Stanley Ho’s Kids Eager to Marry and Have Children Because of His Money

Macau billionaire Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) has a huge empire, and his offspring are vying to get a big fat slice of the cake. The father of 17 children, Stanley legally married his first and second wives before polygamy was outlawed, and then verbally took two others as his wives. His first wife and two eldest children are deceased. Last year, the casino tycoon officially retired and divided his assets between his descendants, and his offspring from his second marriage were the biggest winners. However, his third and fourth wives are not admitting defeat.

Since Stanley’s second wife has a firm grasp on his three core enterprises – SJM Holdings Limited, Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, and Shun Tak Group – which reportedly exceeds a total value of NT$400 billion, wife number three and four are increasing their family members to fight for more assets. It is rumored that each new family member will get an increase of at least 500 million yuan in assets. Therefore, there has been a flood of good news coming from this group of half-siblings.

Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) from Stanley’s Third Marriage 

In 2015, Laurinda and her boyfriend of four years Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu (吳克群) broke up after he decided not to marry or have kids. However, one can’t help but think the singer’s path could’ve been easier if he was Stanley’s son-in-law. Last year, Kenji used his lifelong savings to fulfill his directing dreams. He self-produced and self-directed the rom-com Crazy Little Things <為你寫詩>, in which he also starred in. The artiste unexpectedly lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

After the breakup, Laurinda was rumored with actor Ko Cheng-tung (柯震東) and scion Eric Fok (霍啟山), but she denied the allegations. Finally, in April, Laurinda’s relationship with To the Fore <破風> actor Shawn Dou (竇驍) came to light. In a rare move, Laurinda admitted she was dating Shawn, and even shared a series of lovey-dovey vacation pictures that she took with Shawn in Tahiti. In the photos, the pair wore matching couple outfits, held hands, and even shared a kiss.

Due to the high-profile nature of their relationship, it is speculated the couple is about to get hitched. In Mainland China, there are rumors that Shawn rejected a couple of films because he is waiting to become a gambling kingpin’s son-in-law. After all, the pay for filming can’t compare to the assets of a casino king.

Orlando Ho (何猷啟) from Stanley’s Third Marriage

The good news doesn’t stop with Laurinda. Her younger twin brother Orlando tied the knot with his girlfriend Gigi in February. Two months later, he announced that they already have an 11-month old daughter together.

Mario Ho (何猷君) from Stanley’s Fourth Marriage

In May, Stanley’s youngest child, Mario, successfully proposed to his Chinese supermodel girlfriend, Ming Xi (奚夢瑤), who is six years older than him. His proposal made headlines, as he booked out three floors of a shopping mall in Shanghai and decorated it with 99,999 roses.

Sabrina Ho (何超盈) from Stanley’s Fourth Marriage

Mario’s elder sister Sabrina also announced good news. Not only did she get engaged to her 21-year-old Harvard boyfriend Thomas Xin (辛奇隆), but she also gave birth to their daughter in August. She recently canceled her September wedding and postponed it to two years later at The British Museum.

Between the third and fourth wives, the two women have seven children in total. Three of them are either a parent, married or both – bringing in a total of five new family members. If Shawn performs well, he will become the sixth new member of the Ho family.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Geez!! 17 childrens? Lol. Definitely out of energy for sure. So if his children doesn’t get married and have children that means they’re not going to get some of his moneys? What about the one who used to dated Joel Chan? Haven’t heard anything from her after the break up. Mr. Ho is all loaded!! $$$…

    1. @cutie777 Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) – Didn’t even know she dated Kenji Wu. She knows how to pick at least haaha…KW is cute but guess he’s one of the rare ones who didn’t go for the money. haha…This actor might be next then. Who would be surprised that they are all getting married so young of course it’s all about the money? haha come on…

    2. @cutie777 The daughter that dated Joel was Florinda Ho. I guess guys are the same. Especially celebrities. They too want to marry a socialite. $$$$ Lol

  2. If the rumors are true, the patriarch is pretty idiotic. He should’ve just given one lump sum, split equally, between all his children from his 3rd and 4th wives’ side so that they can choose what they want to do with that money. It prevents them from wanting offsprings so quickly and prohibits internal discord.

    It’s as if he wants them to fight or something

  3. if i could get 500m for popping out a kid, i’d go to some 3rd world country hire a surrogate and have triplets and then fake my pregnancy.

    1. @m0m0 I remember someone did something similar to that? It’s about an elder son who was not married, but then after the second one had kids, the elder one suddenly popped up with twins (or triplets?) with a surrogate. Can’t rem who though..

      1. @orchid123 no it’s not Li Kah Shing’s sons. It’s the other Li Kah Shing’s Brother (Ex Ms HK’s hubby. The baby pooping machine. Forgot her name). Martin Li Kah Shing’s bro had a surrogate that gave birth to triplets. Apparently this bro is rumoured to be gay. Because this bro had triplet boys, it make baby popper worked harder to pop the last 2 out. Her no 3 & 4 are boys whereas no 1 & 2 are girls.

      2. @nigel
        You are right. I got them mixed up.

        Thanks for your corrections.

        Martin Li Ka Shing’s wife is Cathy Tsui Chi Kei (徐子淇). She was not an Ex Miss Hong Kong, but was a model and actress before she got married.

  4. I guess you reap what you sow. These women marry him just because of money. Or else why would they want to become someone else’s mistress? They are not even embarrassed being called number 2, 3 or 4 wife. So raising their children to get their dad’s money is not something surprising. And Stanley Ho is reaping what he sowed. The only sincere one was probably his first legal wife. She went through tough times with him when he was not rich. I think it was her family that was well off back then. It’s exactly like a HK drama plot. Fighting over inheritance. Greed of man. Lol

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