Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue Film “Special Rescue Hero”

New Hong Kong firefighter movie, Special Rescue Hero <特種救援英雄>, has started filming. Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Shawn Yue (余文樂), Hu Jun (胡軍), Simon Yam (任達華), and Patrick Tam (譚耀文) appeared at the movie’s blessing ceremony on December 12. To prepare for the dangerous stunts featured in the movie, the cast have received special fire fighting classes.

Nicholas Tse has already taken several fire fighting classes before filming Special Rescue Hero. Additionally, professional fire fighters will act as consultants to ensure proper depiction of rescue scenes. During shooting of the dangerous stunts, all the actors will be wearing protective gear and safety precautions will be taken very seriously, even more than other action movies.

Nicholas on Cecilia Dating

At the blessing ceremony, reporters immediately asked Nicholas about ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung’s (張柏芝) recent dating rumors. Nicholas responded that he did not know anything about it. Nicholas also explained that the rumor of Cecilia purchasing new puppies while triggering Lucas’s asthma is untrue. Nicholas did not see any dogs in the house while visiting his sons.

Regarding good friends, Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) wife, Hilary Tsui’s (徐濠縈) recent drug scandal, Nicholas has not called to console him. As Eason’s friend, Nicholas believes him and will be there if he needs his help.

Another Firefighter Movie?

Hu Jun expressed that he is aware of Sean Lau (劉青雲) and Louis Koo’s  (古天樂) new firefighter film, Inferno 3D <逃出生天3D>. However, Hu Jun believed that the characters in each film are distinct enough to distinguish the two film projects.

Simon Yam also explained that he feels no pressure in playing a firefighter although Sean and Louis are playing similar roles in a different movie.

Shawn Yue revealed that he has many firefighter friends who have shared their experiences, allowing him to deliver a more realistic performance. As for the rumor that his role originally belonged to Andy Lau (劉德華), Shawn laughed and replied,”How can I compete with Andy? I never even heard that Andy was being cast in the movie.”

Regarding the rumors of not getting along with Nicholas while filming in the past, Shawn said Nicholas is his good friend, and dismissed the rumors as being ridiculous.


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  1. Shawn is an okay actor. Nic is better though. Look it here, there’s also Simon. This should be an interesting movie.

  2. Shawn was good in Love in a Puff. He has potential to be HK’s next leading man after Louis Koo.

    1. Shawn was overshadowed when Edison Chen was still acting. His bad boy image apparently isn’t bad like Edison. LoL. Next leading man after Louis koo? Wait for Nicholas turn first!

    2. He’s good in Love in a Puff but so-so in all other movies. Nicholas will always overshadow him. I agree.

  3. I’m sorry but what happened to Shawn Yue’s face? Yeah I know many blame it on aging but looking at his old movies its clear his whole jaw changed so much.

    And let’s face it, unless Nicholas plan on retiring soon Shawn will always be overshadowed.

  4. sorry, don’t like nicholas at any time, past, present or future, something about him..

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