“The Monkey King” Posters Reveal Re-imagined Characters

Above: Donnie Yen and Aaron Kwok star in “The Monkey King”.

Donnie Yen’s (甄子丹) major 3D film The Monkey King <西遊記之大鬧天宮> unveiled its official character posters on December 3. With elaborate costumes and colorful CGI backgrounds, the characters seem ripped directly from fantasy video games. The public also gets a sneak peek at Chow Yun Fat’s (周潤發) Jade Emperor for the very first time. Different from his more traditional portrayals, the re-imagined Jade Emperor transforms into a silver warrior this time around, protecting the Heavens with his unshakable sense of righteousness.

The film is a joint venture between Hong Kong and China, and is directed by Hong Kong director Cheang Pou Soi (鄭保瑞). Shot over a period of six months using IMAX 3D technology, the team spent an additional two years to perfect the special effects scenes. The story is inspired by the first part of Chinese classic Journey to the West <西遊記>, and details Monkey King Sun Wukong’s birth and rebellion against the Heavens.

Director Cheang took some liberties with the original material, rearranging plot elements and fleshing out characters in order to tell a more complete, touching story. Up-and-coming Chinese actress Xia Zitong (夏梓桐) plays new addition the Nine-Tailed Fox. Looking innocent and sweet, the character is said to be Sun Wukong’s childhood friend, and will likely play an important role in revealing Wukong’s background and intentions.

The Monkey King 3The Jade Emperor, the mighty ruler of the realms of Heaven, Men, and Hell, is often depicted as a traditional lord who gives out orders from the safety of his throne. Chow Yun Fat turns the Emperor into a fierce warrior, displaying the aura of an army general in his silver armor as he fights alongside his subordinates.

Although they did not appear in the novel until a later story arc, the Bull Demon King and his wife Princess Iron Fan will have heavy roles in this retelling. Aaron Kwok (郭富城) looks cool and collected as the Bull Demon King, his image exudes a sense of darkness and evil despite missing his trademark nose and its ring. Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) plays Princess Iron Fan, looking more like the star of a fairy tale instead of the stubborn and shrew woman that fans are familiar with. The film will draw attention to the couple’s relationship, focusing on the Princess’ sacrifices and unconditional devotion to her husband.

The Monkey King also stars popular actors Peter Ho (何潤東), Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), Kelly Chen (陳慧琳), and Him Law (羅仲謙), and will be released on the first day of Chinese New Year, January 31, 2014.

“The Monkey King” Trailer

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Character Posters

The Monkey King Kelly Chen  The Monkey King Peter Ho  The Monkey King Gigi Leung

The Monkey King Joe Chen  The Monkey King Zhang Zilin  The Monkey King 1

The Monkey King Carlson cheung  The Monkey King Hoi Yat Tin  The Monkey King 2

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. …. its seems too overload …… i quess worst story, average acting, medium cgi ( maybe lost to ps4 or xbox one graphic ) …. puehhhhh ….. nice costumes.

  2. aaaaand it’s the same trailer as before. still! i can’t wait! Na Tra’s in it too! 8) Woo

  3. Poster & all Costumes looks amazing! Great Actors, all I really like to watch. Anyway, its going to be released during CNY End Jan’14.

  4. The poster look good and the animation and costume quite impressive and I hope the story line is good as well this is an impressive production for the Chinese overall not bad.

    1. But the fox princess should get a girl with a fox eyes just liked Kate will look more real.

      1. I almost couldn’t recognized GiGi L. She look so different with her hair tied up and Kelly look nothing to shout about just plain Kelly.

  5. this looks so bad.
    everyone just watch stephen chow’s pandoras box duology again.
    best journey to the west.
    boyi bolomi.

  6. If Stepehen Chow’s mediocre ‘Monkey king’ can smash the box office, this one will do it 10 times over.

    The CGI and costumes are already much better, if nothing else.,

  7. cant wait to watch this movie.they made the ox demon too handsome and fatgor’s warrior look is woww,he looks so stylish in this poster!

  8. This looks like it will be an amazing film. Hopefully all the delays will have ensured that it is a good film, more Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and less Star Wars Phantom Menace.

  9. ahhh im squealing with joy been waiting for so so so so so so long!

  10. The CGI looks terrible in the trailer. Can’t they get someone from hollywood to do it? Jesus.

  11. Not another monkey king movie. Who cares if they have the best CGI. I’m not an 8 year old who’s fascinated by exploding rocks and blasting laser beams. The story is redundant and there’s nothing different from previous versions. Screw the CGI. I’m here for the story line and superb acting. The graphic is the least of my concern. Whoever said that they cant’ wait to watch this needs to go home and rewatch Barney. I’m sick to my mind seeing all these fake CGI kid movie.

    1. Who’s forcing you to walk into the theatre, buy the ticket, sit down inside the theatre and watch the movie? Are you a physically disabled person? If not, then just keep a lid on it if you don’t plan to watch it. You are such a petty and pathetic person.

      1. Seeing you getting all excited for a movie that’s been done 200 times makes me nauseous. With that said, if you do go please take my grandma and the kids with you..they really like the monkey jumping up and down. Thanks.

        Even barney is better than this CGI monkey movie.

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