Raymond Lam and Louis Koo Considered for Lead Role in “Wisely” Movie

As Raymond Lam’s (林峯) TVB management contract is expiring soon, he will likely be investing more time in his movie career. Raymond reportedly may even sign with Raymond Wong‘s (黃百鳴) Pegasus Entertainment in order to be under the same management as girlfriend Karena Ng (吳千語). It comes as no surprise that the 34-year-old actor is eyeing Pegasus’ upcoming film project based on the popular mystery novel, Wisely <衛斯理>.

Purchasing the copyrights to make a film adaptation of Wisely, Pegasus’ next step is to look for a male lead for the action-packed movie. Written by Ni Kuang (倪匡), the novel centers around Wisely, a character that travels around the world and encounters various unsolved mysteries and meets different interesting people as well as strange creatures. Wisely has already spawned several movies, TV dramas, and comic books.

Suspecting that the film could easily become an instant hit, Raymond hopes to secure the lead role to give his movie career a bigger boost.

Aside from Raymond, Pegasus is also considering casting Louis Koo (古天樂) as Wisely. No decisions have been made yet, and Pegasus’ CEO John Chong (莊澄) expressed, “We only decided on buying the copyright and haven’t considered who would be playing the main characters yet. You will have to let me carefully consider the options first.”

As to who will play Bai Su, Wisely’s love interest in the novel, fans speculated that the role may be a good fit for popular Mainland actresses, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Tang Wei (湯唯).

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. wow……………….so raymond is really going
    to take part of movie films???????? but as i think
    i disagree because when acting a movie film is
    a bit harder for when u are given a character
    and u had to take hours to do it correctly but i think
    a disagree-(it is just my opinion) 🙂

    1. Sam hui , Andy lau did carried this character before. They are popular singing idols.raymond is heading their league

  2. Looks like Donnie Yen (original choice for the title role back in 2008) was dropped from the production due to schedule conflicts. Either way, this sounds good.

    1. Disagree. Based on the few Wisely books I’ve read, I think Raymond can play the character.

  3. I was totally against Wesly due to the series made before (featuring David Tao then another with Gallen Lo)until I read the novels. Hence I’m not really interested in an adaption. But if LF is in, I’ll give it a try.

  4. raymond and luois reunite after the step into the past?! 😀

    1. Raymond can play Young version of wisely and louise can play old version of wisely like Chow yun fat & wang xiao ming In big Shanghai

  5. “As to who will play Bai Su, Wisely’s love interest in the novel, fans speculated that the role may be a good fit for popular Mainland actresses, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Tang Wei (湯唯).”

    Why must it be Mainland actress? Is Pegasus a Mainland company? Is this going to be a mandarin movie? No HK actress suitable for the role?

    1. I will say Fan Bing Bing because she is the bigger star rather than the better actress. Could be someone else.

    2. Kidd,
      Many HK films have mainland investors. To appeal to the mainland market more, more HK-based productions feature Mainland artists.

    3. They aim China market. Pegasus has its PR branch in Beijing while Raymond Wong is a HKer.

      Btw, they first chose Shuqi once again as Bai su.

    4. Some mainlanders could also ask why so many HK actors in China films. It’s a 2-way street.

  6. I loved galleons portrayal of wisely!!! So charming! One of my favs 🙂 I think louis would make a good wisely…Raymond is alright too

  7. I much prefer Louis Koo. Raymond is starting to have a weird and unattractive look. His eyes looks sneaky, insincere and unfriendly, not a wholesome look. Louis looks like a gentlemen and much younger looking.

    1. disagree, you creep. you are an obvious hater.

      1. I would support LF for the role but I would not antagonise other actors because they are all talented. Not like you cookie .do wished you heat in oven like rest of the chocolate cookies & please get burn

    2. The negative description crumbles into a pile of dirt based upon your bias.

  8. Raymond looks creepy to be honest and I hope his fans don’t get mad.

      1. Louis Koo has a magnetic versatile look that will be perfect for the Wisely character.

      2. @ Funn,

        The Wisely novels are a long running series. It started from Wisely first met his wife Bai Su to them having a teenage daughter. So, it depends on which story the movie want to adapt.

      3. 20-25 in the first novel, max at 45 in the newest one although Ni Kuang dun mention clearly.

      4. “Pegasus is also considering casting Louis Koo (古天樂) as Wisely.”

        Why would Louis Koo be considered if the age range is not suitable?

      5. @MW: An adaption might be not true to the novels. And Louis or LF are two favourite actors of Raymond Wong. He intent to cast either of them (or both) since he’s met Ni Kuang. Btw, according to the weibo of Ni Kuang’s assistant, in that dinner, Ni Kuang favoured LF more.

    1. Don’t think Ruco fit the role Wesly for wat I’ve read in novels. Forget the series, none is close to Wesly in novel.

  9. Stop being so childish and get a life. Whatever u say goes right back to u and will affect u only, looser loooooooo ser.

    1. Ironically, you got mad before any fan, lolz. It’s how the word “loser” apply.

      1. yes,cookie sounds corky,who is more childish?No wander you fail in your life & your next life too!!

        p.s-cookie aka loser,cookie aka loser, cookie aka loser ,cookie aka loser,cookie aka loser, cookie aka loser ,cookie aka loser,cookie aka loser, cookie aka loser

  10. Box office assurance if both are In the cast

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