Director Doze Niu Pressured Christine Ke to Film 5-Hour Bed Scene with Himself

Accusations against director Doze Niu (鈕承澤) sexually assaulting a female crew member shook the Taiwanese entertainment industry today. However, insiders familiar with the 52-year-old director’s habits were not surprised, as he has a history of using his position of power to take advantage of women. Actresses, Christine Ke (柯奐如), Janine Chang (張鈞甯), and Shu Qi (舒淇) were also past victims.

Born in a wealthy family, Doze started acting when he was nine years old and later found success directing movies. His success did not satisfy him, and he admitted he became addicted to sex and alcohol. In an earlier interview, Doze revealed that a female friend brought him to attend a self-reflection course hoping it would help. During the class, Doze kept being distracted by the female instructor’s good figure. But he claimed that after meditating for half a year, he learned to get along with his “heart which was filled with lust”.

Pressured Christine Ke to Film Nude Scene

In 2007, Doze self-directed and acted in the movie, What On Earth Have I Done Wrong? <情非得已之生存之道>. He portrayed Christine Ke’s boyfriend in the movie, and they had a bed scene together. The script was not clear on the requirements for the scene, but when Christine arrived on set, she was asked to film the scene nude.

Although she reluctantly relented under the pressure, Christine felt very awkward filming the bed scene, which took five hours to complete. She said, “When I got home, I felt uncomfortable.”

But Doze claimed that he had discussed the scene with Christine and respected her during filming, “I did not see that she was unhappy!”

Kissed Janine Chang

That same year, Doze also set himself up to portray Janine Chang’s one-night stand in the drama, Wayward Kenting <我在墾丁*天氣晴>. A crew member spilled that when they were filming a scene which required an actor to kiss Janine on the forehead and neck, Doze volunteered to demonstrate. He suddenly kissed Janine’s neck which shocked her. But Doze claimed that he forgot about the incident afterward, “I remember I had kissed Eddie Peng (彭于晏) and Chao Tzu Chiang (趙自強), but did I kiss Janine?”

Later at a dinner party to celebrate the completion of the drama, Doze had too many drinks. When reporters asked him about kissing Janine, he said, “You can write whatever you want” and angrily said to Janine, “I’ll never work with you again.” When Janine tried to put the matter to rest, Doze said, “Then how about you can also kiss me back?”

Bed Scene with Shu Qi

In 2012, Doze directed the film Love and increased his bed scene time with Shu Qi. Doze had many outtakes, making crew members roll their eyes, wondering he was intentionally increasing his bed time with Shu Qi.

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