Jeannie Chan and Shawn Dou Spotted at Stanley Ho’s Wake

Jeannie Chan’s appearance with Arnaldo Ho led to talk that she might already be part of the Ho family.

Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho’s (何鸿燊) wake was held from July 8 to 10, with the first day designated for family members to pay their respects. All surviving wives and children of the billionaire bade farewell to him at the service. Stanley’s only grandson Ronaldo Ho (何广燊), the son of Mario Ho (何猷君), was also carried in his mother Meng Xi’s (奚梦瑶) arms.

Second Time Seen Paying Respects

However, what attracted the press’s attention was Laurinda Ho (何超莲), the daughter of Stanley Ho and his third wife, as she showed up with her actor-boyfriend Shawn Dou (窦骁). Some felt that he should not have been there on the first day of the proceedings as he was not yet an official member of the Ho family, but only Laurinda’s boyfriend. Conversely, if he had attended the services on either July 9 or 10, no one would bat an eyelid. However, Shawn’s appearance led to speculation that Laurinda and he are already legally married, without having made their union public.

Yet another shock was the appearance of actress Jeannie Chan (陈滢), who showed up with her ex-boyfriend Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨), the son of the late tycoon and his fourth wife. Arnaldo and Jeannie walked side by side with brisk footsteps while remaining silent. Jeannie had previously appeared along with TVB executive Virginia Lok (乐易玲) to express their condolences. Though Jeannie and Arnaldo broke up four years ago, the pair were spotted spending time together recently, leading to speculations that they are back together. Jeannie’s appearance at Arnaldo’s father’s wake made many wonder if she is already part of the Ho family.

Arnaldo Ho Preceded by Philandering Reputation

Born in Canada in 1989, Jeannie went to Hong Kong on a student exchange program during her university days and started her career after being talent-spotted by a modeling agency. In 2012, she made her official debut in the movie Cold War <寒战>.

Arnaldo was spotted meeting up in private with Jeannie during the traditional mourning period while clad in dark colors. Actress Stephanie Ho (何雁诗) also appeared with the two at a seaside restaurant, and the trio appeared jovial, while Arnaldo’s gentlemanly manners were on full display. Jeannie gazed at Arnaldo lovingly, and the pair even looked at the same mobile phone, evoking talk that the two former lovers had rekindled their romance.

With a more philandering reputation compared to his brother Mario, Arnaldo was linked with actress Crystal Fung (冯盈盈), who attended his yacht party, when his father was seriously ill in May. Though Crystal later declared that she was only friends with Arnaldo.

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