’t let them acknowledge their mistakes.)

        But on a personal note, I think China should’ve taken a lot more precautions given the previous flu strains and its origins and banned the practice of wild markets (or at least, regulate it better.) They didn’t and for that, they should be apologetic. This whole ‘containing’ aspect of their treatment is hurting the economy all over the world and ONLY preventing the virus from infecting people within its borders. (Italy pretty much spread the rest.) Nothing to be proud of, honestly.

      5. @coralie
        Ok.Finally I’ve heard at least a form of argument on why China shouldn’t have to apologise. Let’s move on again!. What about the hiding the virus from the rest of the world causing them to be ill prepared or should I say not very ‘ill prepared’ to fight the spreading and people have the nerve to say China are great at containing it in comparison to other countries? How about apologising for that? People were unknowingly coming in and out of China and back to the likes of Italy because China refused to admit that there was a deadly virus lurking…

      6. @jimmyszeto Ebola was hidden and not reported to WHO either in 2014 until it was too late. That led to more spreading, because there was only a smattering of cases. I think nobody blamed West African countries because they have limited resources to deal with rapid containment and quarantine of the new disease. But the same can’t be said of China. They actively contained this information from spreading because they are petrified of the consequences. I don’t know if that decision stemmed from higher echelons of govt or from the local govt itself, but if the latter, then why would China apologize for the wrongdoing of one local branch of govt?

      7. @jimmyszeto I really can’t see the US or any other country other than Japan doing that, to be honest. There is usually zero accountability for what’s done. In history books, blame is never present. Just facts. Fact of the matter is, corona spread from China. That’s it.

        *Japan, Finland, Amsterdam and maybe Germany

      8. @littlefish
        I agree. Even if there is no fault at all and no one knows who it started, it is still ok to apologise. At the end of the day, it started from China. What is inappropriate and I find it rather sick actually that many are boosting about how China are so good at containing the virus. This is not a competition and the virus came from China originally. If not apologise, at least not boost because many other countries are battling everyday. What this moron Mario could not help himself even in a supposedly fit of rage over the racism is ‘we are good at containing it actually’. Why is this idiot so proud?

      9. @jimmyszeto pretty much. I also think while China do not need to officially apologise, Chinese needs to understand that it’s not right to boast. 1- their government did it wrong by hiding the fact. And the problem is it has happened before, they hid it before, and here they are hiding it again! One wrong doing can be a mistake, but two? Also, you can’t disassociate one branch from its own government if that branch was found to be guilty of the wrong doing. Especially when everyone knows the reason why that branch decided to not report. Many articles talk about the current government culture, you can’t report bad news during CNY.

        2 – the government sealed off Wuhan, and was supposed to do it in secret, yet 5millions got out of the area before the lockdown, and then go everywhere.

        3 – there are Chinese people, one famous case where the couple left their feverish mother at a hotel in Malay/indo (I can’t remember) in the hotel room because she couldn’t catch the plane in that condition (physically can’t move/being stopped by authorities), while they go on the plane, all the while knew the virus is spreading, and his mother most likely have it, and they potentially have it. Like seriously, I can understand if you exhibit no symptoms, but if your closed relative has the symptoms and you have been in contact, stay still!

        4 – the wildlife trading actually only serve a small population of China, the rich and powerful. People needs to stand up to it and stop this, stop allowing the government to green lit this kind of trading.

        And maybe by doing a formal apology, or being aware to be apologetic about it, the people can put pressure on the Government to stop this wildlife trading.

        5 – the erupt of other disease, EBOLa, HIV, and no one hold Africa accountable because it comes from different thing. Whereas SARS and Covid19 are basically the same virus, both coronavirus, different mutation. Originate from the same place: a wet market.

