Chinese-Korean boy band, EXO, Reaches No. 1 on Billboard World Album Chart

XOXO (subtitled Hug & Kiss), the first full-length studio album by SM Entertainment’s 12-member rookie boy band EXO, has reached number one on the Billboard World Album Chart this week. Critically-acclaimed, the album has already reached number one at various online music charts as well, including South Korea’s Soribada, Naver Music, and mainland China’s Baidu.

It has been nearly 14 months since the group last released new music material. Their last album, the debut EP MAMA, was released on April 9, 2012.

EXO, consisting of eight Korean members and four Chinese members between the ages of 19 and 23, debuted under SM Entertainment’s label in April 2012. The band was separated into two subgroups, the Korean-singing EXO-K and the Mandarin-singing EXO-M, to target different markets. The two subgroups released their debut album, the extended play MAMA, on April 9, 2012 to chart-topping success in both South Korea and mainland China.

Unlike MAMA, which was released in two language versions recorded separately by EXO-K and EXO-M, XOXO is a joint collaboration between the two subgroups. Both groups participated in the Korean and Mandarin-language recordings of the album.

A school-themed music album, the promotional campaign for XOXO began on May 16, when yearbook-inspired teaser images were released online. Both the Hug (Mandarin Chinese) and Kiss (Korean) editions were officially released on June 3.

The album’s first single “Wolf,” which was first unveiled on YouTube on May 30, is a dub-step inspired rap song that tells a tragic love story between a werewolf and a beauty. The four-minute long music videos of “Wolf,” available in both Mandarin Chinese and Korean, have accumulated over 5 million views on YouTube.

The album’s side-tracks “Baby Don’t Cry”, “My Lady”, “Black Pearl”, and “Let Out the Beast” were previously teased by the group at their 100-day showcase last year. The all-rounder pop album also includes bubble gum pop tracks like “3, 6, 5”, “Peter Pan”, club-themed tracks like “Heart Attack” and R&B ballads like “Don’t Go.”

“Wolf” MV

[vsw id=”9dVvdVpPIok” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


XOXO Album Cover and MV Making

[vsw id=”-K5Am86wmuo” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. No offense, but who are they, and why all of them look like girls? This boy band is 100x worse than One Direction.

    1. You mean they’re not girls dressed as boys?!? Lol.

      1. Actually, they are girls that want to wear like boys in order to look like boys but fail to look like boys and look like girls instead because they in fact are girls.

      2. Lol, maybe they should ring up Agyness Deyn for some tips, she’s the only girl I’ve ever seen who dresses like a boy and totally rocked my socks with it. Yup, I’ve got a major girl crush on her.

        For fairness sake I’ve checked out their mv and I prefer their ancestors, H.O.T and Shinhwa. Those 2 are the grand daddies of Kpop Idol boys.

      3. Whoo, Agyness Deyn used to be my girl crush back in school! I actually wanted hair like hers, but my parents would have flipped…

      4. Phew glad I’m not the only one lol. She has the hottest platinum blonde bob / pixie cut on the face of this earth. I cannot believe that gorgeous thing sits on her head lol.

      5. 🙂

        It galls me when people think that the monstrosity that’s taken hold of Miley Cyrus’ head is anything unique or worth clamouring over.

      6. That’s absolutely right baby! 🙂

        You’ve got taste.

        The mob on Cyrus’s head is the epitome of an overrated haircut.

    2. how can you say they’re worse if you never heard of them

    3. lol and Bing San,

      From their looks I already know they can’t sing. They are just another ‘super junior’ artists who are just a bit younger.

      1. And I don’t mean to judge a book by its cover, but I dare to say that all these ‘mommy boys’ can’t sing.

      2. Being able to sing has nothing to do with looks..

      3. Maybe u should look up their songs…and their live performances

      4. Which means you did judge the book by its cover. Obviously singing and songs are subjective, but you don’t know what you’re missing, or how its like til you actually check it out. Some of the boys in this group actually have good voices.

