Veronica Yip to Star in Comeback Film, “I Love Hong Kong 2013”

Retired screen siren, 45-year-old Veronica Yip (葉玉卿), has agreed to star in Lunar New Year film, I Love Hong Kong 2013 <我愛HK2013恭喜發財>. After marrying wealthy businessman, Jeffrey Wu (胡兆明) in 1996, Veronica moved to New York and retired from acting.

Since last year, film producers were eager to invite Veronica to act again, but did not know how to reach her. When Veronica’s good friend, Sandra Ng (吳君如) urged her to film again while visiting her in the United States, Veronica expressed interest. Through the assistance of Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Shaw Brothers managed to persuade Veronica to verbally agree to film I Love Hong Kong 2013.

In the new film, Veronica has been invited to star as Alan Tam’s (譚詠麟) wife. The younger version of the couple will be portrayed by Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). The story will take place in the 1970s until modern times, in which Veronica/Kate’s character will be a strong-willed, independent woman who runs away from home in reaction to her father’s coercive ways. Alan/Bosco will portray a restaurant entrepreneur who experiences financial turbulence.

I Love Hong Kong 2013 is produced by Eric Tsang (曾志偉), who has consistently churned out blockbusters over the Lunar New Year time frame. The film also stars Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), Michael Tse (謝天華), Nat Chan (陳百祥), Eric Tsang, the members of the Winners band , Fung Sui Fan (馮淬帆), and several TVB artists.

Veronica admitted that she had verbally accepted the filming offer, but did not officially sign any agreements. She will have to weigh how the filming schedule will affect her three children. “My eldest daughter, Victoria, has been crying since she found out that I have to go back to Hong Kong to film. She is too clingy. My two sons were okay. I am more concerned about my daughter, since I cannot let go. I asked Shaw Brothers to not announce so soon and let me consider for several more days. Now, I’m pushed to accept!”

If Veronica does film for I Love Hong Kong 2013, she will likely shoot for the movie in December, the time when she normally visits her 89-year-old mother and other relatives in Hong Kong.

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    1. Her husband is all washed up financially and on the run from creditors.

      1. Terminator,
        Hong Kong supermarket had some location closings, so their investment in the banking industry did not turn out well?

      2. is that why she came back to acting?. Hongkong Supermarket a chain store?. We have hongkong supermarket here too, but it was close down after suspiciously burned down.

      3. Ita,
        There were two closings of Hong Kong Supermarket in the NYC area too. One location burned down and the other suffered in business so closed down.

        Two fires of Hong Kong Supermarket in West and East coast does sound odd.

      4. If that is true that her husband is financially in trouble, then we can see why she now has to make a comeback to bring home the bacon. I guess the women cannot always rely on the guy to take care of everything financially… Women have to do their part sometime too.

      5. Umm have you guys thought for amount and wondered umm hmmm how much can she possibly mke to save the buiseenes and closing TWO stores out of 20 doesn’t mean your broke!!! and the money she’s making can barely do anything to “save” the business

  1. I think we should also “unretire” Amy Yip and Rachel Lee and “trick” them all into a Cat3 reunion. LOL!!

  2. LOL! Kate and Bosco are supposed to be the younger version of Veronica and Alan Tam in ILHK?

  3. Hrm.. not sure who Veronica Yip is… I do like the “I love HK” series though…

    1. she used to film tvb drama in old days but suddenly turn into cat 3 actress. She also sing as well if i’m not mistaken.

      1. She has filmed TVB dramas before. I thought she has only filmed ATV dramas.

    2. TVBFanatic,
      Hehe guess you didn’t pay attention to HK Category 3 films from the 90s, unlike Terminator, who very easily rattled off the era’s screen sirens.

      1. Ah.. I see 😛 No… I don’t know any Cat 3 films/actors/actresses aside from Shu Qi… and I only know her from “The Transporter.”

