Shu Qi to Film X-Men Movie?

Already a well-known superstar in Asia, and widely regarded as a sex symbol, Shu Qi (舒淇) successfully broke into the American market with 2002’s The Transporter. She then took on a small, yet memorable role in New York, I Love You. As her popularity in the United States rose, it is rumored that Shu Qi has been given the opportunity to film a new X-Men movie.

At first, it was speculated that Shu Qi would star as the lead actress in her boyfriend, Stephen Fung’s (馮德倫) debut Hollywood movie, however, following Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) footsteps of breaking it into Hollywood, it looks like Shu Qi will become the next successful Asian actress to star in a big superhero franchise.

Earlier, Shu Qi and “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman exhibited great chemistry together in a Toyota car commercial. They snapped a picture together on set, and it is said that they have become close friends ever since. As Shu Qi’s coincided with the filming of the ad, Hugh treated Shu Qi and the crew to dinner.

Noticing Shu Qi’s natural acting abilities, Marvel allegedly wanted to sign Shu Qi for the role of X-23 – a female clone of Wolverine whose creation and birth was solely for the purpose of assassination. As soon as the news leaked, netizens immediately photoshopped a picture of Shu Qi in the X-23 costume.


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  1. hum…i thought a female wolverine was already shown in x3. can’t recall the chick’s name, also asian. kelly something i think. i wouldn’t saw either of the actresses mentioned in the article have set groundbreaking performances or impression on US audiences. you go out and ask a white person, chances 9 out of 10 they have no idea who you’re talking about.

    1. Fan Bing Bing is not big in US but for some reason Joan Rivers is a fan of Fan Bing Bing and have mentioned it on the Fashion Police.

      I saw the latest X-Men and Fan Bing Bing have no dialogue only a few speechless scenes. Pretty much a kelefe only.

      1. she has dialogue! Like warning the guys. I remember, a few short words I think. Not totally no dialogue. Right? Anyone? I do remember her speaking.

      2. Puff,
        Fan Bingbing is very well known on international red carpets for her fashion statements. She often attends Paris Fashion Week as well. Joan Rivers has likely noticed Fan Bingbing at such past events.

      3. Fan Bing Bing only line in the xmen movie was “Time’s Up!.” Other than a few screams here and a few nods there, she really didn’t have much significance. The other azn guy in the movie had more speech in the movie, but im not sure who he is.

      4. I thought she said “It’s too late” but maybe it was times up, something along those lines, then she didnt speak the rest of the movie.

      5. the greatest female star of china plays a kelefe role in a hollywood movie,i dont understand why she did this to herself. in th past we have jacky chan jet li cyf plays major roles that im proud of it, but now this is really sad to see. i hope that li bing bing will have more dialogue in transformers 4 than fan bing bing…

      6. Yeah, I only remember she said ‘time’s up’ at the beginning of the movie but was that her own voice or was it dubbed?

    2. althoug fan bing bing did not get to talk a lot, soo many people like her role as blink and want her to appear in the next x men movie. i also thought blink’s power was cool

  2. “following Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) footsteps of breaking it into Hollywood,”


    Didn’t Shu Qi already filmed a hollywood film with I think Jason Stratham? Or some action film?

    Hopefully her character will be Stare instead of Blink. Stare has more role than Blink I am sure!

    1. Yes – The Transporter – fantastic movie (IMHO of course).

      1. Jason Statham. Your lack of common sense to search these things and post garbage comments quite the tickler Funn.

    2. even if you are exceptional actor/actress you have a little chance to break into hollywood,if even cyf can not break onto hollywood i dont see anyone that have more charisma than him that can.only bruce lee and jacky chan are hot for a while,but they are extraordinary in their own fields.

  3. Are you serious?? “following Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) footsteps of breaking it into Hollywood”

    Ha!cracks me up with the pharagaph!!!

    Shu Qi is more well know here in the US than Fan BingBing. Her first action film with Jason Stratham, the Transporter had won too many American audience and critics here with her acting ability.

    “following Fan Bingbing’s footsepts of breaking it into Hollywood” Ha

    1. Stephanie,

      Agreed. I am from the US and I’ve watched the Transpoter 2, she was a great actress in the movie. And I’ve also seen her in the “New York, I love you” she was great too. I think it is exciting to see Shu Qi breaking another Hollywood movie 😀

    2. I think FBB happened to ‘appear’ a little bit more in the US because of Jackie’s The Forbidden Kingdom and Andy Lau’s New Shaolin, no? That’s my view.

      SQ is so much better than FBB who’s so plasticky and only flaunt her expensive tastes on red carpets.

      Go Shu Qi, you would be fantastic **

      1. it was Li Bingbing who starred in Forbidden Kingdom.
        FBB got noticed in the US mostly from her Cannes film festival red carpet appearances, guest appearances at fashions shows and L’oreal promos.

  4. I never really thought of Jason Statham as an A lister to be honest. I dont think that was really that great a breakthrough hollywood wise.

    I think the media is blowing this Hugh Jackman thing way out of proportion. They need to hold their horse with all the rumours if you ask me.

    1. yeah i also agree. jason statham always play the same roles lol

  5. it’s exciting just to see well known asian actor or actress in the US movies. I thought Kelly Hu played something similar one of the earlier X-Men movie? maybe i’m wrong, but either way, it’s just good to see well known asian actor/actress to star in a US movies even if they don’t have dialogue or not! 0=)

  6. Everyone seems to have forgotten about Joan Chen.

    1. Yup, Joan Chen and Lucy Liu, beauty and brains. The rest are wannabe??? 😀

      1. What prominent or worthy Hollywood film roles did Joan Chen get since making a big splash in Last Emperor? Even she decided to return to China to make movies with heftier roles.

    2. I only remember is was gong li was the one who break in to hollywood first her block buster movies miami vice with colin farrel and jamie fox ,seriously fan bing bing give a break she not the first one,even li bing bing her hollywood movie came out first ,what a joke fbb …

      1. Chinese movie queen Li Li Hwa was the first one to break into Hollywood back in 1957’s ‘China Doll’. It was a one-shot Hollywood film and she returned to HK to continue her successful career there.

  7. I think it’s a good thing for Shu Qi to act in an X-Men movie.

    Whether she will make it in Hollywood or not through this, she will gain from the experience, and her name will always be in X-men wikia as the actress who played an X-Men. 🙂

  8. we’ve had inoffensive Kelly Hu and now Fan Bingbing as X-men characters. I dont think they can cast Shu QI because googling her would not be safe for the younger X men fans.

    I have no problem with Shu Qi but there is no way that she will be an X men character.

  9. Many men would rather see Shu Qi in an X-rated movie than an X-Men movie.

  10. This has to be a joke. “Natural acting ability”?
    I highly doubt Hugh Jackman became close friends after filming a super short commercial. He’s friendly to everyone, doesn’t mean he’s close with everyone he meets.
    I imagine she’s already booked her “evenings” with marvel execs in order to sleep her way into a role though. Marvel/DC Comic book artists/readers/writers are such pervs.

  11. if she had natural acting ability, she wouldn’t have to do soft porn in her early career.

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