Mario Ho Proposes to Model Ming Xi with 99,999 Roses at Mall

Mario Ho (何猷君), the 17th son of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), successfully proposed to Chinese supermodel Ming Xi (奚夢瑤) today. Mario booked three floors of the L’Avenue Mall in Shanghai to deliver the fairy-tale proposal. Kneeling down on one knee on stage, Mario asked Ming Xi to marry him under the witness of over 1000 family and friends present.

Shouting out “I love you” multiple times, Mario said emotionally, “You’re the woman I deeply love! You’re very considerate towards me and share my burdens. You’re a very innocent child. When I’m with you, I feel very safe and don’t have to worry that you’ll hurt or lie to me. I know what you’ve done for me is 100% sincere. After this, what is mine is yours. Whatever stress and anxieties you bear, I’ll help you resolve them. Spending our days together is the greatest joy in my life. Do you remember that in Macau, you asked if we would be together? Today, the question has changed to, ‘Little Ming, do you think we’ll always be together?’ Ming Xi, marry me?” When Ming Xi said yes and Mario slipped the ring on her finger, the crowd erupted into loud cheers.

Is Ming Xi Pregnant?

Twenty-four-year-old Mario and 30-year-old Ming Xi dated for two years. It was rumored that Ming Xi is currently pregnant, which prompted Mario’s eagerness for marriage. Although Ming Xi showed a slight belly bump in photos snapped by reporters, the model interestingly posted photoshopped photos of herself without any belly bulge when announcing her engagement on social media.

Mario’s mother, who is the fourth wife of Stanley Ho, claims that she doesn’t know if Ming Xi is pregnant or not.

Photos of Proposal Site Leaked One Day Before

Since Mario wanted an elaborate proposal and asked for 99,999 roses to decorate the L’Avenue, the mall’s staff had to work overtime hours until 5 a.m. to get the site ready. Photos of the decorations surfaced one day before Mario’s actual proposal. Mario revealed his plans, “Luckily, I took Little Ming’s phone when I returned home, or else the surprise that I’ve been planning for a month would have been spoiled by all of you.”

The proposal had attracted a large crowd waiting to see Ming Xi walk through the heart-shaped flower structures.

Good news is happening one by one in the Ho family. Earlier, Mario’s sister Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) confirmed she is dating Mainland actor Shawn Dou (竇驍). And Mario and Ming Xi’s engagement today caused a stir; many congratulations poured in for the couple and the Ho family.

Watch Mario’s Proposal!

Shanghai L’Avenue Mall

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  1. Do grown women really want a fairy tale proposal? The roses are pretty, but the pink castle was childish and tacky. A yacht proposal would have been more classy IMO.

    1. @jayne Many Chinese netizens have actually commented that the decorations were rather old-fashioned haha… But well it is his money, whatever pleases him.

    2. @jayne Well, men just dont have a clue what women like. Im sure she’d like the castle, if she was 10 yrs old 😀

      And what a waste of roses…..

      I would say the effort is sort of commendable, even if the end result is just pure tackiness.

      1. @megamiaow
        agree, while i don’t know if a grown woman still like a castle of flowers but i think most would be touched by the gesture.

    3. @jayne well, she’s agree to wear tacky princess crown, complete with gloves…. I can’t say I like the outfit choice -.- but yea, his effort is commendable, even though the whole thing is very tacky lol

      1. @cutie777 right. …. lol….but this one is only 24 and super rich? but then prince harry married an older one and a divorcee so i guess it’s all unpredictable.

      2. @wm2017 yes I’m surprised too about his age to be with an older one and his family doesn’t have any comments about her age I guess. Yes prince Harry is a few years younger than his wife Megan. The baby name Archie? I don’t know about that. Lol. Maybe some guys are just into an older one. I can name a few. Him law, Wallace Hou, Xiao Chen Michelle Chen husband? Vincent Wong? and Nick Cheung so far these guys that I know who have an older wife. I guess it works out good for them so far.

      3. @cutie777 Wallace and ruby are a bit different though, they have been friend for 10 years, and their relationship is one of that friends turn lovers, like Shu Qi and Stephen.

