Kevin Cheng Releases Title Single for Upcoming Mandarin Album

To commemorate his 20th anniversary in the showbiz, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) announced the release of his upcoming Mandarin-language album, It’s a Long Story <說來話長>, produced by EEG. It has been nearly seven years since Kevin last published an original record of his own; his last studio album was 2006’s New and Best Selection <無可奈何>.

On September 22, EEG unveiled the music video for Kevin’s album’s title single, “It’s a Long Story”, and invited his label mate, Michelle Wai (詩雅), to star in the music video. The video, which was filmed in northern Taiwan, features Kevin reminiscing about the days when he was still with Michelle.

“Everyone has a story that takes too long to tell, but just remember the person you love the most is good enough. In the MV, I come upon this antique camera shop, and I wanted to retrieve the memories I had 20 years ago. But I find out that there are many things that you cannot go back to.”

The filming of the music video was completed in three days. A complementary two-episode mini-movie is also in the making.

Kevin’s album will be released at the end of the year.

“It’s a Long Story” MV

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  1. i really like the feel of the music video and i’m a huge fan of kevin….but this song….something just feels off…maybe it’s the mandarin or whatever, but it doesn’t really fit kevin’s voice in my opinion…

  2. he cant sing,and a rather overrated actor.very lucky that he has scored one hit serie with tvb,and became popular in mainland china.

    1. He has always been an just OK singer. That’s probably the reason why he switched from initial singing debut to acting a long time ago. He died down for long while until made it big again in TVB and finally hit it bigger in the mainland. Voice is ok but just not like impressive wow.
      For actors turned singers or vise versa actors in TVB are…
      Laughing Gor – his voice is suprisingly clear and nice? haaha
      Ruco Chan – never understood why he’s so underrated in both when he can do really really well in both singing and acting.

  3. Well….it’s okay. But then now a days a lot of artist out there can’t sing and they can make it. So hopefully, he has enough die hard girlie fans to support him. 😛 You wouldn’t want to fail twice in your singing career.

  4. I personally like Kevin’s singing and I am shocked that many are complaining about his singing. I am guessing many have not heard the TVB actors and actresses who are wannabe singers. I have heard the worse of the worse and Kevin is nothing close to that. Sure he is the greatest singer or anything but he is far from one of the worse.

  5. I liked his song and his singing voice! (:
    I wished he released more songs..

  6. kevin in 2011 was the best actor that year by far every other artist had very boring roles his not overrated at all

  7. watch on youtube.. ‘face off – actors and actresses from tvb (hk) (back up)’

  8. His mandarin sounds awkward .. like the lyrics don’t fit the pitch of the song or the key is just too low for him.

    I can’t pinpoint what it is .. I am a fan of his acting and not as much of his singing.

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