  4. funny, look like tvb is branching out into movie too….good move…

  5. Oh we’re doing this again?

    Might as well sign a contract extension on Alls Wells Ends Well

    1. For the past few years Raymond Wong’s AWEW has been crap so No.

  6. veronica didn’t excel in the industry, good thing she married well,now that she’s rich, she don’t have to work, might as well give chance to others who are struggling in life, err.. guess nobody in the entertainment industry is that poor, they have other means of income

    1. didn’t know about her present loss, don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow but in life we experience bad things to help us grow, proverty builds character

  7. Aiye, another I Love HK movie? Aren’t we on like the 3 rd installment now (lost track already… lol)! Really not a fan of Lunar New Year movies, especially the ones produced by Shaw Brothers (aka TVB), since most of the LNY movies they’ve churned out in recent years are just a poor excuse to promote TVB artists (by having tons of them do cameos in the movies)….after the 4 th straight year of seeing the same artists in similar movies, I’m no longer interested in watching any LNY movies….

    Anyway, hope that the artists actually get paid this time, instead of just getting some cheap red envelope with words of encouragement or a pat on the back (well, since stingy Mona Fong still presides over Shaw Brothers movies, it’s possible they will ‘continue’ the tradition…LOL).

    Btw….I wouldn’t really consider this Veronica Yip’s ‘comeback’….she said that she would film the movie during the 2 weeks in December when her family will be in HK….from that Mingpao interview earlier, it didn’t sound like Veronica had any intention of making an actual ‘comeback’ permanently….

    1. I don’t see a problem with TVB making an ‘I Love HK’ CNY movie again. Raymond Wong makes one ‘All Well Ends Well’ CNY movie every year.

      I actually find the CNY movies produced by Shaw Brothers entertaining. Better than the recent ‘All Well Ends Well’ movies.

      1. I think ILHK movies are better and more entertaining than the recent few years AWEW too.

      2. Well, ok…I guess if we compare to Raymond Wong’s failed desperate attempts to rehash the AWEW franchise, then yea, ILHK is probably better (though if I had a choice, I likely wouldn’t watch any CNY movies period…LOL). Looks like we need some ‘new blood’ in the CNY movie realm, since neither Eric Tsang nor Raymond Wong are cutting it….but oh well…I guess if the HK audiences are fine with watching such lame comedies year after year, then I should just let them be….at least ET and RW are giving many HK artists ‘job security’….haha…

  8. I would rather watch another Cat 3 “Yip” actress, Amy Yip to be precise.

  9. I liked “I Love Hong Kong” and I’m happy Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong will be portraying the younger version of Alan Tam and Veronica Yip.

  10. You sound very disapproving of TVB artistes getting chance to be in movies produced by their own company. Mind you, HK movie industry and pool of artistes is small. Most of the time we’ll see the same faces and collaborations around and not just TVB. Instead of just Raymond Wong producing crap after crap every year, I welcome TVB and other conpanies to produce their own LNY comedy and they did better and more heart at it than RW for these three years.

  11. So far the only reason i have watched hk movies is
    Cos there are tvb actors inside. Those without, i’m not too interested.. I’ll Definitely be watching ILHK2013!

  12. With Veronica in, this new movie shall be renamed as “I luv sex in HK” or “I luv HK boobies.”
    That sounds better. Don’t you think so??

  13. Hi Jayne and anyone,Is she a former soft porn actress ?
    she look old .

  14. The truth is her husband is in financial distress. The condo he was building in flushing NY has never gotten the certificate of occupancy and the project has gone on now for over 7 years. At this point he cant even make his mortagage payment. He has started to get rid of his interest in the supermarket as well. All those reports about him owning a bank is also a farce. He has no more than 0.5% in the whole thing. The reports about him owning private jets is also a joke. Guess what? Verionica Yip brother owns Apple Daily in HK. Why dosent anyone ask the folks in NY the real story? It is all a masquarade on the wife part to cover for her husband. The banks wants to foreclose and he was not able to make a payment for over 1 year.

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