      5. SM entertainment produces the better vocal talented idol groups out there. It’s like if they found you during their talent searches, they see you’re ‘pretty’ but can’t really sing back then. SM’s mentality is ‘NO PROBLEM! I will train and train you and train you till you can sing the Happy Birthday song with tone and emotions!” Well there ya have it, Exo, Super Junior, SNSD, Fx are all the better vocal idol groups as a WHOLE out there. Lol.

      6. omit the word talented…idk why it got there lol.

    4. yeah…agree… i don’t even know them. who are they… they are nothing and just a poser…. they even looked suck and girly. poor thing to the music industry.

      1. Hi dgam, sorry to get your trousers in a twist, but if you check out YouTube, they have 5,252,523 views on their latest music video, so, sorry to say it, they’re not nothing. And ‘they even look suck’? Yeah, sometimes I feel like some singers ‘look suck’ too… :-(((((((((

    5. Many of the boybands from Korea are girly looking as well as many of the Korean male celebs. I have heard of them but did not know they were that popular. I always wonder why these bands are so big though? Usually bands that are this big makes it harder for each individual to stand out.

      1. it’s actually two group six member in each one group promotes in china and another that promotes in korea

      2. Maybe because of the heavier make up?? The reason why this band is so big is because the super junior formula worked out well. Perhaps they have a greater stage presence?? And maybe a greater combination of personalities, talents and looks can attract a larger audience?? Maybe this way the audience won’t be tired of the group that easily.

      3. They need a big band so if 5/6 or whatever fail, at least one member is liked

      4. there’s the usual formula when it comes to boybands: the cute one, the one that can really sing, the dancer, the visual etc. So it caters for all tastes.

      5. I agree that some of the korean boybands are “girly looking” but i dont think that korean male celebrites are feminine looking.e.g ko soo,won bin, Sol Kyung-Gu, Choi Min-Sik, Jang Dong-Gun.TBH I mainly watch kmovies based on korean actresses and original plot action etc.

      6. Girly looking maybe but rip off their shirts and they mostly have bodies to die for. Why they look girly is because

        1. they’re all very young
        2. they all have long-ish hair (but I don’t think you will call taecyon girly)
        3. because studio bosses dictates it as such.

        My peeve with korean boybands is fast song, slow song, snail song, they all dance like they’re on supercharge batteries. Could never see their faces because they never stand still.

        And like the title says, BOY BANDS, clearly it should indicate how they look. Same everywhere.

        I am more concerned with the girlbands where mostly they look, act, pose innocently but the costume they wear, whilst not lewd is anything but girly innocent stuff.

        It is a strange entertainment world in Korea and I feel a bit of hypocrisy there.

    6. Sorry to crash your tea party, but even if they do look like ‘girls’, or however you see it, you shouldn’t be judging them. They may be more feminine but all males have the right to dress and wear anything they like, and not be judged by people like you.
      Qwerty, you just asked who they were and then the next second you’re saying they’re ‘100x worse than One Direction?’ Don’t be childish, please.

      1. If you are not a fan of KPOP, then of course you will not know them.

  2. I never understood how the Billboard rankings work. When SNSD hit #1, 2ne1 and etc hit that rank too, it’s like a big deal or over-hyped on all asian news sites. But when you go around asking people ‘did you know SNSD and some other korean band hit #1?’ All their responses are ‘Huh? Who are they? I know Justin Beiber is still #1’

    So confused. You mean like the Korean billboard they hit #1?

    1. Crystal, totally agree with you. I wonder how come they reach no. 1 on Billboard World Album Chart when nobody knows who are they in the usa here.

      Jayne, do you mean they reach no. 1 on korean/ asian version of Billboard World Album Chart?

    2. Koreans love to brag and pretend they best at everything. Makes it seem 10000x bigger than reality. Snsd is nobody in USA but Korean make it sound they are popular such as beyonce.

