Shu Qi Suffers Severe Skin Rashes; Halts All Work

Since announcing their marriage last year, Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Shu Qi (舒淇) have faced numerous pregnancy speculations. The 41-year-old actress even shared in an earlier interview that she hoped to take a break in 2017 and hopefully work on conception.

After 22 years in the entertainment industry, Shu Qi suddenly left a cryptic message on her social media recently. “Destroyed! Temporarily saying farewell to my life as an actor. Thank you for your love. We will meet again.” The ambiguous message sent fans into a frenzy, with many concerned that the 41-year-old actress may be pregnant and is planning to retire.

However, Shu Qi came forward to clarify that she is not planning to retire. Instead, she has actually been suffering from skin allergies the past year and continues to battle irritated skin rashes on her face. The doctor had advised her to take a break from work and focus on resting and recovering. Shu Qi explained that she is merely taking a break. After recovering, she plans to resume her acting career.

Following the retirement scare, Shu Qi was spotted leaving her premises and visiting a beauty clinic. Dressed in a cap and face mask, it was difficult to assess the condition of her allergies. When asked about her skin condition, Shu Qi did not respond and quickly made her way back into the vehicle.

This is not the first time Shu Qi has faced severe skin rashes. In May while attending the Cannes Film Festival, Shu Qi had already battled a serious skin allergy outbreak, but managed to hide it under her makeup.


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  1. i wonder what happened to her. did it onset all the sudden? i wonder what it is she’s allergic to. poor girl, hope she gets well soon.

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