Mario Ho and Ming Xi Caught Arguing in Public

Mario Ho (何猷君), 29, the fourth son of late billionaire Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), married Chinese supermodel Ming Xi (奚夢瑤) in 2019. Since their marriage, the two have often shown off their compatibility and sweetness on social media and television shows. Shockingly, the couple was captured recently in a video arguing in public on the street.

In the video, Ming Xi wore a ponytail in a baseball cap along with a black coat. She had a serious expression and seemed to be angry. Mario lightly patted his wife’s arm, trying to calm her down. However, Ming Xi continued to talk angrily to Mario. Finally, they separated and walked to the parking lot.

After the footage was exposed, netizens exclaimed this was the first time seeing Ming Xi so angry where she resembled a mother lecturing her son. Others commented: “How dare you do this to the father of the only male grandson in the family?” and “Your wife was really angry this time, a marriage into a wealthy family cannot last.” Other netizens joked, “When has the young master ever had to struggle like this?”

Ming Xi and Mario previously appeared in variety shows such as Viva La Romance <愛的修學旅行> and Mr. Left, Mr. Right <愛的時差>. In the past, Ming Xi had complained of Mario’s lack of life skills. The rich heir only knew how to open a refrigerator and only learned how to use a microwave oven in recent years. In comparison to past complaints, Ming Xi’s public anger towards Mario in their street argument was much more intense.

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  1. No one’s relationship is butterflies and rainbows all the time. Being comfortable enough to disagree and argue can also be a good thing. People shouldn’t pass judgment or assume anything on others relationships based on on such a short snapshot of their life.

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