    3. None of you are understanding what “World” means… it doesn’t mean in “All of the World” – it means albums produced outside the North American and European market.

      And the way they rank the albums is via sales/downloads, so if Asia is buying up all the SNSD and 2NE1 albums, then of course few people outside that area will know 😛

      And I am a Canadian, and I love SNSD and 2NEI and 4Minute 😛

      1. Thank you for providing the information. I don’t know it means ‘outside of North American and European market’ as I don’t give a **** about those albums.

    4. But is not that a bit unfair to other countries outside of Asia since Asia is a big continent, so they will buy and download more compared to other countries? Maybe they should make one album chart that specializes in asian market.

      1. qwerty said:
        But is not that a bit unfair to other countries outside of Asia since Asia is a big continent, so they will buy and download more compared to other countries? Maybe they should make one album chart that specializes in asian market.
        Yup… but that’s because Billboard originated and is primarily focused on the North American market. It inlcudes Europe (mostly the UK) because the UK has long had an impact on the US market as well… but it still groups everyone else in one pile. I don’t think it’s neglect more than it is that they don’t have a market for that information. Billboard was and is a primary information source for radio stations in North America looking to see sales trends so that they can build their playlists. The reason why “world” came into being, is because most of their clients had no interest in what was the #1 hit song in Asia (for example). They’ve always had a “world” section (that I can recall anyway) but it was more for interest sake… some radio stations used to for things like production of a “world beat” show.

        Still.. #1 on the World chart is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a good accomplishment.

        (for those wondering, I’m very familiar with this – I’m from a media family :P)

    5. TvbFanatic,

      Thus it is very confusing to those who dont know how to interpret the word “world”.

      Afterschool fan here.

      1. Jung-Ah!!!

        Then probably UEE, Jooyeon, Bekah, Kahi, and Soyoung in no particular order.


      2. mine’s uee! if i were korean, i’d want to look like her. i like kahi’s dancing, and jooyeon and nana are pretty!

      3. Lolol. Too bad the group is underrated cause they dont sell the “cute” girly image. Theyre women.

  3. 12 guys? lol…is that a football team? yes, i know football can only have 11 players on the field.

    1. Super Junior used to have 13 XD
      But those groups tend to have large number of members in a group.

  4. i thought this was a hong kong celebrity news site.

    1. “ (parent company JayneStars Media LLC) features the latest Asian entertainment news from Hong Kong and China.”

      Since this group as Chinese members, they get some coverage here.

  5. I don’t get why groups need so many members? Only one or two can sing and the rest are all for looks so the young fans drool all over.

    1. They split into 2 groups most of the time with 6 members each…and half promotes in korea and the other half in china

  6. Was thinking about Taylor Lautner during the wolf mv. Hehehe.

  7. #1? Are you sure? They entered the chart as #8 and they’re still ranked as #8.

  8. Kpop girl and boy groups all seem like clones to me.

  9. They have a large following overseas but domestically, basically nugus.

    Kpop ain’t that great as we imagined in S.Korea, the fans are usually junior n middle schoolers. Adults over the age of 18 generally prefer solo artistes n have low regards for idols.

    Internationally, the most lucrative markets for idol groups are Japan n China.

  10. To all those fussing over why they need so members: They need a big band so if 5/6 or whatever fail, at least one member is liked

  11. That’s a lot of makeup and bad hairdos! But they sure can dance! At the end of the day, it’s all about selling music and making money for the company. 12 boys…that teeny girls will surely love one of them!