  2. I wonder is Stanley Ho the only man who can have more than one wife? Such a lucky man!! Lol. He must spend all his energy already for having so many kids.

    1. @cutie777 lol, well I don’t think his other “wives” are legitimate. He only has one official wife, the others are more like mistresses, but because he’s a tycoon, the public view it as normal. Just like Alvin Chau having a wife but his mistress Mandy Lieu is now part of the family, giving birth to 3 children. He’s like another version of Stanley Ho. So if you’re rich, this is an absolutely normal thing to do.

    2. @cutie777 lol I couldn’t believe it when I read: “17th son” -.- lol! That’s a lot of kids, have fun at his funeral xD it will be one of those TVB anniversary drama lol

    1. @kenexia
      maybe like father like son. but he seems to be of a different breed from his dad so it could be different.

  3. ah another couple getting hitched after discovering pregnancy. how romantic. and what a way to propose too…not immature at all! [sarcasm intended]

  4. I don’t think Mario is Stanley Ho’s 17th son. He only has 16 children from what I read. He should be his 5th son (youngest) because he has 11 daughters.

    Anyway, back to topic. I think with their wealth, he could’ve planned a classier proposal. The decor is indeed a little tacky and underwhelming.
    I don’t think the age difference is a big deal. The bigger deal is Mario getting married at 24 seems to be too young to be settling down. I also read somewhere that all the Ho children are trying to get married and have children before their father dies.

    1. @1piscesish
      it makes sense that they are all trying to get married before dad dies b/c they want their inheritance. the more children esp boy heir means more $$$.

      1. @m0m0 lol….I never thought of that. haha lol…You might be right!! 24 ?? I mean seriously? haha

      2. @m0m0 Yup, that’s generally true, though there are also instances where getting married and having a son doesn’t guarantee they’ll get in on the inheritance (just ask Michelle Reis’ husband Julian Hui, lol)…and the battle for the inheritance that always ensues after these rich tycoons die could drag on for years, maybe even decades, so might not be able to get their hands on the money for a long time anyway. In some cases, it might actually be better to take advantage of the wealth and living a lavish lifestyle while the dad is still alive…

    2. @1piscesish I agree 24 is a bit young, and totally plausible with the whole marriage, have kid for inheritance, however, if he’s growing up in the US, it’s pretty normal, my cousin got married at 27, and after knowing her bf for 2-3years.

      1. @littlefish
        your cousin’s a girl it sounds like. It’s not too astonishing for a girl to get married at 27, still a bit young esp if she starts having children right away. but for a guy at 24!? rich and handsome, it’s literally giving up the whole forest for one tree.

      2. @m0m0 I did say her bf lol, she is a girl :p she’s about to give birth soon, so making it 29? So the right time frame for a married couple (2years after marry to have kids). But yea, 24 is young, but if he is western/American thinking (American tend to get married easily), and his gf is 30, they probably don’t want to wait to have kid because she’s then deemed too old in asian mindset lol.

  5. He called her an innocent child? And then proposes in a childlike manner? It’s infantilizing.

    It’s not my preference, but congrats to them!

  6. Wow the decorAtions look like they are more suited for a kids birthday party hahahahaha.. she looks like she’s dressed a bit hmm different from her regular dressing

  7. Lmao. People here commenting like they are classy and all. Well bet you will feel flutter to have such a handsome and rich young man proposing to you like that. No one will not feel happy when these are prepared to them. With that said, I think it’s cute (regardless if it will last, let’s hope they will because fourth wives seems to have pretty good children compare to the rest). Congrats to them.

    1. @joojin LOL…I just thought he was too young so even thou it’s tacky it’s like he’s still too immature to make it as private as possible or some women like it all out and he knew this one did. haha… I don’t think people are acting all classy and all I mean everyone have preferences. To them it’s probably too childish w the pink themes and all. But I do agree to some extent we will still feel a bit flutter if it happens to us no matter how tacky it is. lol… We get touched in some ways by weird gestures sometimes. It’s human nature. I mean it’s the thought that counts after all.

    2. @joojin Appreciating the effort and appreciating a fake pink centre piece are two different things. Bottom line is, the props are stupid. He should have just proposed normally.

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