Sabrina Ho Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Congratulations to 28-year-old Sabrina Ho (何超盈) and her 21-year-old fiancé Thomas Xin (辛奇隆) on the birth of their daughter, nicknamed “Poached Egg!” Sabrina, who is casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) daughter from his fourth marriage, announced her pregnancy at the beginning of this year. Back when she was seven months pregnant, Sabrina said the expected due date is in September, but because the baby was really heavy, she might have a Cesarean section earlier. Today, news broke out that Sabrina did, in fact, bring her daughter into the world two weeks in advance. The new mother confirmed the revelation when reporters reached out to her.

Her brother Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨) was very happy about becoming an uncle. He said, “I really looked forward to this day. I’m happy for her, and everyone is happy that there is a new addition to our family.”

Poached Egg’s godmother, Carmen Yim (嚴紀雯) is also ecstatic. “I heard the news earlier today. Sabrina sent me a photo after she gave birth; the baby is so cute. She and her fiancé are really happy. I’m proud of Sabrina,” Carmen expressed. “Since I’m the baby’s godmother, I will follow the tradition and gift her a gold bowl and gold chopsticks.”

Although Carmen is currently abroad on her honeymoon, she plans to visit the mother and daughter when she returns to Hong Kong. “This news made my day, I’m so happy,” she said.

Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏), who had a helping hand in Sabrina’s betrothal ceremony process, is also unable to see Sabrina and her newborn until later. She said, “I hope the baby will grow up quickly and Sabrina will adapt to life as a mom. I hope that her whole family will be healthy and happy. I have to go to Foshan tomorrow and then Shanghai, so I will visit them once I get back. She should rest for now.”

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  1. Sabrina looks older than her age I thought she’s around 40 if I don’t know her age and her fiancé looks like her little brother instead. If she doesn’t have the money I don’t think he wanted to be near her.

  2. I notice that 90% of chinese celebs give their new baby a food nickname (dumpling, glutinous rice etc) nowadays. Is this trend only among celebs or non-celeb parents also do this?

    Is there a specific reason for this naming practice or parents do it just because it’s trendy?

    To my knowledge, the first celeb who did it was Kelly Chen. When Kelly Chan first did it, it’s cute and novel. But now that everyone is doing it, it is just weird.

    1. @kidd Back in ancient China when infant mortality rates were high, people were superstitious and feared that evil spirits would kill their children before they can grow up. Parents would select an unpleasant name, in order to ward off demons who might wish to harm the child such as “dog’s leftovers,” or ‘stinky egg” so that they wouldn’t care to pay attention to a child who is so “lowly.”

      Nowadays, parents will use cute or fashionable nickname.

    2. @kidd
      Those parents are just trying to be unique but special. Even more weird when reporters and fans call the baby by the nickname when it’s none of their business.

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