  12. Ok, checked the two music listed in the article, wolf hurt my ears, unpleasant to even just hear, the other is a bleh. Wolf has cute dance chreography at the beginning, whereas the 2nd mv seem to be a fan put together mv rather than official cos the lips and singing seems a bit off, n the vid has no meaning, and the dance seem like a repeat. On a quick glance, seem like he can dance, but something is off, n that’s he can’t really dance and those moves are weak

    1. I guess Jayne needs to do her homeworks well before posted here. The second video is actually fan-made, there is no official video for baby don’t cry except a teaser. Kai is actually a good dancer, IMHO, a good dancer doesn’t need to put so much force in it and since this song is a medium tempo, swiftness is more important.

      well, this is my two cents. 🙂

  13. Wow… i used to be a huge fan of chinese pop, then listening to them compared to kpop i recently converted. C-pop artists tell people to support them because they are losing out to kpop music…i dont like hating other people unless I know their history and listened to their songs… All people know how to do these days is “this guy looks girly, this girl looks manly…” ,what has the world become….

    1. “this guy looks girly, this girl looks manly…” what has the world become….

      It isn’t what the world has become, the world been this way. The only difference is because of the internet, we hear and are exposed to more of people’s opinions. In other words, as far as I’m concerned, where there are humans, there are stuff being said. It is only a matter if others see it or hear it and when they do.

      P.S. you should check out this article summarizing an interview with YG (one of the dudes who owns one of the big three companies in S. Korea) where he states why K-Pop, especially idol groups in the near future will plummet. He has many valid points. Take a look at it.

      1. Which article are you referring to Crystal?? I would love to read it since it sounds really interesting.

      2. The article was originally from allkpop, at least that’s where I read it, but they recently had a revamp with the website. I tried to look for it using tags i.e. YG, Yang Hyun-suk (the guy’s full name) but I don’t see it. Maybe they wiped out the database, I’m not sure. I just can’t locate it. Sorry =/

      3. It is ok if you cannot find it. It just sounds so interesting.

  14. some of you talk like you know them so well. search up their live and vocals stuff before you judge. they can sing for sure. im not even a fan of them…but i have to admit they have good vocals. so what if they look like girls??? a lot of Taiwanese guys are girly too!
    some comments are so rude and mean.

    1. I have heard that many of the Korean groups all have been intensive training before they even enter the circle, therefore, I heard that they sing a lot better than the Taiwanese groups and many of the HK singers. I have also heard a number of the Korean groups sing and you have to admit, they CAN sing… I am not a fan of any of those groups but you have to give credit where it is due. However, singing is also subjective just like acting..

      1. Actually it’s hard to tell if they CAN sing because typically they sound alright to excellent in studio recordings. However the live version is where you can pinpoint exactly which members cannot hold a note for their lives. That is why there are typically two-three members i.e. main vocalist and maybe 1 or 2 lead vocalists to keep the song alive. But even then, some professionals continue to say that many of the main and lead vocals are also lacking.

        This is why I see idol groups more as performers and entertainers rather than actual singers. I associate talent as an innate ability versus skills which is acquired through training. Without a doubt, many of these idol group members are skilled. Why? They were trained to dance and sing, but many like me feel that they do not fit the criteria as ‘talented’.

        By the way I’m not saying every single member in an idol group doesn’t have talents, check out Kahi (ex-leader of band After School)…. flawless dancing, Taeyeon from SNSD, Hyorin from Sistar both have soloist type of voices, UEE superb actress even though she is an idol. Talent right there. As per all the other members, they have different roles. Some as visuals (the marketing individual(s) for the group), dancers (someone has to WOW the audience during performances, right?)

        I have to say if Taiwanese and HK companies know how to train their ‘idols’ and public figures, I’m sure they can produce somewhat of a spitting image quality as K-pop… but I think they’re more focused on other things, maybe? I don’t know. Or it can be just that they’re lazy? LOL

      2. yes its true! some have years of training and some only have 1 or 2 lol it really depends. some got into a group for their looks and other talents, not vocals. For EXO, many members have 5 or more years of training before they became a members of EXO.

