Shu Qi Announces Temporary Break to Allow Body to Heal

Shu Qi (舒淇) continued to work even after her marriage to Stephen Fung (冯德伦) in 2016, and is  praised for her ability to manage both marriage and her career successfully.  Her notable recent works include Three Times <最好的时光> and The Assassin <刺客聂隐娘>.

However, in 2017 Shu Qi had posted on her Weibo saying, “A temporary goodbye to an actress’s life. Take care wrong love…everyone, see you all again in jianghu.” This comment had garnered instant reactions from netizens, with some speculating she is retiring because of marriage. Shu Qi had already cleared misunderstandings two years ago, but she formally clarified in a recent interview, “Every time I film a movie, I would write that I will say goodbye for a period of time, to bid farewell from the character.”

When asked why she decided to choose Shanghai Fortress <上海堡垒> as her “farewell” project, the actress expressed that there was no particular choice. It was only because she just finished the movie and felt that her health deteriorated, so she decided to take a break to rest and recover. Besides, she also suffered recurring skin rashes because of allergy and immune system problems.

Shu Qi believes that fatigue may be the cause of her skin rashes. It possibly stemmed from strenuous filming, as she filmed non-stop in the past two years. With her body failing from exhaustion, Shu Qi confirms that she is taking a temporary break to rest and nurture herself back to health first.

Shu Qi Suffers Severe Skin Rashes; Halts All Work

Source: Sina

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  1. stress rash or chronic rash. it’s a terrible experience as you don’t know when it will heal or if you’re stuck w/ it forever. it’s not something one can imagine that itchness can really bring down your entire mental state and cause major depression. it’s hard fighting w/ chronic rash.

    1. @m0m0
      I used to think nothing when I see others with visual skin problems but recently I accidentally got sunburnt with skin peeling off. Even the itchiness of the dead skin on the arm from that was extremely annoying. After that I start to understand a bit more of the daily problems of others with skin problems…

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