Michael Tse’s Pivotal Role in “Golden Brother”

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Michael Tse (謝天華) portrays a rather mysterious role in the Hong Kong film Golden Brother <男人不可以窮>. The Chung Shu Kai (鍾澍佳) film, starring Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), William Chan (陳偉霆), Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), and Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智) is based on a popular tragi-comedy Internet novel about an unlucky man who by chance ends up working in a risky investment company. The novel is a self-biography written by Sit Ho Ching (薛可正).

The film centers on Sit Ho Ching (Bosco Wong) and the obstacles he endured while working at Winson Investment, a risky investment firm which deals with the (now closed) London Gold Exchange. Chau Seung Tak (Michael Tse), Ching’s boss, was the leader who brought Ching to the financial industry.

Bosco said, “At first, [my character] could not look at [Michael’s character] in the eye because he was so strict, but he is also very admirable and amazing, to the point where I couldn’t even imagine myself to be like him. After getting to know him more, I found that he is also a very courageous and serious man.”

Michael’s character, Tak, used to be a police officer and was a good friend of Ching’s father Sit Tin Loi (Liu Kai Chi). However, seduced by money, Tak resigned from law enforcement to break into the financial industry and work as an investor.

“He is someone who is very experienced but also mysterious,” described Michael. “He is someone who is always having formal meetings, and is constantly surrounded by women and greed. He is very calculative and manipulative, but he also possesses many human qualities.”

Golden Brother premiered in Hong Kong on September 18. It will premiere in Taiwan on December 24.

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5 comments to Michael Tse’s Pivotal Role in “Golden Brother”

  1. Holiday says:

    It was a very good movie but michael’s character was sort of like a giant kelefe

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  2. financier says:

    I like this kind of financial intrigue movies.

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  3. financier says:

    what’s happening?

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  4. aptos says:

    Movie was riveting at times. Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智)did not share why he was upset at Michael Tse until the end of the movie which kept the viewers wondering what really happened between the two.

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  5. Ren says:

    I loved this movie a lot. Bosco did really well, William too. The cast acted really well, although Michael’s character was weirdly written, I’d say. Lui Kai Chi is an amazing actor. Hands down one of the best performance I’ve ever seen in a movie. What an amazing actor he is. Even if the movie does not intrest you, you should watch it just to see Lui Kai Chi’s acting. It’s really that amazing that I can’t describe any further.

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