Tang Wei and Fan Bingbing to Enter Hollywood Movie Sphere

When mainland Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) appeared as a dispensable character in the Chinese version of Iron Man 3, she was mocked for being a “special offer for China,” especially after viewers learned that there was no sign of her in the international version of the movie. The inclusion of Chinese artists in Hollywood films is on the rise, but these artists are mostly relegated to periphery roles and have very little screen time. Nevertheless, a welcome change may be on the horizon, as Fan Bingbing and Tang Wei (湯唯) will reportedly be starring in several upcoming Hollywood movies.

Tang Wei, who rose to prominence after the 2007 film Lust, Caution <色,戒>, will appear as one of the female leads in an unnamed action thriller directed by Michael Mann. Known for helming works like Heat and Ali, Michael came to Hong Kong last month to go sightseeing and pick out actors. According to Hong Kong media reports, Michael selected Tang Wei because he admired her acting and manner.

The movie, which is about computer hackers, will also star Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, known for playing Thor in The Avengers, as well as American actress Viola Davis, who garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Actress after appearing in The Help. Filming is expected to begin next month, and it has been reported that the cast and crew will go to Hong Kong in July to film for one-and-a-half months.

When asked about Tang Wei’s appearance in this film, her manager Maria responded, “We actually haven’t been notified yet. We will respond when we are officially notified.”

While Fan Bingbing may have been mocked for her minor appearance in Iron Man 3, her many red carpet appearances at international film festivals have gained the approval of several foreign movie distributors. Bingbing will appear as Blink, a teleporting mutant, in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it was recently reported that she would be participating in the Sino-American action comedy Skiptrace <跳躍追踪>, alongside Jackie Chan (成龍).

Bingbing has already begun filming Days of Future Past in Montreal, Canada. During a filming break, she was recognized by a Canadian fan, even though she was wearing a facial mask and sunglasses.

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I was wondering if Fan Bingbing would have a similar role as IM3 – good to know it will be an actual role this time.

    1. She can’t have a big role since X-Men is already populated with many many characters. It will probably be a walk on role with hopefully a dialogue or two. For me she is the most glamorised ke-le-fe.

  2. Hollywood is just making use of Chinese stars to bring in the dollars, don;t fall for it.

    Shameful of Hollywood to do this kind of exploitation, but then this is American behavior.

  3. And China is offering up their actors to be exploited because they want international attention and recognition. If you want to talk about exploitation, first look at China before making it seems like an exclusively American trait. Also, your name stinks of racism. ‘Kick the yanks’ is distasteful to say the least. Where are you from? China? How about ‘Kick the Chinese’? Would that be ok? The answer is NO. NO, racism is not ok.

  4. Is this racist enough for you, gwailo or gwailo sympathizer.

    Where are you from? America? Must be judging from your racist and angry slant. Yoohoo, I hit it right in the nail. A skewed comment from a yank.

    Kick the yanks, Kick the yanks, Kick the yanks,. Kick the yanks, Kick the yanks… it’s a song, and I humming, hahaha

    Yes, China is offering up their actors to be because they want international attention and recognition, but USA and Hollywood is exploiting them for their money.

    Get lost, yank.

  5. In Iron Man 3, the lead actor tries to get ‘closer’ to his Chinese audience in the Beijing premiere by saying some Mandarin, (kudos to him), but the reporter journalist who wrote the article on it skewed it to look like he cannot but have to ‘kow tow’ to China when he tried out his Mandarin.

    Yes, of course, this reporter is American with racism and prejudice written all over him.

    Welcome to America, guys.

  6. Tang Wei seems to have a more credible start at Hollywood than Fan Bing Bing.

  7. Chris Hemsworth!!
    and Bing Bing is in Montreal, dang. ;P

  8. Did Lust Caution depict Occupied Shanghai as a frightening place? thanks to the nudity and sex scenes, more foreigners will give attention to the fact that Japan invaded China – this is very important because apparently Abe is now even trying to minimize/discourage the use of the word “invasion” to describe Japan’s impolite lack of an invitation.

  9. Tang Wei english is pretty good so hollywood beckons her Fan Bing Bing english not so sure

  10. I’m a fan of both, so happy for both of them.

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