Steamy Make-out Scenes in “Young and Dangerous: Reloaded”

The new set photos from Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序> are shockingly steamy! The photos feature Sammy Shum (沈震軒) intensely making out with costar Winnie Leung (梁敏儀), inside a car. Another set of photos feature Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) immersed in a threesome sex scene with two other women in an alley!

Young and Dangerous Oscar Leung 2Director Daniel Chan (陳翊恆) expressed that there will be several major passionate scenes in the film, and that none of the major actors in the film had gone through such intense “love making” scenes before. He said, “It is a very daring subject to touch upon. The scenes were meant to showcase the world of a gangster’s love life.

“Oscar’s love making scene with the two actresses in the alleyway is to show how lustful his character is. Sammy and Winnie’s bed scene as well. Both Oscar and Sammy had to drink alcohol to get the job done. They had to feel slightly drunk in order to complete the filming process successfully. They are both very professional, and the outcome is terrific.”

Young and Dangerous: Reloaded, produced by Wong Jing (王晶) and Manfred Wong (文雋), is set to premiere on January 10, 2013 in Hong Kong.

Watch the Steamy Scenes in Action

[vsw id=”Rl3ecqK6AtQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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    1. By the way I read the headline…

      “Sammy Shum and Oscar Leung’s sex scenes..” and I was like WHAT?! Of course must complete the sentence first!

      1. Ziane, you are the nuisance. And your avatar suits your “nuisanceness”.

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        And why has Funn’s abusive comments allowed to stay?

        I want answers!!!

      4. I’m curious too to know the rationale behind the deletion of Djojs and Ziane’s comments, even as many other rude and name-calling comments continue to exist on this site. There have been many heated fan exchanges here that have degenerated into personal insults, there is one commenter who consistently makes racist remarks when he appears, and there are several who pop up now and then to make sexually creepy comments. I don’t recall those comments being this swiftly deleted or being deleted at all.

        In my experience there was been light or zero moderation in the comments section of this site. I’m surprised that Djojs and Ziane’s comments are the ones judged to have crossed the line when equally rude and ruder comments have been allowed to stand.

      5. That’s because this Funn woman lost an arguement because we disagreed with her in which she resorts to making personal attacks.

        Clearly, she’s allowed her posts to remain.

        This is the justice of a FACIST!

      6. Djojs, just so you know I have no administrative rights in this website. As for the rationale, quite simply you don’t name call fellow commenters. And Jayne has deleted many posts in the past, tried banning a few as well. That tolerance broke when a particular trust was broken a few months ago.

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        I appreciate the effort to cultivate a civil atmosphere here but the comment moderation needs to be consistently, not selectively applied imo.

    2. Unprofessional as in they just go as wild as they could get, even though it seem awkward, but more forceful they are, more wild it look? Idk but these scenes certainly feel like leaving bad taste >_> and the main actress might have big boobs, however not great looking, quite plain, I don’t think I want to see this movie lol

  1. “The scenes were meant to showcase the world of a gangster’s love life.”

    *Rolls eyes*

    If such words can come out of a director’s mouth, then:

    1. He must think we’re ******* stupid
    2. HK cinema is truly dead. This is the next generation of directors, people. Get used to it and watch the infection build up until it finally pops and overruns the body.

    1. This Daniel Chan director is using typical cheap tricks to promote his movie. He must be Wong Jing’s protege. Lots of movies in HK do this! Slap category 3 in the movies and fill in with lots of steamy scenes and violent scenes for easy promo of their movies!

  2. To Mr. Director and Producer, can’t HK cinema sell a movie without depending on so called s-3-x scenes?

    1. You are too naive (as naive as Funn Lim).

      Without depending on s3x scenes to be profitable, where are they gonna find motivation to produce such a movie like this?

    1. This is category 3. They are loudly promoting that this YND will have the most violent fights and the most steamy love making scenes! Typical cheap selling method from new generation directors who know the tried and true formula of sexy time sells.

      1. Well, nobody’s forcing you to watch it. This is meant to attract the young male demographic. Would they rather watch a movie about gangsters who hug teddy bears and sing songs about rainbows?

      2. Only those “naive” housewives will watch a gangster movie whereby lots of violent scenes are in the form of shouting, crying & screaming to each other inside the house and the violent movie is ended with a divorce of both couple away from the house.

      3. Well for some people, it might not be the category 3 or violent scenes but the cast and storyline that catches their attention. I grew up watching the old y&d movies and for one is looking forward to the new storyline and refreshing cast.

  3. Less steamy scenes. More theatrical violence please. The old Y&D would call hundreds of triads to surround 2 guys haha

      1. Funn,
        The recent slew of Category III movies did well in HK, maybe appealing to audience’s escapist tendencies. With its male cast, “Young and Dangerous Reloaded” should be appealing to female audiences as well.

        There used to be a time when Category III movies had almost a shameful connotation, but now they seem to be so well-received by HK audiences that they have become mainstream.

    1. Mick,
      I wasn’t too much of the 90s “Young and Dangerous”; I found Ekin Cheng to be already a bit of a pretty boy and not really dangerous enough.

  4. It’s about time HK moves forward. Nothing wrong with Category III films. It’s a movie, not a tv show. If you don’t want to watch it then don’t buy a ticket. Half the films out of Hollywood are rated R. Doesn’t mean they lack artistic vision or just trying to promote. Shouldn’t read to much into the rating.

  5. At least this one has a story. Now, those two LanKwaiFong and SEx/Zen movies are really almost Cat3.

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