Louis Koo Enjoys Romantic Ambience of “Paris Holiday”

Louis Koo (古天樂) and Taiwanese actress Amber Kuo (郭采潔) star in director James Yuen’s (阮世生) upcoming film, Paris Holiday <巴黎假期>. The two leads, along with their costars Alex Fong (方中信) and Sophia Hu (胡静), recently traveled to Paris for filming.

It was previously rumored that Amber Kuo was only cast as the main female lead because Louis Koo served as her go-between. Amber said, “In the film version of Triumph in the Skies (衝上雲宵), Louis and I did not have the opportunity to directly collaborate due to the differences in our characters’ storylines. This time, our characters coincidentally will live together. It brings a feeling of understanding. There is a lot of interaction in the film, which is what we both wanted.”

Approximately half a year prior to the beginning of filming, James Yuen had already begun scouting for ideal filming locations. A scenic flower shop located near a church in La Madeleine, Paris was ultimately chosen as one of the main locations. Fascinated with the atmosphere of Europe, Louis found the filming to be very enjoyable and was often seen wandering around and shopping. He even celebrated his 44th birthday earlier on set. “This time, I’ve given up a lot of my firsts in filming, including my first time dancing tango.”

Flirtatious Alex Fong

In the film, Alex Fong is paired with Mainland Chinese actress Sophia Hu. Alex Fong portrays a flirtatious, Casanova-type character who is constantly surrounded by sexy blonde ladies. When teased that his wife Mok Ho Yan (莫可欣) will be jealous, Alex laughed. Although Alex prepared for the role by learning some French phrases, he forgot his lessons once filming started.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Louis Koo looks rather old in the above photo. After all, he is 44 years old, not that young anymore.

    1. sandcherry,
      The constant tanning has likely aged Louis’ skin faster. He likely needs to go to a tanning salon at least every two weeks to maintain the same color skin tone. Actually wouldn’t mind seeing him back to his old self.

    2. Yup, too much uv will destroy and age your DNA, so it’s not surprising that he’s aging rapidly. Him in That picture certainly look odd and old :/ I do hope he stop this tanning obsession lol.

    1. Louis has nice feature to start with, he doesn’t need any ps. I think if anything, the excessive use of tanning treatment cause him to age rapidly. Hence the skin sag… And because he doesn’t use Botox or having extra weight (the fat help keep your skin not sag), he looks odd and old in the above picture

  2. Just recently been to Paris, I wouldn’t call it a romantic city >_> the streets are nice and long, with many tall trees, which is lovely. But the constant urine smell (from dogs or whatever), and constant seeing poops on the street destroy what this so called romantic ambient >_> I found florence and venice a lot more romantic >_>

  3. I think he just looks his age – 44 years old. Still good looking for a 44 year old in general.

    On a separate note: Does anyone think he’s actually gay?

    1. Not sure if he can be considered as gay or not because rumour that he is dating Nong Poy. Nong Poy is now a woman so if it is true, then Louis isnt gay.

  4. Louis looks much older filming with young co star, they dont blend.

  5. I have been following Louis Koo’s works since DIF4 and he has certainly changed in his looks. He actually looks plastic to me. sad.

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