One Yacht Party Broke Crystal Fung and Kaman Kong’s Friendship

Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) were not only same-aged friends, but also debuted the same year. Like two peas in a pod, Crystal and Kaman immediately clicked, and their friendship stayed strong for three full years—that is, until last month’s infamous yacht party hosted by Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨).

In May, both Crystal and Kaman were invited to attend Arnaldo’s private yacht party, attend by only 20 other people. Enthused paparazzi reported that Crystal, who had just broken up with her boyfriend a few months prior, was there to get close with Arnaldo. Realizing that her private life is coming in the way of her career, Crystal immediately denied the paparazzi’s claims, clarifying that her and Arnaldo are “very new friends”, and that she was invited to the party via Kaman.

Kaman, however, had a completely different story to tell. She denied being the middle man and said that her and Crystal were both introduced to Arnaldo at the same time, adding that Crystal wouldn’t need any introducing. Soon afterwards, paparazzi started reporting that Kaman was the one who was actually interested in pursuing Arnaldo. Although she is currently dating Anthony, Kaman reportedly did not consider Anthony as a suitable marriage partner.

New developments added that Kaman had always been very flirty with men. While filming 2018’s Apple-colada <黃嘉樂>, Kaman was interested in Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂), who played her boyfriend in the series. Crystal, who played Stephen’s younger sister, also had a crush on him, but Stephen was very firm in turning down their advances, as he was already in a long-term relationship with a non-celebrity girlfriend.

Kaman was reportedly “very upset” after these reports were published. A source said Kaman tried to turn the focus on Crystal, indirectly implying in a string of Instagram posts that it was Crystal who had brought her to the yacht party. Kaman shared her disappointment in a friend on Instagram, but did not specify who she was talking about. Netizens speculated that she was jealous Crystal.

“Kaman’s also jealous of Crystal,” added the source. “She didn’t like how Crystal was getting ahead of her in their careers, so she started a smear campaign. She always talked behind her back.”

Pressured by their agency, Crystal and Kaman have both made public statements about this friend drama, claiming that they are still friends. However, it is interesting to note that they no longer refer to each other as “sisters.”

On June 10, Crystal’s 26th birthday, fellow actress and close friend Moon Lau (劉佩玥) surprised her with a cake while Crystal was filming an episode of Carol Cheng’s (鄭裕玲) Do Did Eat <Do姐有問題>. Kaman, who would usually celebrate Crystal’s birthday every year, was no where in sight.

“She did wish me a happy birthday,” Crystal clarified in an interview. “But we’re all short in time. We’re still great colleagues and friends.”

Source: Weekend HK

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