        6 – my friend even overheard a Chinese lady was telling others that the virus wasn’t originate from China. It was actually from the state, to make China look bad. *facepalm

        Last and not least, @coralie, it’s not just Italy that is doing the spreading. Say for example, Australia (because I don’t know other countries), new cases pop up, and when they traced the origin of the virus, it is from Iran, Italy, Singapore or South Korea (or an asian country). Like today, the new cases have been linked to one come back from Singapore and one from Italy. At the beginning, the spread has always been from China. After that, it is from multiple sources, not just a single country. So by saying: “Italy pretty much spread the rest” is basically putting the blame on Italy, when in fact, it was multiple countries doing it. and where all these countries get them from? China.

      10. @littlefish

        1 – china is wrong for hiding the illness. but i dunno about your branch of gov’t argument. that’s like saying corporations’ employees should all be held accountable for the wrongs that are made by one dept. and we all know with corporations like enron, etc. that that’s simply not true. is the government supposed to apologize for everything its branches did wrong?

        2 – yeah, that part is messed up. problem with hiding a secret is that you can’t tell others what to do.

        4 – i don’t agree with wildlife trading, but my issue with wet market aside from the environmental impact reason, is that they don’t regulate that market well. there are no basic hygiene and protective mechanism in place to prevent transmission of diseases from animals to people or vice versa. if you google images, they are all basically hanging in open air, which is not exactly the best way to handle live or raw animals.

        5 – any new disease is a concern and unless it’s a natural migration and not due to negligence, there is usually a concern there. what does it matter whether it’s new or a different strain?

        6 – well, in the states at least, corona was under control until people from italy started coming back and spreading the illnesss to everyone else. i’m not saying that’s the same for every other country, but it’s true for the US.

        i am not pro-china by any means. i acknowledge and agree it did wrong. and i am also angry with how they managed this fiasco. even if they don’t need to apologize to the rest of the world, they need to apologize to their own citizens because of how poorly they behaved. i know they most likely won’t because while they hold themselves accountable for action, they don’t hold themselves accountable for the cause. but i am trying to let others see the other side of the argument from their perspective.

      11. @coralie
        At this rate even if we recover from this virus outbreak, humanity will be ended by a more aggressive form of it in the future…

      12. @coralie 1- about this point, there is slightly different between the government and that of a business branch. Look at Chinese history, their governing back from ancient time is that everyone fears the king. Most of the time when we look back, we blame the king because his ruling was either cruel or so strict that his officials didn’t dare to oppose. Now when China first become communist party, you can say it’s no longer like the king era, however, when Xi become the leader, he made it back to that culture. Did you hear the latest news about this rich dude called out Xi as a clown? Well, he’s vanished now. Now knowing you might be vanished, your family will be in danger, would you want to be the one telling Xi that you might have an epidemic brewing? Or you hope it would go away? Like I said the fear culture make Xi, the head of the government guilty. And when he’s controlled everything, you can then blame the government lol.

        Late reply because i literally went on a holidays (interstate only Australia) before the whole country went panic buying lol -.- luckily before I left, I had stocked up the house enough to last for 2 weeks. Hopefully these panics will go away because they just announce we will be in this for the next 6mo, the whole social distancing. And hoping the second wave isn’t too bad, and we haven’t even finished the first wave! And basically until we have a vaccine, this will be the norm for 12-18mo :/

  6. Yeah, once someone uses the ugly, fat, or parents card, it’s over. You’re just as dumb as the person you’re calling dumb.

  7. The only embarrassment here is this Mario guy!!!. He is trying to represent the China nation with his comments and failed miserable. In fact he is portraying China in an even worse picture with that uneducated outburst…..

      1. @luye
        Ok, so Jesse is embarrassing. That’s done so let’s move on from that. Is he absolutely unreasonable to ask China for an apology though? You said it’s rather unfortunate that Coronavirus broke out in China rather than other countries. Can you explain why China is so unlucky and unfortunate? If you provide these explanations then we can tell Jesse how absurd his request has been.

  8. Well, if he’s representing China all those colorful wordings really isn’t all that great. The guy was an ass does not mean we should follow. He sounds just like John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen. She sometimes like to defend something but curses like a sailor like it’s impressive and helpful.