      3. Honestly, it is not just about the singing, but it is the image, looks, stage presence and many other things. I know many personally that can sing well but whether they can put on a good show/performance is a different story. It is true that a singer can only be called a “good singer” is if they can sing live well. Some of my favorite groups like Magic Power(a Taiwanese group)is actually a band where there are 2 vocal singers while the rest of them play the music. One of the vocal singers actually write most of the lyrics and music too. They have played and sang live and they do it well too. Another group is China’s duo Qing Niao Fei Yu. They sing well on CD but I have heard them sing live and they can sing well in my opinion.

      4. i have to agree with you both, the deserve the credit if they can sing. some of the Taiwanese groups are just OMG, they CAN’T sing man (esp F4, sorry their fans) and even the performances they brought were making me goosebumps.
        but, subjectively, i really don’t like boys look like girls

      5. hotNcold,

        “they CAN’T sing man (esp F4, sorry their fans) and even the performances they brought were making me goosebumps”

        Agree, they can’t sing. None of them can.

        “subjectively, i really don’t like boys look like girls”

        Then I think you should quit watching asian dramas, movies, and music videos.

  15. For me, the type of music I enjoy is coming out from K-Pop groups more often than not. I like pop, electronica, dance. I’m not a fan of a lot of the music you currently hear on North American radio (hence the reason I listen to 80’s music stations). Groups like 2NE1, 4Minute and SNSD fill that pop void that most North American listeners scoff at right now.

    Not all their songs are great.. but then again, rarely does every song on an album appeal to me. But there are a number of good songs. Each group also has at least a couple of members who have solid voices (like Ji-Yoon of 4Minute, or Taeyeon of SNSD – she had an amazing voice).

    My favourite songs from each?

    2NE1 :
    4Minute :
    SNSD :

    I have 2.5 hours of K-Pop on my ipod 😛

    1. Egad – Taeyeon of SNSD – she *HAS an amazing voice. lol… the wrong tense in that sentence really gives the wrong impression 😛

    2. Thanks TVBFanatic! 🙂

      These will go into my ‘Run’ playlist. I have to stop listening to Steve Aoki when on the treadmill.

  16. Some people on here really need to stop judging people, to be honest, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it. The rest of us here learnt that basic rule in primary school. If you’re saying they look like girls, then fair enough, they’re a little feminine but that’s no reason to call someone a girl. You can keep your negativity to yourself instead of shoving it down everyone else’s throats.

    1. For someone who just judged Qwerty as childish, judged that some did not learn basic manners in school and then judged people as negativity throat shovers, you’re one to talk.

      Chips will make you fat and that’s totally judging by your screen name. You’ve been judged.

      1. “You mean they’re not girls dressed as boys?!? Lol.”

        You’re one to talk too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (P.S I like Lays, they’re lovely, high in calories, and I’m fat, truth. Thanks for reiterating.)

      2. Of course I am, I’m the most judgmental thing on here. 🙂

        P.s: Well, I liked Lays too, nori seaweed and sour cream & dill were always stocked in the cupboards. Then, it made me fat and highly irritable. I’ve since started eating fresh foods only, well, at least now I’m just highly irritable.

        P.p.s: Didn’t reiterate that you were, just said it will.

      3. Then again here’s the disclaimer: everyone’s different. Look at Linda Chung. She’s lucky.

  17. I’m glad I pulled out of the K-pop fandom two years ago. The idol industry’s aggressiveness and bragging attitude drives me up the wall. That being said, I still have a lot of love for Japanese idols.

      1. And another!

        I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get to see them on tour last year… But at least I’ve got tickets to see ONE OK ROCK in London this time round.

      2. YAY! A fellow fan! 🙂

        Do you think it’s kinda cool that L’Arc fans don’t actually have some sort of official fan name thing going on, eg, (Honeys, Exotics etc) I mean, we are either Laruku fans or L’Arc fans, but we are otherwise nameless. I like that a lot actually, being nameless. Lol.

