“Young and Dangerous: Reloaded” Synopsis

Wong Jing (王晶) and Manfred Wong’s (文雋) latest collaboration, Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序>, is slated to open in Hong Kong cinemas on January 10. Directed by Daniel Chan (陳翊恒) and starring Him Law (羅仲謙), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Paul Wong (黃貫中), Jazz Lam (林子善), and Sammy Sum (沈震軒), the Category III film is a remake of nineties classic, Young and Dangerous, which in turn is adapted from the Hong Kong comic book series, Teddy Boy.


The film begins with the death of Dai Tin Yee’s (Dominic Ho 何浩文) younger cousin, Mei Ha, who was raped and killed by Mongkok’s “King of Drugs” after she suffered from a drug overdose. Dai Tin Yee and his best friends Chan Ho Nam (Him Law), Chicken (Oscar Leung), and Pao Pei (Jazz Lam), attempt to kill the drug king to avenge for Mei Ha’s death. Unfortunately for the gang, the drug king is a follower of one of Hung Hing triad’s most powerful leaders, Ugly Kwan (Sammy Shum). Embarrassed with the drug king’s deed and wanting to save his tarnished reputation, Ugly Kwan passes down orders to have Ho Nam and his gang killed.

Attacked by Ugly Kwan’s men, Chan Ho Nam and his gang decide to ask Brother B (Paul Wong), Ugly Kwan’s strongest rival within Hung Hing, for help. After going through a series of wit battles with B’s assistant Big Head (Philip Ng 伍允龍), Ho Nam finally succeeds to have a council with Brother B.

Brother B expresses that he will only be interested in helping Ho Nam if he and his friends manage to recruit at least one hundred followers into his circle the next three days. After witnessing Ho Nam preventing Dai Tin Yee and Pao Pei recruit a group of primary school preteens, Brother B begins to see a noble side of him, and ultimately decides to help Ho Nam and his friends.

Brother B gets help from Hung Hing dragon leader, Chiang Tin Sang (Pal Sinn 單立文), who finally asks for Ugly Kwan to forgo his chase on Ho Nam and the gang. Realizing that he is losing favor from the big boss, Ugly Kwan seduces Tin Sang’s girlfriend Anna (Winnie Leung 梁敏儀) and successfully convinces her to help him get rid of Tin Sang.

With the help of Anna, Ugly Kwan kills Tin Sang. Anna then frames Brother B for murdering Tin Sang, and in the process of escaping prosecution, Ugly Kwan murders Brother B and his family. His obstacles now overturned, Ugly Kwan ascends to become Tin Sang’s successor in Hung Hing.

When Ho Nam is considering giving up his gangster lifestyle, he is notified of Brother B’s death. Ho Nam and his gang confront Ugly Kwan at his celebration banquet….

Violent Scenes from “Young and Dangerous: Reloaded”

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Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Hello Jayne ,is he start as Cheung Tin Yong again in this movie?

      1. I wonder who looks older now. Pal Sinn or Alex Man.

        Iirc, in the old movies, Cheung Tin Yeung was Cheung Tin Sang’s younger brother.

  1. Thanks for the translation Addy and Jaynestars! So ecstatic for this movie! 😀

  2. The storyline as in the synopsis is confusing. And the actors are mostly those who looks good rather than acting awesome so I suppose this may be one long violent video game/mtv style.

    I still hate the gayporn poster.

    1. Funn,
      “I still hate the gayporn poster.”

      Maybe the poster is meant to be multi-functional.

  3. YO..still heavy metal music tats popular in the 90’s…YO…NOW 2013 ! should be hip hop rap man !
    YO Should get MC JIN instead Him Law the sissy look..YO

    1. yeh,mc jin is good but i’ve rather seen mc jin in the role of oscar. and bosco instead of him law.
      lol..’gu wak tjai’ anno 2013 looking like a gay boyband.

      1. YO Gay Boyband cool name

        They ain’t look like 2013 ‘gu wak jail’ killing running at Mongkok..they looks like ‘tong chi kwan( boys scouts) holding money box asking for donations at Mongkok..lol

      2. I also stated MC Jin was a good fit but for Pao Pei besides his career in the U.S. is going really good right now and he have family priorities. I do wonder if he was ever approached though he’s a pretty decent actor and would of been a good fit for the role. Not having too much expectations for this adaption of the film but hopefully it won’t flop that bad.

    1. i know right, he is the only HOT one on that pic. look at Paul Wong? awwwww, gosh, he’s NEVER a looker hahaa…

  4. This is what i really waiting for..the continuing of the young and dangerous movie…i hope there will be more the young and dangerous movie coming up…

  5. uhmm, the synopsis should be preceded with a spoiler warning. i realize it’s a remake but didn’t want to go into the film knowing that brother b dies.

    regardless, thanks for the write-up.

    1. It’s not really a spoiler since brother b’s death is the prominent reason the gang would go against Kwan

  6. Ekin, Jordan and the rest of the crew are gonna get together to smoke a doobie, watch this film and laugh their asses off.

  7. I was told that in Ekin older movie ,Chan Ho Nam was a undercover sent by the HK cops to spy on brother B and Hung Hing,but some said he was brought up by brother B in Nicholas Tse version ,so is Ho Nam a undercover or real gang ?

    1. Depends on where you see the movie. If it’s in Mainland China and Malaysia, Chan Ho Nam is an undercover cop. If it’s in HK, Chan Ho Nam is a true blue triad member.

      I don’t know what version other countries air.

  8. Chan Ho Nam is a true Triad member in the movie..no such thing he become a undercover cop…

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