Sabrina Ho Shares Social Update Since Giving Birth

The heiress updated her Instagram with her first photo of 2020.

Sabrina Ho (何超盈), daughter of the late casino billionaire Stanley Ho (何鸿燊) and his fourth wife, had not posted on social media for a while until recently, when she accepted the trending ‘Women Challenge’ and updated her Instagram with her a black-and-white selfie.

While pregnant with her daughter Audrey Rose (辛阡覓) last year, Sabrina had put on much weight and therefore likely took some time before she resumed her slim, pre-pregnant figure.

Netizens speculate that the latest photo update on Instagram showed the 29-year-old heiress attending a fashion show or party, though there are some who think it might just be an old photo, since the  pandemic has made it near impossible for large-scale fashion events to be held.

In the monochrome photo, Sabrina looks slim with a V-shaped face, which made netizens puzzled whether she has successfully lost her pregnancy weight.  Revealing her romance at the end of 2018 with her boyfriend and Harvard student Thomas Xin (辛奇隆), she had announced her pregnancy in March 2019 and welcomed her daughter in August last year, though the two have yet to hold a formal wedding.

Slimmed Down…?

While she rarely posted any photos during her pregnancy, it was obvious that that the mother-to-be then had gained much weight, prompting nasty comments that she looked as if she were “carrying 10 [babies]” and guesses that she must have been very well taken care of, with plenty of tonic drinks and soups.

At the beginning of this year, Sabrina had also shared a photo of the family counting down to the new year, when she already looked visibly slimmer than before. Similarly, she was already less plump when she bade her final goodbye during the casino magnate’s funeral.

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Sabrina Ho’s Extravagant Engagement Party

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  1. She looks like a two different person. For some reason she looks like an auntie while she’s pregnant maybe because of her weight even her guy looks like a little brother next to her. If that’s a new picture of her then it’s a little shocking!! She looks much better than before.

  2. it’s quite mean that netizens said all those things about her but that’s the cyber anonymous world for anyone. nevertheless, i am quite curious what made her gain all that weight. it’s not exactly healthy for her joints and skin to have gained that much during the pregnancy.

    1. @m0m0 that’s my thought too. she probably had a lot of supplements like pricey traditional chinese soups. It won’t be easy to slim down to her previous figure so I suspect that photo is from before.

    2. @m0m0

      Some people gain a lot of weight while pregnant. In her case it can be a combination of gene and too much supplements. My friend was 95 lbs and she gain 50 lbs on her 1st pregnancy. Some people get a lot of stretched marks from all the weight gain. Usually women can tell how big they will get during their pregnancies by looking at their grandmas and moms (both sides) – how much they gained before.

  3. dang……..she put on that much weight during her 1st pregnancy seems like she absorb as much as her BB did while in her womb hope she wont do the same during her 2nd pregnancy cause she is near her 30 its easy to get diabetic it aint healthy to the both of them

      1. @sherla1019 The other one who went to MIT also looks like a kid too. haha lol…This one is probably only 21/22 so he looks like a kid is right especially for Asians.

  4. She’s one of the 4th wife’s (Angela) kids.

    Those by 4th wife seemed especially screwed up, as 4th-2nd seem always in constant competition.
    3rd wife’s kids seem more sane, and with real education vs just being party queens

    Sabrina was the one who was caught incoherent, with white stuff dribbling down her nose? And the one with Joel Chan who just went jetted off with him on a whim and fancy, with blatant disregard for all contract obligations?

    This marriage is maybe just for show – to get a grandkid out, as dad was on his last legs.

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