Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou Confirm Dating Rumors

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Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou Confirm Dating Rumors

Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) and Shawn Dou (竇驍) probably would have stayed in hiding longer if the couple wasn’t photographed kissing inside an elevator. At the time Shawn’s mysterious girlfriend was known as “the girl in pink” for the light pink hoodie she was wearing.

It didn’t take long for netizens to find out that the girl was actually Laurinda Ho, who had uploaded a photo of herself wearing that exact same hoodie. Soon afterwards, Laurinda and Shawn went public with their relationship, publicly referring to each other as “babe” on social media.

The relationship was further confirmed by their friends, with G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) telling Shawn to “treat her well.” Shawn replied, “I will! I’ll take care of you wife.” Laurinda said, “Why do I feel like crying?”

27-year-old Laurinda and 30-year-old Shawn reportedly met sometime last month at a fashion event, and immediately clicked. The Ho family heiress even tagged Shawn in social media about the event. On April 18th, Laurinda and Shawn were spotted attending Ed Sheeran’s Hong Kong concert. Laurinda’s friend JW told reporters that she had met Shawn for the first time at the Ed Sheeran concert. “She had told me about him before. He’s a gentleman and takes care of Laurinda very well. I’m very happy for them.”

Prior to his relationship with Laurinda, Shawn was rumored to have dated Chinese model Ming Xi (奚夢瑤), but both parties denied. Ming Xi is currently dating Laurinda’s brother, Mario Ho (何猷君).

Shawn Dou’s Background

Shawn, who was born in Xi’an of Shaanxi province but grew up in Vancouver, Canada, was accepted by the Beijing Film Academy in 2008. In 2010, he scored his acting debut—a starring role—in the Zhang Yimou (張藝謀) film Under the Hawthorn Tree <山楂樹之戀> alongside film queen Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨).

Since his debut, Shawn has starred in popular television dramas and films, including Wolf Totem <狼圖騰>, To the Fore <破風> and the record-breaking TV drama Princess Agents <楚喬傳>.

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Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou Confirm Dating Rumors

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  • 8 comments to Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou Confirm Dating Rumors

    1. coralie says:

      At first I was skeptical of why he would find her appealing besides the obvious (heiress), but then I realized he’s Canadian and Laurinda is somewhat Western-raised as well. I’m sure they have a lot of commonalities from that. Happy for them! G’luck.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @coralie No idea who he is but lucky dude. lol…. He looks cute for sure so I went on utube and tried 1/2 episode of his series and can’t even finish one episode. lol….

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        • coralie replied:

          @wm2017 lol he’s a chinese actor; got his lucky break from acting with zhang liying in princess agents. people call him the sunshine actor ’cause he’s very smiley lol. i’m not a fan of his work, but people like him a lot.

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        • wm2017 replied:

          @coralie lol….Yup when I don’t know them after reading here I pasted on utube and his series came up. lol..Cute for sure but wow how damn boring. Couldn’t even finish the 1st episode. He’s a lucky dude thou I mean she’s young, rich and cute? If I am guy, I would have totally click w/her too. lol hahaha. Is she the one that dumped that Joel tvb older actor? I am too lazy to even goggle. haha

          Login or Register before you can reply to wm2017
        • nomad822 replied:


          No Joel Chan dated a an uglier older sister – Florinda (tries too hard, and rumoured to be doing drugs at one time). ‘Social Influencer’ type aka does nothing else with her time except shop, and justify it as a ‘job’.

          Laurinda is the quiet pretty one with brains (think she’s from a diff mother – #3)

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        • wm2017 replied:

          @nomad822 LOL…oh ok. Wow!! young, rich, pretty, & smart? Damn!!! Life is unfair. haha

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        • 1piscesish replied:

          @nomad822 Yes, Joel Chan dated Florinda Ho but she and Laurinda shares the same mother – the third wife. It is Sabrina Ho who is from a different mother (the 4th wife) and she was the one who was caught potentially doing drugs. Apparently Sabrina Ho is currently engaged and pregnant. Her fiance is a rich 2nd generation from China and is around 7 years younger.

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        • dramas4me replied:

          @wm2017 & @coralie

          Actually he was the male lead in one of Zhang Yimou’s movies & it was a very good movie “Under the Hawthorn Tree”. The female lead was Zhou Dongyu. You should check it out. All actors/actresses have hit & miss projects.

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