Jimmy Lin Dedicates New Song to Family

As it has been a little over a year since Jimmy Lin (林志穎) last released a new song, he chose to get more personal with his new release. His latest single “Dearest” <摯愛> is dedicated to wife and 4-year-old son, Kimi.

“The main theme is family love. As I am always busy, I do not have any time to spend it with my family and kid. I cherish my time with them and I hope they will be able to understand my feelings with this new song.”

The lyrics of “Dearest” also describe his family as his antidote. Jimmy said, “The feeling of returning to my family after a long and hard day at work is really warm.”

“Dearest” will be used as the promotional song for an upcoming car commercial starring Jimmy. The commercial also sponsors Hunan Weishi’s variety show Dad! Where Are We Going? <爸爸去哪兒>, a reality show based on the Korean variety show of the same name.

With 21 years of experience in the industry, how is it that Jimmy is able to retain his youthful glow? “I am a child at heart. I have a very young mindset. I am curious, especially when it comes to new technology. I also never give up and will always work hard to reach to my target.”

Jimmy is currently shooting for the music video of his new single.

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. his kid doesnt really look like him, unfortunately. jimmy is a gd man though. wife doesnt look very gd sorry.

  2. Jimmy Lin still looks better than his son. Maybe he looks more like his wife.

  3. If you’ve seen Jimmy’s baby pics, you’d think they were twins.

    1. I would not say they are twins, but they do sort of likealike. Keep in mind that his son only has half of his DNA not all of it so he does sort of look like his wife too. His wife reminds me of this one old HK actress that acted in pitiful roles.

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