        I didn’t get to see them on tour too so that makes two of us. 🙂

        I’m so happy you’ll be going for ONE OK ROCK! London’s awesome, a little too rainy but otherwise awesome.

      3. Haha, I like being nameless. Way too many fanclub names for me to keep track of these days (and some of them are just plain weird and/or embarrassing).

        Ah, the rain does seem to love us. The UK: the land of perennial grey skies.

        And misery.

        Thank you. 🙂 The tickets sold out very quickly and this’ll be my first time going to a concert alone, so I hope it works out. I saw a lot of people only managing to get one ticket so maybe I won’t be the only loner there.

      4. Lol oh yes. Weird and embarassing fan club names. If I listed them on here, I’d get lynched.

        Ah yes the rain lol, who could forget the rain? Went to Oxford street – rain. After spending an eternity in Harrods – rain. Went to Primark for like forever- rain. This wasn’t even in the course of one day. Now I know why Paddington Bear wears Wellies. Lol.

        Though I remember the Bayswater duck rice being superb! No misery there. 🙂

        Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m sure it’ll work out great. When ONE OK ROCK appears, everyone will be alone in a way. People will forget that they even came with other people in the first place. Lol.

  18. I feel like as if there’s a clear line between KPOP fans and non-KPOP fans. It’s like “you either like it or hate it” because most non-KPOP fans I’ve seen are pretty judgmental towards KPOP and seem to have a negative impression of it. And as a KPOP fan, it’s annoying. Take this for an example, people are already jumping on saying that EXO can’t sing and are just a group of manufactured, feminine-looking pretty flower boys with little to no talent. I’m not even that big of an EXO fan but I can tell you they have some really good singers and some really good dancers in the group. All it takes to notice this is to not use “shaded glasses” to view them because they’re KPOP.

    1. I was a really hardcore Kpop fan in my teens. I emailed the owner of an obscure little Asian music shop in San Fran just to reserve a copy of the latest released album and then flew halfway across the world to pick it up.

      That was a time when my local music stores either didn’t have any Kpop stuff. That was even before Kpop became mainstream like what it is today.

      With that said, back then, I’ve never jumped on anyone who had differing opinions on my favorite Kpop idol groups. People were much more conservative, prejudiced and way more judgemental towards Kpop then, because most people outside of South Korea, even neighboring Asian countries, have not heard of them.

      There were much worser things they would say about these idol groups, much worse than the things here now.

    2. But first impression wins almost all battles. The problem are the companies. They make the idols, everything their image and lives. Look at Hyuna, she sells the sexy style because thats how Cube markets her but if you watch her on talk shows, she has a personality completely opposite of sexy. She is cute and dorky. Same goes for all these girly/flower/pretty lads. It is the trend in korea. The only group who I can think of who strays away from these trends is 2PM.

      Plus the stuff being said here about not being able to sing and looking like girls are the most normal. Lol. It really isnt that bad compared to other things…

      1. Yup absolutely agree Crystal, it really isn’t that bad and this is coming from someone who’s part of the pioneer batch of kpop fandom. I can almost be the ahjumma of Kpop fans. Lol.

        Well, we had to put up with way worse crap loads then, so kpop fans today, take it as a rite of initiation. People before you have suffered way worse, you ain’t gonna get it easy. Nope. 😀

      2. Crystal – it’s true.. I watched 2NE1 TV season 3 and you can really see that the girls are just girls… pretty normal people who like things like Gundam, stuffed toys and food 😛 You even get to see them without the makeup caked on. It’s a really good show.

    3. @Joanne,
      I agree with you to some extent, but I would not say that there is always a clear line between fans or non fans. IN my case, I am not a fan of any Korean groups. However, you have to admit, they have some really talented singers and dancers. I also love the melody of their music which many of the Chinese artists often “borrow” or even “steal” in some cases and put their own Chinese lyrics in. I have liked many Chinese songs only to realize later that they were derived from the melody of Korean songs. I totally agree with you that we should NOT judge based on the race/nationality and just because they are KPOP does not mean they are just a group of feminine looking guys that are talentless.

