Laurinda Ho Sees Shawn Dou as Potential Marriage Partner

Declaring their dating status in April, Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) and Chinese actor Shawn Dou (竇驍) are currently in a stable relationship. Though the couple doesn’t see each other often due to to Shawn’s filming schedule and Laurinda studying for her master’s degree, they still make efforts to communicate with each other via phone calls every day. The 28-year-old heiress and her mother have a good impression of Shawn, and believe that he is a good potential marriage partner.

Laurinda’s sister Sabrina Ho (何超盈) got engaged with her 21-year-old boyfriend Thomas Xin (辛奇隆) recently and attracted significant interest with her extravagant engagement party. Even Laurinda thinks it was a very grand event, despite not being able to physically attend the party due to other commitments.

However, Laurinda personally hopes that her future wedding will be simple and handled in a low-key manner. She said her mother likely thinks the same, and added that she doesn’t understand traditional Chinese wedding practices very well either.

When it was suggested that she may be the next person in the Ho family to get married, Laurinda said she doesn’t want to rush into marriage or secretly marry and have children like her brother Orlando Ho (何猷啟).

Although it is not the right timing for marriage yet, Laurinda regards Shawn as a potential marriage partner. She is very serious in relationships and always dates with possible marriage in mind. Shawn is a very good person and boyfriend, and Laurinda’s mother has also praised he has wonderful manners.

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