Chinese Boy Band HIT-5 Releases New Album, “Have You Been Well”

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After a two-year long hiatus, mainland Chinese boy band HIT-5 finally made their music comeback this month with the release of their brand new full-length album, How Are You Doing <你们还好吗>!

HIT-5, managed by Beijing’s Idol Factor Entertainment and TH Entertainment, went through two years of gruesome training before releasing their debut single album, HIT, in October 2008. They were the first mainland Chinese boy band to top music charts in Taiwan. The boy band, with an average age of 24, comprised of five members at its peak, which included leader “G-King” Guo Ziyu (郭子渝), lead vocalist “David” Duan Huangwei (段黄巍), lead dancer “Kido” Gao Yu (高宇), “Dear” Dong Yufung (董玉峰), and youngest member “Evan” Yang Fan (杨帆) .

In late May, HIT-5 teased fans with the release of their comeback single “Shine on Me”, a electropop dance song produced by American record producer, Fingazz. With an even blend of hip hop, electropop, and disco as the album’s main melodies, TH Entertainment invited South Korean musician Kim Won Hyun to oversee the album’s production. Consisting of twelve tracks, How Are You Doing was officially released in mainland China on July 5, 2013.

Although leader Guo Ziyu participated in the album’s recording, he prematurely announced his planned departure from the group when HIT-5 held their comeback showcase concert in Beijing on July 4. On July 8, the HIT-5 members released an official statement about Guo Ziyu’s departure, stating that the leader will leave the group after promotions for How Are You Doing are completed.

The statement read, “Due to our differences in regards to our future development, and in consideration for the group’s future, we have made a decision with our company. From now on, leader Guo Ziyu will be concentrating on his acting career. HIT-5 will now officially develop as four members. We hope this album will become one of our best productions, and we will continue to produce even better music for our fans in the future.”


01 Shine On Me
02 Love Season 爱情换季
03 Awake 唤醒
04 City Without Sleep 不夜城
05 Birthday Party 生日派对
06 How Are You Now 你现在还好吗
07 Just Want to Be Together With You 只想和你在一块
08 Loving Every Second 爱在每一秒
09 Scared of You 怕了你
10 Running

“Shine on Me” MV


“Scared of You” MV


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    1. Mother father gentlemen says:

      Chinese boy bands and girl bands can greatly China’s image abroad, just as Korean band did before them.

      No amount of state-driven (by the government)’soft power’ can do the trick, but the private sector and pop culture can.

      Chinese films, at the moment, cannot, as they are too ‘Chinese’, but pop is universal.

      Oooooo, mother father gentlemen

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    2. tearfulheart says:

      Shine On Me sounds really familiar, I just can’t put my finger on what.

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      • windy replied:

        Perhaps sounds a bit similar to The Wanted ‘ Glad you came ‘ ? ahahah LOL…Shine On Me sounds ok too…

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