      1. HeTieShou,

        While chinese artists ‘borrow’ or ‘steal’ some songs from korean artists, korean artists also ‘borrow’ and ‘steal’ some songs from american artists. If you listen to their songs carefully, most of them sound like 80s american songs.

      2. @May,
        Oh yea, I know that as mentioned in an article here, everyone copies,borrows or steals from each other. Therefore, it is nothing new I guess. Now that you mention it, a lot of their songs do sound like the 80s American songs which is still one of my most favorite eras of music.

      3. I listen to a LOT of K-Pop… and I wouldn’t say that there is a rampant problem with sampling/borrowing. There are very definitely some that do.. but it’s not any more widespread than what I hear anywhere else in the world. Many NA artists take riffs or samples from other NA artists as well.

        The latest “borrowing” that I can remember for a K-Pop band is from 4Minute in a theme song for a TV show they released not long ago:

        goto 0:46 and listen to the chorus… it’s definitely influenced by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – goto 3:30 at the link below

        And even then, Lady Gaga borrowed that sound from Madonna!!

        Lady Gaga just upped the tempo a bit 🙂

        That said, I don’t take anything away from them for doing this. Loved “Born This Way”, I love ” Welcome to the School” just as I loved the original sound from Madonna way back when 😛

    4. I am not a k-pop fan but do not have negative impression of it. Some of them really can sing but some of them only have the look. It is the same for C-pop and M-pop some people cannot sing at all and people like them because of their look.

      1. So true and you really wonder if there is still that many people who are talented?? There are some that sing really well and believe it or not, they also are not that great looking. One of the vocals from Magic Power sings well, writes songs,etc.. But he is not that handsome, however, he is still like because there are people that know how to recognize talent and not just looks. Taiwanese singer Tank sings well but doesn’t look so great. However, many still like him.

        Mainland singer Han Hong sings VERY well but does not look so great. However, many still like her because she is really talented. Therefore, it is true that many do like a singer just because of looks but there are some that are truly who stand out and are liked even if they do not look great. But those are just a few rare exceptions.

  19. Congrats EXO! I’m not an Exotic but it’s cool to see them here in the news. Pretty surprising.

    As for those who diss them, you guys most likely don’t listen to kpop. For a rookie group in kpop, this is actually a big deal so I’m happy for them.

    Like I said, I’m not a fan of EXO but it sucks to see that you guys are insulting them. If any Exotics saw these posts, get ready to be rashed on because I know they love EXO.

    1. Hi Kristine, you must watch simon and martina, (exotic).

      1. HAHA! HI! I used to but not anymore because they make negative comments on artists I like 🙁

  20. As much as I like KPop, I think the industry is producing them like factories producing what, everything.

    There are WAY too many kpop stars. TOO MANY.

    1. BUT. Congrats EXO, I don’t like wolf, but I liked MAMA.

    2. yeah can’t help but think what and where these kids will end up when it all fades.

      1. Go back to school and start a new life. Fade into obscurity. Early retirement. Just like that one member from Wonder Girls, the “graduated” members of After School, and many of the original members of COED School.

        If EXO doesn’t screw up, I think they can last a good five years in the industry, or more. Good group dynamics can increase life in the business and the EXO members seem to have great chemistry with each other.

  21. What the…I just commented a few days ago and came back here I was accused of judging them before listening to their songs? Okay, I take back my words then…

    …and then I have just listened to their songs, and the conclusion is still the same: they can’t sing. Thus, my hypothesis is proven to be right. Have a nice day.

    1. And I DIDN’T say they look like girls. I ASKED why they look like girls. They are obviously following Justin Bieber’s and One Direction’s styles by acting cute to make fan girls like them. Nothing wrong with that because I am one of those fan girls (yes I’m a fan of One Direction), but too many artists follow other artists’ styles.

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