Friend Betrays Sabrina Ho

Did a close friend betray Sabrina Ho Chiu Yeng (何超盈)?

The eldest daughter of late Casino King Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) and Angela Leong (梁安琪), Sabrina was no stranger to the limelight and often featured in entertainment headlines in her youth. Following her engagement announcement to Harvard boyfriend Thomas Xin (辛奇隆) in March 2019 and lavish wedding in June that same year, however, she switched to a low-profile, and hardly updates her social media.

Recently, photos of her as a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding were leaked to the press, evoking dissatisfaction from Sabrina who posted an update revealing that she had postpartum social anxiety disorder!

Wants to Share After Overcoming Her Personal Anxiety

Sabrina celebrates her daughter’s birthday in August this year.

Besides her appearances at daughter Poached Egg’s yearly birthday party, Sabrina’s whereabouts were virtually unknown in the recent 3 years. Playing bridesmaid for a good friend at a recent event, the 33-year-old was dressed in an off-shoulder dress like the rest of the bridesmaid team, and looks to have regained her pre-pregnancy figure – considerably slimmer than four years back when she was bridesmaid for Carmen Yim (嚴紀雯), daughter of Stanley Yim.

Her exposed recent photos evoked displeasure from Sabrina, who revealed that she had a verbal or written non-disclosure agreement with friends about not revealing any of her photos.

In the post, Sabrina explained that due to personal reasons, she developed anxiety in front of the camera and hopes to overcome her own fears before slowly taking to sharing photos of her life again, “but am not yet fully ready” at present.

Only few individuals had access to the photos, while the media dared not reveal the source of the photos, said Sabrina, who added that she “did not want any bad vibes”, and that it was “not the first time she was betrayed/had a fake photo” published.

Source: HK01

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