Stephen Fung and Shu Qi Announce Marriage

Peter Ho and Peggy Lin aren’t the only newlywed couples of September.

Yesterday, Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Shu Qi (舒淇) dropped a surprising announcement to the media that they have wed. The longtime couple, who have known each other for over twenty years, held a small wedding in Prague, where Stephen was directing his new movie, The Adventurers <俠盜聯盟>.

shu qi stephen fung marriage 6Stephen and Shu Qi’s announcement read, “We’ve known each other for twenty years [and have been] together for four. I married her unreservedly. It’s true. We’ve decided to

cling to each other forever. We are married. We are thankful to you who love us. We can be wrong about many things, but we cannot be wrong about loving him and her.” They added, “We are not at the moment pregnant.”

The couple dropped a few photos from their small wedding, which was only attended by twenty people. Even Stephen’s costars in The Adventurers were unaware about their secret wedding.

In regards to their humble wedding, Shu Qi described, “The wedding dress is a gift from H&M two years ago. The veil was something I randomly chose at a bridal shop. His suit and my pink dress were purchased at a small shop in the streets two days before the photos were taken. Our photographer received his notice only one week before and willingly postponed other jobs to come to Prague for us! We specified we wanted natural light so there were no light reflectors used. Haha!”

Congratulations to Stephen and Shu Qi!

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Source: IHKTV

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  1. Wow congrats to the couple!

    I like how they kept everything so simple. The pictures are simply beautiful and yet sweet and natural. They look so happy together.

    I also like how Shu Qi didn’t spend like a million dollars on a wedding dress. She kept it very casual and simple and it suits her.

    I really like the last two black and white pictures

    1. @janice must admit i was surprised since i wasnt sure if all those gossip about them were true. But its such a lovely surprise. I love this couple. I have always like Shu Qi as she is a very good actress and she is cute. And i like Stephen too. He has such a yummy dimple. I like how simple, down to earth and sweet is their intimate wedding.

  2. WOW congratz! i always hear rumors about them dating but turn out true and now married ! happy for them!

  3. Congrats to them and I think they looked so cute together but I had read one of her article saying she say marriage is wasted of time now she’s getting married? They all say this and that but some of whatever they were saying it’s just a junk news just Ruby Lin say she don’t want to have a kid now I heard she’s expecting? So confusing.

    1. @asian2015 there is nothing confusing about what these celebrities say. Fans need to stop worshipping what these guys and gals say as the gospel truth. Then the fans won’t be confused when the truth comes to light. I remember saying that these two should come clean about their relationship when it was printed that they said they are just friends. I knew they were living together in a relationship.

      Well, Stephen finally married Shu Qi Congrats to the two of them. I wish them all the joy and love of a happy marriage. I wish them health and longevity to enjoy their life together.

    2. @asian2015 nothing to be confused about honestly. who doesnt change their minds in life? shu qi and ruby lin are still humans after all. just because we say one thing life, doesnt mean we wont change our minds later in life if we find a reason too.

    3. @asian2015 actually the title of that article was misinterpreted. In that article, she kinda regretted thinking marriage is a waste of time as her value on marriage was heavily influenced by her mother who married young and had to care for a child at 18 thus losing the chance to chase her dreams. Initially SQ believed in her mum’s value but subsequently she changed her mind seeing her friends getting married and she thought it would be nice if she too had a son this big who can pick her up.

  4. This is one of the wedding I have been waiting for.
    I’m very happy for Shu Qi and Stephen Fung.
    I’m glad they finally tie the knot.
    It’s wonderful that Shu Qi can found someone she can count on. Wish the couple live happily ever after.

  5. Their wedding photos have got to be the most laid back, and cutest of all celebrity wedding photos.

    And I think they have dated far longer than 4 years. On and off type. Definitely friends-lovers-friends-lovers-friends-partners-spouse. I think this one might last!

    1. @funnlim yup I concur. They looked so cute together and their wedding pics are just so lovely, natural and like what you said laid back. I have got to like them for doing it without so much fanfare unlike some others. And I do agreed with @akinu that celebs are human too. Human changes their minds esp woman and esp when they found their other half. There are so many others such as Ekin also same. On a side note, Stephen reminds me of Tony Leung Chiu Wai. Both have nice smiles. Congrats to both of them. May their marriage last forever.

    2. @funnlim Shu Qi and Stephen’s wedding photos are indeed beautiful! The timing of their wedding came as a complete surprise…. While they had a steady relationship for years, there was no hint that they were intending to get married anytime soon.

  6. Congrats! They both look so cute as a couple. They look fairly young and pretty / handsome too. Their wedding is simple and natural, although they both earn big incomes compare to an average joe.

  7. I love their simple but perfect wedding. After all it’s the marriage that counts not the price of the ceremony!

  8. Was reading how much Shu Qi has suffered due to her Cat III start – Leon Lai, Wang Lee Hom, ..Glad she found somebody who looks like he will treasure her. Simple, sweet, natural, that will translate equally to life – wishing them all the best. Think this is quality relationship.

      1. @went nah I highly doubt that she dated LH as his preference is an open secret amongst his circle of friends. LH probably used it as a front to safeguard his image. But she did indeed dated Leon Lai and they look pretty good together in “Love in the Glass City”. Quite sad for them that it didn’t last but glad that she has found happiness with Stephen who seems to be really compatible with her. They looked so happy and natural together.

  9. Congratulations to the couple. Love how they kept things so simple. Beautiful photos. Love the one of them sitting side by side and the one with them running through the field. Happy she found someone who looked beyond her earlier career choices. Always liked her happy she found happiness!

  10. Wish they can have kids quickly too as SQ is not getting younger. She mentioned in that wrongly titled article before how she wished she had a son this big like her friend who can pick her up. Good luck

  11. Stephen Fung has that boyish looks which is attractiv. This couple looks compatible and just lovely. Whether their kids look like mummy or daddy, he/she will be good looking.

    1. @janet88
      Let me tell you he had me at HELLO on his only TV series ” The Green Hope” haha LOL….His dimples and his smile are just the cutest. Even now, 40’s and still looking so darn cute. She’s a lucky woman.

  12. Their photos are naturally gorgeous. Very down-to-earth and full of sweetness. Wish them lots of happiness.

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