Mario Ho and Ming Xi Charm On Reality Show

Ming Xi tells Mario she does not know how to write his name.

The son of the late Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), Mario Ho (何猷君), and his wife Ming Xi (奚夢瑤) star in Chinese reality show Happiness Trio <幸福三重奏>. Married for one year, their sweet and unpretentious interactions in the show are winning over viewers.

Luxurious Mansion Revealed

In one scene, Mario worked on his laptop in the living room while Ming Xi relaxed on an exercise mat beside him, with a play area for their son Ronaldo in another corner. However, it was not certain if the apartment they filmed in was a makeshift premise created for the program.

The youngest and most recently married duo among the three couples featured in Happiness Trio, Mario and Ming Xi won netizens’ praise for their unpretentious and cute interactions. Mario would periodically flirt with Ming Xi, who did not bother to present a facade onscreen. While preparing a greeting card, she told Mario that she had no idea how to write his name – which left him helpless and writing his name on the card himself.

Ming Rejected Mario Initially Due to His Philandering Image

In one scene, Mario chatted with actor Wu Jing Wu Jing (吳京), who also appears with his wife Xie Nan (謝楠) in Happiness Trio. Mario mentioned how he had been attracted to Ming Xi since he was a student when he saw her on the catwalk, and was determined to date the latter and eventually make her his wife.

While Mario started courting the supermodel aggressively, asking her out for dinner several times, Ming Xi was less than impressed and turned him down. She felt that he was unreliable, since he had many ex-girlfriends and a complicated love life.

When she finally agreed to meet him for lunch after persistent invitations, Mario booked an entire cinema hall and planned to watch a movie with her that day, but Ming Xi “escaped,” using work as an excuse. Afterward, Mario continued to ask her out but Ming declined.

Once, Mario discovered that Ming Xi was joining her friends for a trip to Japan, and left for the country intentionally. The weather was cold and Mario wanted to impress Ming by putting on some layers of clothing for her, but realized he was too short. He grabbed her hand spontaneously, but she flung him away in a hilarious recollection.

Though many hiccups occurred, the duo gained a better understanding of each other through their trip to Japan, with Mario finally winning the supermodel over with his unrelenting gift of the gab. The couple got married and welcomed their son in 2019.

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Mario Ho and Ming Xi Star in New Reality Show Together

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