  9. Fantastic response by Mario. Dude’s got balls. Love to see Chinese/HK have actual pride in being Chinese and rightfully talking shit about worthless racist white boys who think they can talk s*** about an entire country.

    See, this is why hate crimes against Asians go unchecked (seriously, look up the massive amounts of hate crimes against Asians in the US/Aus/UK/Can post-COVID-19). Y’all think you should hate on the Asian dude who actually stands up for us for his choice of words LMAO, and yet y’all say nothing when a white boy is openly racist against Chinese people on TV.

    C’mon guys – have some actual pride in who you are. Don’t white-worship.

    1. @jeffreylaw Don’t most HK’ers consider themselves British? Why would anti-China racial slurs matter to them when they utter the same slurs themselves?

  10. Already responded on IG.
    Mario was angry and rightfully so.
    No need to be classy with someone so class-less.
    Mario’s diction was appropriate albeit profane.
    Jesse’s words were both inappropriate and inhumane.

  11. The FOX host made an inappropriate comment by insinuating that the entire country is starving and resorting to eating bats, which we know is false. However, in terms of apologizing, I can understand the sentiment. This is not the first time a coronavirus has come from China and from a similar source: the wet markets. The Chinese government should have already cracked down on these markets’ rampant unsanitary conditions immediately after the 2004 SARS pandemic, but it did not and now history is repeating itself. In addition, it has already come to light how the government tried covering up this outbreak by silencing the whistleblowers, but ultimately conceded and admitted that there is a virus after the realization it can no longer hide the truth.

    I think the Chinese government should take responsibility and acknowledge there was much wrongdoing which led to the current pandemic. However, for those who are ready to lambaste me for “defending” the FOX host’s comment, let me tell you now that I am not and that I actually abhor this individual for an unrelated incident (i.e. he did a segment years ago basically mocking the Chinese-American community in Manhattan’s Chinatown, which was racist and many people did call him out). I do strongly believe that this host harbors some underlying racial prejudice against Chinese people, and while he demands an apology for the coronavirus outbreak, we should demand one for his bigoted and ignorant coverage.

    In regards to Mario’s response, isn’t the kid a prodigy? I am honestly kind of taken aback at his incredibly crass choice of words here; he has a right to his emotions which I understand, but using the “r” word as well as mentioning parents is hitting below the belt, and telling Chinese people to go on the FOX host’s Instagram and leave hate comments? They cannot even access Instagram; the last time I checked, it is blocked in China. I think Mario’s just disgruntled, but he could have either taken the high road and dismissed the host’s ignorant remarks, or at least delivered a more classy and respectful rebuttal. His anger-laden comment just further perpetuates the host’s negative views of China and Chinese people; in the end, everyone’s foolish.

    1. @emerald5forever
      Well done! Absolute perfect analysis analysis of the situation put into words which I couldn’t do anywhere near as well. It wasn’t a full on direct racist blast by the fox host. If the host has a valid or inconclusive point then the best way to reply is with intelligence and reasoning. The only thing I would like to add is that this Mario guy isn’t reacting on just a fit of anger. It is more of a planned hero attempt of gaining online support/fame. In a fit of anger the whole reply should be personally directed at the host rather than trying to self proclaim in representing China himself and gathering people to leave further attacks on the host’s social media. Plus the ‘we are good at containing the virus’ additional boost is totally irrelevant to the whole argument. It seems just as relevant as the fox guy saying ‘Chinese are very hungry people’.

  12. Some of you defended Mario Ho and here is why I think what he did was wrong.

    1. Two wrongs don’t make one right.
    2. There are ways you can deal with the racist remark, but not making yourself look bad and stupid. He even said he represented China. That’s ever worst.
    3. He can point out what Jesse Watters did wrong – offending the whole country. There was no need to talk about his parents. He should have done it with class and not stooping to Jesse Watters’ level.

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