Mario Ho and Laurinda Ho’s Strained Half-Sibling Relationship

The days following the passing of casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) have been bogged down with alleged disputes over monetary matters between his wives and children while the family grieves. To add to the fire, Stanley’s youngest son Mario Ho (何猷君) made a grave mistake of exposing a family secret on social media in an attempt to refute circulating rumors. He did more harm than good, as his exposing statement put his half-sister Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) on the table.

In an online post, he denied having bought his acceptances to colleges, including Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He said that while his late father attempted to buy his children’s way into a prestigious university, he relied on his efforts to get into college. His comments naturally raised eyebrows. Netizens guessed his older sister Sabrina Ho (何超盈), who is from the same mother, took a shortcut to get into college, but Mario denied it. Netizens then noticed Mario and his half-sister Laurinda unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Laurinda unfollowed Mario on Weibo as well.This led Internet users to believe that Laurinda cheated her way into the Royal Holloway, University of London.

In the past, Mario and Laurinda shared a close relationship even though they have different mothers. Just four years apart in age, Mario and Laurinda got along really well and cared a lot for each other, breaking the expectation that the children from Stanley’s third and fourth wives would express animosity towards each other.

Early last year, Laurinda took Mario out on his birthday to celebrate with dinner and cake, and Mario shared a photo of the celebration online, thanking Laurinda. Later on, he helped Laurinda promote her new store on social media, and she responded with gratitude by liking his post. However, Mario’s telling revelation reportedly caused his relationship with Laurinda to go sour.

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Mario Ho Upset by Gossip About Inheritance-Grabbing Intentions

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  1. Laurinda always likes the attention of being promoted as a smart girl and yeah flaunting her celebrity boyfriend. Trying to prove she’s not just another tycoon’s daughter. Oh well, sorry Laurinda, the only child that I salute from Stanley Ho’s heritage is Pansy Ho who takes after her late father and Josie Ho who doesn’t live off her father’s wealth but earns her living as an actress.

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